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Qatar Foundation Magazine

  1. 1. The monThly magazine of qaTar foundaTion issue 25 january 2011 A society of solidarity Record amount raised at Social Development Center’s Gala Dinner will help support humanitarian
  2. 2. “While building five-star hotels, you have to make sure that you are adding to the market. It’s not just about adding more five-star hotels so that we can say we own one too. No.We have to evaluate what we are adding to the country.” Abdul Aziz Al EmAdi CEO Of dOhAlAnd hOspitAlityContents iSSue #25 jANuARy 201103 NewS Raising the bar on math teaching; Qatar Foundation in the news; Student ambition takes to the sky; Professor wins prestigious Chair; Discussions on minority rights; International recognition for QDA; Addressing the demands of literacy.07 2011 CAleNDAR08 CelebRAtiNG iNNovAtioN iN eDuCAtioN The six outstanding projects honoured for their contribution to changing the education system.12 SDC AuCtioN ReveAlS “foRmiDAble SoCiAl CoNSCieNCe” Record sum raised at gala dinner will help organization’s work in Qatar.14 ReCoRD DoNAtioN helpS RotA ReACh out Largest-ever donation enables a number of exciting new projects.18 oRCheStRA moveS to New home How Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra’s permanent venue will bolster its community work. 22 AN iSlAmiC peRSpeCtive20 ~ Forward Thinkers Series oN bioethiCS DeStiNAtioN of ChoiCe Students compile Islamic thought on Abdul Aziz Al Emadi, CEO of Dohaland bioethics in a single resource Hospitality, on his efforts to attract more Qataris to the nation’s hotel sector. 24 QAtAR RevelS iN itS GloRiouS pASt An entire week of cultural events helps young people understand their heritage. Special report 28 the motheR who GAve biRth to A NAtioN 30 builDiNG bRiDGeS Algerian author Ahlam Mosteghanemi Qatari students thrive at top praises Her Highness Sheikha Moza universities thanks to the Academic bint Nasser. Bridge Program Editorial CommuniCation DireCtorate Rima Ismail +974 4454 0960 Dima El-Mched +974 4454 0958 Publisher Brian Scudder +971 50 655 7490 eDitor Philip Fenton +971 50 553 9430 dEsign Creative DireCtor Carl Bergman +971 50 342 6926 ©2010 Qatar Foundation. All Rights reserved. No part of this publication may be Designer Mohammad Marei +971 50 895 9836 reproduced without the written permission of Qatar Foundation and the Publisher.
  3. 3. welCome letteR Exceeding expectations What a success! An unprecedented 28m QAR was raised for the Tarahom Endowment Fund at the Social Development Center’s 7th Gala Dinner. The glittering event saw His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Amir of the State of Qatar, and Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser join previous donors for a group photograph in appreciation for their sense of responsibility in contributing to the community. The Tarahom Endowment Fund offers support to people in the community including widows, people in debt, the elderly and orphans as well as outstanding academic students. But it is just one of the SDC’s multiple funding outreach programs. Other projects, including the Rasamil fund for entrepreneurship and the Al Berr Compound Endowment, give Qatari families the confidence and financial security to control their own destinies. The charity auction exceeded all expectations with many of the items being auctioned more than once to raise even more money. The evening provided a unique opportunity for people to contribute to the community and has subsequently raised the bar for all future fundraising events. We felt a great spirit of togetherness at the event and the solidarity shown by those who attended will serve as an inspiration to others. What we have achieved in one memorable evening will provide years of sustained, continuous help and support in our society. Haya Khalifa Al Nassr Director of Communication Qatar Foundation 2 Thefoundation.
  4. 4. NewS“A unique opportunity” In brieffor math teaching Qf biomeDiCAl iNitiAtive~ CMUQ local partnership examines the challenges of pReSeNteD At QAtAR heAlth Dr Abdelali Haoudi,teaching mathematics in Qatar. Qatar Foundation’s Vice Presidentteachers from across Doha were mathematics in Qatar at both the school for Research,invited to discuss the challenges and and university level.” gave aopportunities presented by the teaching of Dr Winter said that through bringing presentationmathematics at an outreach event different types of experience, points of on Qatarorganised by Carnegie Mellon University view and skills together in the same room Biomedicalin Qatar (CMUQ). he hoped the teaching of mathematics Research Dr Dale Winter, Associate Teaching would get even better. InstituteProfessor of Mathematics and Director of He added: “We aim to work together to (QBRI) atThe Academic Resource Center at identify and address the mathematical Qatar HealthCMUQ, said: “I firmly believe that this teaching and learning issues of today in on 15kind of partnership – between the order to prepare more of our current December, 2010.Supreme Education Council, teachers in generation of students for the most Qatar Health, anlocal schools and CMUQ – represents a desirable, challenging and lucrative jobs international healthcareunique opportunity to examine the issues which will require a high level of congress and exhibition, is a premier healthcareinvolved in teaching and learning mathematical training and sophistication.” event organized by Hamad Medical Corporation. He explained that the recently launched QBRI is addressing key challenges facing the State of Qatar by conducting basic, translational and clinical research. The institute aims to have global impact. mAthAf: ARAb muSeum of moDeRN ARt opeNS His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser attended the inaugural ceremonyin the news of Mathaf: Arab~ Qatar Foundation stories in the international press. Museum of Modern Art, on 14“Forget the football World Cup which Qatar will be hosting in 2022; December. Thethe emirate is setting itself up to make even greater achievements in museum opened tothe fields of research and education,” writes Nabila Ramdani in Abu the public on 30Dhabi’s The National. “At the World Innovation Summit for December. Located in aEducation (WISE) in Doha, I was astounded by what was promised former schoolfor the future. building in Education City, the museum has a “Representatives from more than 100 countries discussed ideas collection that represents the major trends and sitesand innovations, with the host nation setting the benchmark with its of production of modern Arab art spanning the 1840scentres of excellence. While the world’s eyes were focused on the to the present.beautiful game, it seemed clear to me that Qataris were actually far Three exhibitions are currently on view at two sitesmore interested in the advancement of science and the arts, which in Doha. Mathaf opened its new building with Sajjil: Adominates every section of society and is integral to the country’s Century of Modern Art, which rethinks the position ofvision for the future. Arab artists toward modernism and within the “Qatar is also leading the way in terms of empowering women, modernist movement. Two other exhibitions,with female students making up almost 75 per cent of Qatar Interventions and Told / Untold / Retold, can be seenUniversity’s student population. A driving force in this development at a new exhibition space located on the grounds ofis Sheikha Moza, the wife of Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.” the Museum of Islamic Art. 3
  5. 5. NewS Student ambition takes to the sky ~ Qatar Leadership Academy challenged to design an aircraft by guest lecturer. the future of unmanned flight was discussed Affairs at Qatar Leadership Academy, said the (UAVs), highlighting how the company built with students at an interactive presentation at partnership with BAE Systems was inspiring one unmanned aircraft, Mantis, in just 19 Qatar Leadership Academy (QLA). and demonstrated to students that the lessons months. He then spoke about the future of The lecture and workshops were taken by they learn at QLA can be applied in the real UAVs and focussed on Taranis – an Tom Hallett, an expert in unmanned vehicles at world. unmanned stealth jet – that was unveiled in BAE Systems. Hallett explained the different “It wasn’t just a lecture, it was held in a fun July. QAL cadets were also shown a short film types of flight mission and how they require and relaxed setting and it gave the students of BAE Systems’ prototype aircraft, Demon. different aircraft capabilities. He then challenged hands-on experience of applied technology,” Martin Bennett, Regional Vice President them to design an aircraft fit for the job. he said. “I was in the auditorium and every for the Middle East at BAE Systems, said: Because leadership is a central tenet of single student was engaged, it was quite “BAE Systems occupies a leading position in QLA, Hallett also spoke about how important something. It was honestly a home run to use the defense industry and is renowned for its it was when it came to designing unmanned an American expression. BAE did a fabulous engineering excellence and innovation. We aircraft: from the beginning of the creative job and it was great for us; it helped us to work with universities in the UK and US to process, through to the design, manufacture evaluate the boys and see who was stepping produce world-leading technology for a wide and finally testing of the aircraft. up to lead the groups and present the designs. range of systems across the air, land and sea The presentation was the second in a “BAE are looking to come back in the domains and are delighted to be able series of exciting lectures by BAE systems for spring and we will be very, very happy to to showcase some of this innovation in Qatar, QLA students; the first talk was given by welcome them.” which we hope will encourage  tomorrow’s former UK Royal Air Force pilot Craig Hallett’s lecture also told students what generation of Qatari scientists and engineers Penrice, who spoke about fighter planes. methods BAE Systems employed to design to  develop similar ground-breaking George K D Hopkins, Head of Student and engineer unmanned aerial vehicles technologies for the future.” 4 Thefoundation.
  6. 6. prestigious new professorship for CmuQ faculty~ Professor says chair is a way to or CMU in Pittsburgh, and there are no extra responsibilities,” he said. “It is a chair like arecognize distinction without getting typical endowed chair. It comes with somein the way of research or teaching. extra research funds, so I’m certainly supposed to use those well. But it doesn’tCarnegie mellon University in Qatar change the day-to-day life of teaching and(CMUQ) has announced the presentation of research.”a prestigious professorship. He likened the Stever professorship to a Jonathan P Caulkins, PhD, has been management promotion in an engineeringawarded the H Guyford Stever Professorship company which allows him to continue doingof Operations Research and Public Policy at what he is best at.the H John Heinz III School of Public Policy He explained: “The basic challenge is, howand Management and CMUQ. do you get your really good technical folks to The distinguished chair was established in stay in their engineering or technical roles ifhonor of H Guyford Stever, who was the first all promotions take you up into managementPresident of Carnegie Mellon University This semester at CMUQ, Caulkins is where you no longer have time to practice(CMU) and served as chief science adviser to teaching Probability Theory and Random that unique skill? Much better to have startwo US Presidents. Processes, Probability and Statistics for engineers doing engineering and maybe On top of that, Professor Caulkins has also Business Applications, Mathematical Models project leadership than to be paper pushingrecently been appointed as a Fellow of the for Consulting. middle managers.Institute for Operations Research and Caulkins said he was happy and very “It’s the same idea here. CMU wants us toManagement Sciences (INFORMS). The flattered to have been chosen for the Stever have the opportunity for recognition even ifappointment is a way of honoring outstanding chair and that although he has had a we stay a teacher or a researcher or a professor,lifetime achievers in operations research and productive career over the last 20 years at without getting sucked into the drudgery ofthe management sciences who make CMU, so have many of his colleagues who bureaucracy and administration. So theysignificant contributions to advancement in could also have been chosen. have endowed chairs and, the level beyondthese fields. “It doesn’t really affect my role at CMUQ that, university professorships.”Scholars discuss multiculturalism and minority rights~ Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies workshop deals with the pressing issues of integration around the globe.A workshop organized by Qatar Faculty of countries which have embraced integration. “thE idEA wAs nOtIslamic Studies (QFIS) examined the ways in From the point of Qatar, Ghafar said localwhich communities around the world dealt tO COmE tO people were very proud of their heritage andwith issues of multiculturalism, citizenship COnClusiOns but bEgin traditions and wanted to keep an Islamic andand minority rights. tAlking AbOut thE Arabic identity. But there is also great pride The workshop featured scholars from issuEs And thAt is vEry that Qatar is open to other nationalities and isaround the world, including Dr Tariq nEw tO thE ArAb wOrld a multicultural society.Ramadan who is a Visiting Professor at Qatar – tAlking AbOut “Definitely both our position and theFaculty of Islamic Studies and first incumbent government’s position is one of integration multiCulturAlism Andof the His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin with the global knowledge economy andKhalifa Al Thani Professorship in minOrity rights. society,” she said.Contemporary Islamic Studies chair at “This is the first part of the process. We’reOxford University. the Arab World – talking about multiculturalism hoping it will be an annual workshop or Dr Basma Abdul Ghafar, of The Centre for and minority rights,” she said. event. This was the first exploration of thisGovernance and Public Policy at QFIS, said Western societies were traditionally more issue and we hope to revisit the same in a yearthe idea was to examine the ways in which open about multiculturalism and and see what differences there are.governments throughout the world dealt with enfranchising minorities as full citizens, “Our immediate aim is to start thethe issues surrounding minority groups in Ghafar added, with the exception of recent dialogue and to begin opening up issues veryindividual countries. events in Europe like the banning of the niqab gently to contribute to the policy debates that Europe, North America and the Far East in France and the Swiss government refusing are happening all over the world concerningwere all discussed, as was the Arab World. “The to allow minarets to be built on new mosques. Muslims overseas. The idea was not to comeidea was not to come to conclusions but begin Of course, the Arab world faces challenges to conclusions but to begin talking abouttalking about the issues and that is very new to of minorities as well, but there are also these issues.” 5
  7. 7. NewS joint statement from QDA and the IDF. “The IDF has recognized that we will be the center for activities relating to diabetes within the region,” said Dr Abdulla Al Hamaq, Executive Director of QDA. “As part of our efforts and as the seventh global hub, we will organize events and workshops for all nationalities. In particular, we will target obese people through education.” Looking ahead, QDA will participate in the first American Association for Clinical Endocrinologists to be held outside the US, in collaboration with the Hamad Medical Corporation. Under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, the conference aims to provide healthcare professionals with information about diabetes, obesity and other endocrine diseases. A team of international and local speakers Qatar Diabetes Association will deliver lectures, conduct workshops and hold a satellite symposium. An exhibition area, meanwhile, at the Sheraton Doha, will gets international recognition provide professionals with news from the pharmaceutical industry. “The QDA was founded in 1995 and ~ International Federation for The IDF is an umbrella organization of joined Qatar Foundation in 1999. That gave 200 national diabetes associations in 160 us the big push from Her Highness and we Diabetes chooses QDA as hub for countries. It represents the interests of the have been able to increase activities and growing number of people with diabetes and programs to eventually be recognized by the Middle East and North Africa. those at risk. IDF,” Al Hamaq said. “The plan will enable International In the MENA region there are almost 27 the international Federation for Diabetes Federation for Diabetes and MENA member million people suffering from diabetes. A has chosen Qatar Diabetes Association associations to develop National Diabetes recent forum in Dubai, attended by former (QDA) as the hub which will represent the Programs designed to prioritize diabetes US president Bill Clinton, estimated that this Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for within national healthcare frameworks, number is expected to almost double to 51.7 campaigns, conferences and research through improved access to treatment, as well million people by 2030. initiatives. as ways to improve care and treatment,” said a For further information, visit Addressing literacy demands ~ Qatar Academy teachers receive students’ lives can be built upon in their senior years. training to enable them to operate “The learning that has happened in the primary level should be recognized and built them more effectively. on in the secondary school specifically in the area of literacy,” said Graham. teachers at Qatar Academy received Kay Mitchell, an Academic Support training on how to address the literacy Counselor at the Senior School, said that as demands of their specialist subjects. well as delivering their specific subject, school The course was organised by training and staff also have to teach literacy within that development consultants Stephen Graham subject. However, she said that teachers were and James Ferguson from Cengage Learning not always sure how they should teach the Australia Pty Ltd. language needed for their subject area. Graham said: “The response of the school As well as addressing literacy, it was She added: “By making that more has been incredibly positive and the teachers, designed to improve links between the accessible to teachers they just feel now more I think, are now looking and thinking at what Primary School and Senior School so that empowered to teach language in their subject the actual literacy demands are of the work work done during the early education of area.” they’re asking the children to do.” 6 Thefoundation.
  8. 8. CAleNDARCAleNDAR 2011January 2011....................................................What Qatar Music AcademylaunchWhere Qatar Music AcademyWhen 30 JanuaryQatar Music Academy will launchits preparatory program, which willoffer eight to ten year olds a seriesof one-to-one music lessons.Scheduled after school hours,children will discover a variety ofArabic and Western instruments.World-class teachers andmusicians will transform young professor Jean-marie lehntalents into a new generation ofmaestros. particular. Lehn, a French chemist, In this lecture, Dr Dent looks at the projects ranging in size from afebruary 2011 received the Nobel Prize together dwindling of critical resources that shoe to a stadium..................................................... with Donald Cram and Charles manufacturers and builders will Pedersen in 1987 for his work in need to take into account as they What The Challenges of TeachingWhat Professor Jean-Marie Lehn chemistry, particularly his design, manufacture and build in Arabic in the 21st CenturyLecture synthesis of the cryptands. the coming years. This new Where Lecture Hall 1202, CarnegieWhere Texas A&M University at For more information please visit paradigm for material sourcing Mellon University in QatarQatar may become the norm in the next When Wed, 9 and Thurs,When 6 February distinguished generation of design thinking 10 FebruaryProfessor Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel across all disciplines. Dr Dent is This conference, an open forumPrize in Chemistry 1987, will What Lecture: ‘You Made it, You Vice President for Research at for research, will explore the manypresent the conceptual Take it Back’, by Dr Andrew Dent Material ConneXion, leading and varied challenges thatconsiderations on science in Where Atrium at VCUQatar consulting teams that help teachers of Arabic as first orgeneral and on chemistry in When Wed, 9 February 6pm companies around the world in second language face. ~ QF Radio has unveiled its new program line-up with a wide variety of daily and weekly shows. Highlights include:DAiLy shows..................................................... 09:11 Nothing is impossible performed by the Qatar 18:30 Design Edition Fitness and Health, your on-line Philharmonic Orchestra 19:00 Campus Buzz06:00 The Connection personal trainer 14:23 Asr call to prayer 19:30 Cover to CoverDeveloping a connection between 10:00 The Connection 14:28 Taking you Further Lively discussion aboutpeople’s work, interests, and Developing a connection between A human rights program, an literature and award winning/everything that impacts our daily people’s work, interests, and in-depth look at important issues best selling English and Arabiclives at Qatar Foundation everything that impacts our daily facing all of us today titles, literary events and07:00 QF News lives at Qatar Foundation 15:23 science Alive what’s happening in publishingEverything about QF 10:30 Far Corners 15:54 Piano in Qatar07:30 E-Vision 11:00 sports Global (live) 16:00 sports Global 20:32 Nothing is impossibleInteresting stories about Sports news from within Qatar and 16:23 Maghreb call to prayer Fitness and Health, your on-line‘Education, the academe, student the rest of the world 16:50 Qatar symphony personal trainerlife,’ and a lot more, straight from 11:22 Dhor call to prayer 17:00 international News 21:00 sports Globalthe students, professors and more 12:11 science Alive 17:12 Research Matters 23:00 international News08:30 “Alamouhm” Science matters and more 17:41 yohemlay song 00:00 QF News09:00 international News 13:00 E-Vision Produced By Qatar Foundation 01:00 E-VisionAll the latest news from around the 13:25 Qatar symphony 18:00 The Connection 03:07 Nothing is impossibleworld presented in Arabic The best musical pieces 18:14 Al isha call to prayer 04:20 science Alive 7
  9. 9. wiSe AwARDS Celebrating Innovation in Education Six outstanding Laureates were honored for bringing education to people traditionally removed from the education system during a World Innovation Summit for Education Awards dinner. A iming to build the future of of the world, all six initiatives have one in child education: getting girls into schools. education, the second World common goal: to bring knowledge to people So far, the organization has built 660 schools, Innovation Summit for Education traditionally removed from the education educating 92,000 students from Kindergarten (WISE) encouraged 1,200 leading thinkers to system. Each winner gave more insight into to Grade 10. More than 50% of them are girls. explore innovative ideas and discuss how the ways they are achieving this, showcasing But that is not enough, Chapra explained, education systems can be improved. their projects in the course of the summit. saying that the foundation aims to build 1,000 But while the knowledge exchange will Tove Romsaas Wang, CEO of Save the schools in Pakistan. Hoping to reach undoubtedly spur solutions to critical Children Norway, an organization helping communities that are in need, TCF is creating problems, this alone is not enough to help the children in need around the world, is leading a franchise model that is replicable for other cause of education. It is equally important to a major global campaign to get three million like-minded groups to follow. support existing initiatives that could change children in conflict-affected and fragile states “We work in some of the most challenging the futures of millions around the globe. into school. Within a period of four years, the of locations – in and around Karachi and in In recognition of such cutting-edge ideas, organization’s program work has succeeded rural areas across Pakistan. Our intent is to six innovative Laureates and their projects in getting 1.4 million children into the take children of the streets and into schools,” were honored by Her Highness Sheikha Moza education system. he said. bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar “It’s likely that 50 million children are Similarly helping to educate a large Foundation, at the WISE Awards gala dinner staying out of school. As much as 67% lives in number of people is Cecilia d’Oliveira, on 8 December, 2010. conflict-affected areas. That’s why it’s so Executive Director of MIT OpenCourseWare They had been selected by a high-profile important to put this issue on the global (OCW) at Massachusetts Institute of international jury, chaired by His Excellency agenda,” she said. Technology, who leads a project which uses Sheikh Dr Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani, “[Receiving the WISE award] will act as an the internet to educate people. OCW, a web- Chairman of WISE and Qatar Foundation’s encouragement to Save the Children, and to based publication, provides free and open Vice-President of Education. Each winner all those working for education for all, to access to materials from virtually all MIT received a Prize Award of $20,000 to help redouble their efforts to ensure that no courses, including video recordings of further their projects. children, no matter what their circumstances, lectures and dozens of textbooks. Chosen from more than 400 applications are ever regarded as too difficult to reach.” Quoting MIT’s President Susan Hockfield, received from 89 countries, the outstanding d’Oliveira said: “OCW expresses MIT’s goal Laureates’ projects have had a significant impact on societies, ranging from remote villages in Africa to families around the globe. m ushtaq Chapra, Chairman and a Founding Director of The Citizens Foundation, a non-profit educational of advancing education to a global community where ideas and knowledge are shared openly and freely for the benefit of all. By sharing And while they operate in different parts organization, said he faces another challenge materials on the web, our faculty can have 8 Thefoundation.
  10. 10. williAmS f1 teChNoloGy CeNtRe 9
  11. 11. wiSe AwARDS much greater impact in terms of global education.” Ayla Goksel, CEO of ACEV, a Turkish NGO working in early childhood, female literacy and parent training, focuses on another aspect of education that will have an impact on people around the world. She launched a program that proved to provide long-lasting benefits to mothers and children. The Mother Child Education Program (MOCEP), a nationwide project with the Turkish Ministry of National Education, helps mothers educate their children, aided by community resources such as the ministry’s teachers and facilities. C urrently reaching over 400,000 people in Europe and the Middle East, Goksel said receiving the WISE Award will help uNeSCo Director-General expand its presence. “This acknowledgment of the success of MOCEP as an innovative and inclusive project will significantly enhance the speaks out at wiSe process of ACEV sharing its expertise and New WISE partner UNESCO stresses need for financing. know-how throughout the Middle East in particular and other regions of the world in the problem of funding education in the Bokova told the summit that, in terms of general,” she said. wake of the global economic downturn was funding, allowing the status quo to continue An equally challenging project is that discussed at the World Innovation Summit was not an option. “Business as usual is not founded by Professor Neil Turok, Founder and for Education (WISE) in Qatar. working,” she said. “Aid disbursements to Council Chair of the African Institute for Now in its second year, Qatar basic education have stopped increasing for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Next Einstein Foundation’s WISE summit was addressed the first time since 2000 – stagnating at $4.7 Initiative. He explained the institute is training by Irina Bokova, the Director-General of billion in 2008. Education is the way to invest talented students from across Africa in a UNESCO. This year was UNESCO’s first out of the economic crisis. We must explore partnership arrangement between Cape Town’s time as an official partner of WISE. tangible proposals for innovative financing as three local universities and the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Paris XI. Recruiting and training talented African so they get trained for employment,” he If Africa is going to catch up with the rest of students and teachers, the program is building explained. the world, it needs its own scientists and capacity for African initiatives in education, “However, [students at Next Einstein technologists.” research, and technology, said Dr Turok. “If Initiative] will be designing solutions instead Another project in Africa, this time in you look at Africa, the danger is in saying all of just implementing things from abroad. It is Nigeria, is geared towards a niche audience. Africans need is to learn how to use computers clear that the future will be knowledge driven. The Smallholders Farmers Rural Radio, a 10 Thefoundation.
  12. 12. decisions we take now will lay the foundations of small groups of individuals, they have notfor the century ahead.” fed into wider policy reform and resulted in Delegates at the conference were told renewal of the system as a whole. Theirthat there were three essential criteria for impact has been short-term.the future funding of education: the “In many cases, they have failed to bringring-fencing of education budgets by about even minor improvements.”individual governments along with new Tang said that for major improvements toinvestment; the need for teachers and take place there should be “greatereducation professionals to demonstrate that recognition of educational planning andeducation would provide the means to management as a specific professionalstimulate the economy through greater field”.employment and hence more wealth; and He said there should be clearer goalsthat new approaches should be considered with a shared vision and greaterto pay for education in the future. accountability and that for reform to take On the latter point, Bokova highlighted a place there needs to be a strong from the Leading Group on Innovative Finally he told delegates that, withFinancing for Development’s Task Force on particular reference to ‘fragile states’, thereEducation. That pointed out that a tax of just needs to be external help from international0.005% each year on international financial agencies.transactions could raise $30 billion annually. Praising the event, Tang said: “I would The previous day Qian Tang, Assistant like to thank the Qatar Foundation, and inDirector-General for Education at UNESCO, particular Her Highness Sheikha Moza binthad spoken about how education could be Nasser, for having organized such aimproved, particularly in developingcountries. stimulating programme and for enabling us to be here today. wiSe “Traditional approaches have only chippedaway at the educational challenges faced by “In only its second year, the World Innovation Summit for Education has announcementscountries,” he said. “We know that simply already established a reputation as a forum At the closing session of the summit, HEbuilding schools, training teachers or that stimulates change at the highest level.” Sheikh Dr Al-Thani announced severaldistributing books does not guarantee that decisions that will be enacted in the course ofany learning will take place. For further information, visit 2011. “While such projects may change the lives ESTABLISHMENT OF THE WISE PRIzE The annual WISE Prize for Education will be the world’s first major international prize for education. Selected by a jury of five distinguished personalities, the winner will receive an award of $500,000. Nominations for the first WISE Prize for Education will be invited from 1 February to 30 April 2011. For more information please visit CALL FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A TASKFORCE DEDICATED TO EDUCATION SySTEM REBUILDING IN HAITIstation launched by The Smallholders local Igbo language. We provide information WISE called for the creation of a taskforceFoundation, is helping 250,000 small-farmer from NGO’s, embassies, universities and that can help rebuild Haiti’s educationallisteners improve their agricultural, other institutions about agriculture. In the system. The taskforce will report back with aenvironmental management and market long term, our listeners will be able to increase concrete action plan for education in Haiti.access capacity. their crop yield and household income.” Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, Executive Director As the WISE Awards revealed, new models THE LAUNCH OF A WISE PUBLICATIONof The Smallholders Foundation, explained: of education can help bring education to AND WEB PORTAL“Farmers do not really have access to people across the world and invite entire WISE will create a publication that willtelevision. Newspaper vendors do not come communities to take part in it. Showcasing record major achievements and initiatives into these communities because they know and rewarding these projects, the awards the world of international education,these people do not understand English. hopefully will be able to help transform including those at WISE. This key point of “Our solution was to establish a radio education and trigger their replication in the reference will be complemented by anstation, which broadcasts information in the near future. enhanced WISE website. 11
  13. 13. SoCiAl DevelopmeNt CeNteR SDC auction reveals “formidable social conscience” A record sum raised at the Social Development Center’s Families in need including widows, those in debt, the elderly, orphans and talented 7th annual Gala Dinner will help the organization in academic students who cannot afford education fees will benefit from the fund. its mission to assist the needy in Qatar. The event “was a spectacular success and generated proceeds for a very worthy cause,” Q atar already holds the record for SDC Executive Director Amal Al Mannai the world’s most expensive phone told The Foundation. It also “reflected the number. In December 2007, Q-Tel formidable social conscience of individuals successfully auctioned 666 6666 for QAR 10 and companies within the Qatari community.” million. Indeed an indication of just how serious the But last month, the Social Development bidding was comes when one considers that the Center (SDC) 7th Gala Dinner raised a record starting price for every item auctioned began at sum for the poor and needy of Qatar – QAR 500,000. A raised hand or nod to the auctioning off several numbers, with the most auctioneer meant an additional QAR 100,000. expensive eight digits reaching a whopping During the balmy December evening, QAR 4.2 million. hundreds of distinguished guests packed the Q-Tel was behind this remarkable Sheraton Hotel for the Iraqi Civilization achievement too, sponsoring the event themed dinner. The attendance of His alongside Exxon Mobil and offering a series of Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al mobile numbers that helped achieve a total of Thani, the Amir of Qatar, and Her Highness QAR 28 million in funds. These are now being Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, consort of the funneled into projects to support Qatari families Amir and Chairperson of Qatar Foundation, as part of the Tarahom Endowment Fund. was a particular highlight. 12 Thefoundation.
  14. 14. His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser at the SDC event. Guests helped raise enough money to As for the event, said Al-Kuwari, the night enjoyed not only by Iraqis but by Syrians andcontinue supporting the SDC’s almost 30,000 was a hit from the offset. Jordanians too.”beneficiaries and those who will receive “It was good from the beginning,” he said. For many years, the SDC’s Gala Dinner hasfunding in the future. “The traditional music was great and could be become one of the most anticipated events on Mariam Al Mannai, the Head of Social the Qatar Foundation calendar. Its grandServices at the SDC, said that while the dinners are always characterized byevening was a financial success, it was also a performances and displays which promote andtruly social occasion. explore global culture. Previous galas have been “The atmosphere was so humanitarian,” themed on Indian culture, the grandeur of theshe said. “Having His Highness the Amir and Venice Carnival and the romance of Andalusia.Her Highness Sheikha Moza was my most December’s soiree was titled ‘The Sevenfavorite part. In attending, they have shown Letters of Rafidain’. It captured the Goldenthe community and the world around us that Age of Islam by using theater to depict somethey support organizations that are designedto develop a society.” Key projects at the SDC of the great minds from that era, including Al Ziryab, the famous musician and artist, and The dinner also presented an opportunity The SDC helps individuals Al Kindi, a polymath who introduced Greekfor every department in Qatar Foundation to through… philosophy to the Arab world.learn from one-another and share fundraising n Career counseling, training in areas A musical play portrayed the life of Aladvice. Staff from Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) from beauty schools to opening a small Jahiz, the grandchild of slaves who became ain particular came out in force. business, and unlocking the creative noted Afro-Arab scholar. He was also one of “We at SDC are more than happy to work potential in small, home-based the first Islamic zoologists.with ROTA so we can invest our knowledge businesses by transforming them into Visitors were also able to enjoy a Timein collaboration. We are happy to discuss the larger enterprises. Tunnel tracing the Golden Age of Islamiclessons we picked up when organizing the civilization in Iraq from the mid-seventhgala dinner event,” said Al Mannai. The SDC helps low-income or century to the mid-thirteenth century. The night also marked the first time men incapacitated families by The celebrated Iraqi theater director Jawadand women celebrated and raised money for providing… Al-Assadi was involved in choreographingthe organization in a mixed environment at n Medical care, buying furniture, paying the performances with a group of Iraqi SDC event. debts, rent, utility bills, giving Eid and Inventions and mechanisms such as the “It was such a good feeling to be involved,” Ramadan gifts, issuing food coupons, robotic man, armillary sphere, and thesaid Hamza Al-Kuwari, the Director of helping to pay education fees and astrolabe, an instrument that was used toQuality Management Systems Directorate at organizing scholarships. calculate the direction of the Qibla and toQatar Foundation. find out prayer times, were also showcased. As a Qatari himself, the night held a The SDC helps businesses “This is a very important fundraisingspecial importance. progress by… event for us and we have a team of people “Being part of the mission to achieve stability n Issuing interest-free loans to support who have worked painstakingly to ensurewithin families and train them for the future is business expansion, holding awards that it is a memorable occasion with charitablewonderful. It’s good to know that in some way ceremonies to boost motivation and outcomes. We are very grateful for thewe helped Qatari families and those who live in celebrate achievement, providing support we have received from our sponsors,”Doha. I felt lucky to have participated. I know training to improve the quality of a small Amal Al Mannai added.where this money will go in the end,” he said. business’ end-product. For more information please visit 13
  15. 15. ReACh out to ASiA ReCoRD DoNAtioN helpS RotA ReACh out The largest-ever donation made to ROTA has enabled a number of projects to raise educational standards in Nepal, Indonesia and Qatar. 14 Thefoundation.
  16. 16. 15
  17. 17. ReACh out to ASiA r each Out To Asia (ROTA) received of education, and help with making their teachers and improving and providing basic its largest-ever corporate donation buildings more resilient to natural disaster. facilities such as separate sex bathrooms and from Vodafone Qatar in December: a ROTA estimated that 300,000 people from clean drinking water. In addition, the funding gift of $2.5 million to support some of its marginalized communities below the country’s will mean that half of the schools will offer projects. While the generous sum will be poverty line will benefit from the work. free education. remembered as a milestone in ROTA’s history, This includes the employment of extra The World Economic Forum’s 2010 Global the charitable gift is about more than just money. “This is about more than just writing a check,” said Jan Mottram, Vodafone Qatar’s HR Director. “We are working alongside ROTA as equals.” The venture also marks one of the first steps taken by Vodafone Qatar to embrace the vision of the late Grahame Maher, the company’s CEO who passed away suddenly in November. “He was so excited about this partnership. We now feel like we are living his dream,” added Mottram. “This level that Vodafone Qatar has raised is a celebration for both of our organizations,” said Essa Al Mannai, ROTA’s Acting Director. “I would like to dedicate this moment of happiness to Grahame Maher.” Vodafone Qatar and ROTA began talks a year ago to decide how the phone company can help in ROTA’s mission to empower the needy through education. Projects in Nepal, Indonesia and, perhaps surprisingly, Qatar, were selected. In Nepal, 157 schools in the Kailali district will benefit from improvements in the quality 16 Thefoundation.
  18. 18. Vodafone Qatar’s donation will go towards ROTA’s local humanitarian projects and education initiatives in Asia. At $2.5 million, the donation is the largest corporate sum given to ROTA in the organization’s history.Competitive Index highlighted Nepal as one of Among the accepted proposals there is an impact the community,” added Stevens. “Itthe neediest countries in terms of education. initiative called ‘I Care’ to embrace migrant also allows the students to learn lessons in The section on schooling said that Nepal workers and change the attitudes of students project design, how to run an organizationranked at 116 out of 139 for quality of primary towards those that work in universities; a and apply their skill sets to make a differenceeducation, while Indonesia was at 55 and campaign to promote safe driving; and a in someone’s life.”Qatar coming in fifth. Finland was the highest project to explore the behavioral issues The winning entries were given budgets ofrated country for primary education, and among young children in schools. up to QAR 8,000 to carry out their seven-Angola the poorest. “‘I Care’ for example teaches people to month projects, which are designed to have a respect those that are working for you. They long-lasting impact on the local community.i n indonesia, the joint venture plans to upgrade the quality of education for 72,000students and 11,200 teachers from 200 are challenging stereotypes by creating videos and posters. The students know that it will be challenging but it will raise an important Vodafone Qatar had been particularly keen to support local projects, said Luisa Gentile, the company’s Head of Corporateschools in Central Java. A scheme to improve issue. We are not under an illusion that this Responsibility. “It took us three months tothe teaching quality for students from low- will change the world in a year, but it does identify projects: it was a long negotiation.income families will help in terms of finance With the Youth Service Club we wanted toand psychological support. work with the local community in Qatar and In Qatar, Vodafone Qatar chose to assist it tOOk us thrEE we have been very impressed with howROTA’s Youth Service Clubs. Students from mOnths tO enterprising the proposals have been.”universities in Doha between the ages of 18 idEntify prOJECts: it A number of Vodafone Qatar staff willand 24 were invited to make proposals for accompany ROTA and volunteering studentsprojects that help the community in which wAs A lOng to take part in foreign trips.they live. Nine projects, including three led by nEgOtiAtiOn. with thE “But this is not a holiday volunteer trip.Qatari groups, were accepted and their work yOuth sErviCE Club They won’t just be painting schools. Theywill be completed in June. wE wAntEd tO wOrk need the right spirit; it’s a skilled trip and they “I have been inspired by the level of with thE lOCAl need a full skill set,” said Gentile. “If someonecommitment from these young people,” said COmmunity in QAtAr at Vodafone Qatar is an expert in finance, forAlberta Stevens, the Head of ROTA Qatar. And wE hAvE bEEn example, we will use those skills.”“I’ve been working with them for two years There will be 22 Vodafone Qatar volunteersand they are like a family now. They go out vEry imprEssEd with in total.and bring more students to us. The movement hOw EntErprising thE “This will strengthen Qatar’s efforts tois getting bigger and bigger and they are prOpOsAls hAvE bEEn. build the capacity of Asian schools andenthusiastic to make a difference in the world, educational facilities,” said Mottram atnot just in Qatar.” Vodafone Qatar. 17
  19. 19. QAtAR philhARmoNiC oRCheStRA oRCheStRA moveS to New home told The Foundation. “They are very much Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra’s new home in the impressed by the hall, the acoustics and the Cultural Village will allow it to dramatically increase stage design. “The orchestra is very glad to have their both its performances and its outreach programs. own venue to perform. For the orchestra it’s very important to have the facilities and also for rehearsing, preparing for chamber music Q atar philharmonic Orchestra’s fillip when it moved into its new home in and practicing. Everything is now together: (QPO) mission is to educate local Doha’s Cultural Village last month. the venue for the concerts, stores for the audiences on classical music; to With seating for 500 guests, the Opera instruments and offices for administrations. engage its school children, encouraging them House is modeled on the world-famous La “If you see the new Opera House you’ll to pursue music and take up instruments; to Scala in Milan, and features rows of regal understand. I walked in and thought ‘ok, this play an important role in preserving local seats and grand balconies. It played a key role is our home’. musical traditions; and to take Arabic music in the recent National Day celebrations, with “Now we have the opera house you can sell to new audiences in other parts of the world. hundreds of people attending a special boxes, seats, special parking, special catering: Since its formation in 2008, QPO has had a performance of Qatar Symphony. it’s very important,” Meister added. “You can dramatic impact, with spectacular The response of the audience to the new even have subscription rolls, because people performances in Doha, London’s Royal Albert venue was wonderful, said QPO’s Managing like to have their own seats.” Hall and OPEC’s 50th anniversary celebrations Director Kurt Meister. “The audience Since its inception QPO has maintained a in Vienna. And its work was given yet another appreciated the Opera House very much,” he strong focus on community outreach. For the 18 Thefoundation.
  20. 20. concerts. As a result of that we have family “suppOrting ArAbiC concerts, which consist of a short program musiC is vEry with narrators, so I try to convince the parents impOrtAnt,” hE sAid. through the children. “bEEthOvEn And “The main thing we want to get across mOzArt ArE pErfOrmEd though is that classical music is fun. We want by All thE EurOpEAn people to understand that you can come, OrChEstrAs, but if listen and relax: it’s a kind of education.” Meister is also firm in his support for Arab yOu’rE living in An music, whether it be working with local ArAbiC COuntry thEn musicians – such as Dr Salem Abdul-Kareem, yOu hAvE tO suppOrt the man who composed Qatar Symphony – or ArAbiC COmpOsErs. playing Arab pieces to Western audiences – such as Marcel Khalife’s Arabian Concerto, “I think it’s important to bring something to performed for the first time by the orchestra the children, to let them be a part of the at its inaugural concert, as well as at the production,” said Meister. Previous events have Kennedy Center in Washington, DC and the included giving schoolchildren the chance to Champs Elysees Theater in Paris. conduct the orchestra and the opportunity to “Supporting Arabic music is very speak with the musicians and try out their important,” he said. “Beethoven and Mozart instruments. “I think that’s very important to are performed by all the European orchestras, show them that it’s fun,” he said. “We give them but if you’re living in an Arabic country thenpast two years, for example, it has involved the idea that music is not boring… We’re hoping you have to support Arabic composers.”local children in annual performances of the that we’ll inspire more people in the region to QPO now features either an Arabic piece oropera Hansel and Gretel. Around 40 children take up these instruments. an Arabic soloist in about 80% of its programs,were responsible for decorating the stage, “I saw many children who were a little bit something that has proved to be extremelymaking the costumes and, of course, shy at first, but once they’ve seen the popular with audiences. Meister gives theperforming in the show. instruments they start taking an interest and example of QPO’s recent performance in Meister says the end result was a are asking about lessons.” Vienna as part of OPEC’s birthday celebrations.celebration of Qatar’s diversity. “They were “Everybody expects that we don’t only comeasked, for example, to paint a tree, because weneeded to create a forest to cover theorchestra. So everyone painted a tree from u ltimately, meister hopes that the result will be a local pool of talent on which QPO and other orchestras can draw, with Western classical music. “We performed in Paris [in May 2010] and it was a good program: we started with Arabicwhere they were from: we had small and large although he’s realistic about the timeframe: and then the second part we played Westerntrees, all different kinds of trees in the world. “We can’t expect that in five years we’ll have music. You still need to give people what theyIt was very nice to see.” 20 or 30 Qataris [in the orchestra],” he said. know, because if you play only Arabic music While undoubtedly lots of fun for those Focussing on children also allows QPO to then people cannot compare the level of theinvolved, such community projects are reach their parents. After the Hansel and orchestra. We should show them that we canimportant for two reasons. First, they engage Gretel events, for example, each child is given do both.”children with music and second, as any a CD of the music. “Many parents said their The result, Meister says, is that QPO, in itsparent will attest, the most effective way to child insisted on playing it in the car. So the own humble way, can help form a bridgereach adults is through their offspring. result is that parents hear it and come to the between cultures. 19
  21. 21. Destination of Choice With more than 20 years in the hospitality industry, Abdul Aziz Al Emadi has played a key role in its growth in Qatar. Now, as CEO of Dohaland Hospitality, he tells The Foundation about his plans to help develop the country as a destination for business and leisure, and to promote the industry as a The Foundation With Qatar hosting the World Cup 2022, how will it affect the career choice to young Qataris. hospitality market in Qatar? Abdul Aziz Al Emadi The hospitality planning Abdul Aziz Al Emadi There are a couple of for the World Cup needs to be as balanced as reasons. If you look at developments in the possible; it is important to tackle this issue economy today it’s a good time for owners with the big picture in mind, to have a unique because you have more influence: you can and integrated approach to the hospitality push for a better management agreement, for market in Qatar – focus on it as a whole unit better commercial terms. instead of competing with each other. Another reason is that we wanted This development will strongly support our Mandarin to add to the destination, to have thoughts on the need to develop nationals to that niche level of hospitality experience play a bigger role in the hospitality sector in the within our development. near future. So, it becomes mandatory to prepare Qatari youth with relevant hospitality The Foundation And you approached education and work experience to be ready for Mandarin Oriental directly to come to Qatar? the biggest sport event in the world. Abdul Aziz Al Emadi Yes, we specifically went to Mandarin. We have a strategy of whom to The Foundation You’ve signed a deal for attract. While it’s a good time for owners, it’s Mandarin Oriental to manage a hotel in also important to have that synergy and Musheireb, but the company does not yet ensure that you’re adding to a destination have a hotel in the region. Why did you not from a tourism and development point of opt for someone with more experience of the Abdul Aziz Al Emadi, left, in the view. You have to have the right fit for Middle East? early stage of his career. Musheireb.20 Thefoundation.
  22. 22. foRwARD thiNKeRSThe Foundation How closely will you work lots of training and development, you have towith the Mandarin Oriental? move among different departments, and onlyAbdul Aziz Al Emadi For any operator, then do you have the knowledge relevant towhenever they enter a new market they need really succeed in the industry. People don’tto have support. Of course they have always want to be working for 10 or 15 yearsexperience of the technical side of things, their like that.policies and procedures, but you need the local When people think of hotels, they look atknowledge, and that’s true of any country. If the lobby, the restaurants, and they think aboutyou build another hotel in Abu Dhabi or something beautiful that is there to be enjoyed.Oman, it doesn’t mean you can take the exact But to make that happen you have to see whatsame model and move it to Doha. You need to goes on in the back of the house. The peopleassess the location, have the right policies, and there are very important, and without themthat’s where we add value to the project. you cannot reach the requisite level of service.The Foundation As well as MandarinOriental you’ve also announced a joint yOu nEEd tO gO thrOugh lOts Of trAiningventure with Premier Inn, through which And dEvElOpmEnt, yOu hAvE tO mOvE AmOngyou’ll open a hotel in Education City. Are diffErEnt dEpArtmEnts, And Only thEn dO yOuthere more in the pipeline?Abdul Aziz Al Emadi We have four more hotels hAvE thE knOwlEdgE rElEvAnt tO rEAllyin the pipeline: three more in Musheireb and suCCEEd in thE industry. pEOplE dOn’t AlwAysone in cooperation with Qatar Foundation. wAnt tO bE wOrking fOr 10 Or 15 yEArs likE thAt.One can announce a lot of projects, but atDohaland we believe in building the rightfoundation, and ensure that when we that we can say we own one too. No. We have to The Foundation What do you think theannounce something it’s really happening. evaluate what we are adding to the country. solution might be? Abdul Aziz Al Emadi People really need toThe Foundation Will any of those additional The Foundation So far you’ve announced one spend more time in the back of house andhotels be under the Premier Inn brand? luxury- and one mid-market hotel. Are you understand the real hospitality business. ThenAbdul Aziz Al Emadi In today’s market it’s very going to look to maintain that balance or they can decide if this is what they want to do.important to position the first hotel. With a will you focus more on one area as you open Many of them accept the offer but the reality ofjoint venture, you need to test the relationship more properties? long working hours might not be appealing, orand see how it works. And then if the Abdul Aziz Al Emadi With Mandarin at luxury, there’s that better offer in banking... Now, ifopportunity comes to have a second budget we’re looking at other levels – four and five you compare it with any other sector, evenhotel in the country then we will not hesitate to stars – to ensure we have a mixed use sport, the pay scales are sometimes higherhave a second Premier Inn. development to fulfill different needs, so when than the hospitality industry. But as I say, it’s a we have customers with different budgets we long-term investment and we have to select theThe Foundation Do you have plans to expand have something for them. right people.beyond the six hotels you’ve already I have a couple of ideas based on mymentioned? The Foundation As someone who has worked experience but I moved from day-to-dayAbdul Aziz Al Emadi We need to take a while all his life in hospitality I know that operations over three years ago, so I have toto review and evaluate what we’re doing before promoting the hotel industry as a career update myself on the market today and reflectwe take the next step. The right strategy doesn’t choice for young Qataris is important to you. on the thinking of the young nationals. I don’thave to be very fast or very slow. At this stage Is that something you’ll be looking to do at want to make a judgment based on mywe’re not thinking about it, but if you ask me Dohaland Hospitality? previous knowledge, because it might not bethe same question later in the year, I might Abdul Aziz Al Emadi Yes, we want to really accurate anymore. So I have to do some markethave a different answer. support nationals. As we have a number of analysis before we come to any conclusions. hotels and new operators moving to Doha, it’sThe Foundation It’s interesting that you’ve very important that we encourage nationals to The Foundation Do you think that onegone for a budget brand when a lot of the work in the hospitality sector. solution might be more formal training infocus in the last few years was on building hospitality? Do universities not offer thatbigger, better and more luxurious hotels. Do The Foundation Why do you think it’s not currently?you think that the mid-market sector has always seen as being as attractive as other Abdul Aziz Al Emadi They do, but the problembeen overlooked? industries? is the other way around. Not all studentsAbdul Aziz Al Emadi Think of cars – everyone Abdul Aziz Al Emadi Today, there are many attending the course want to work in hotels.wants to buy luxury cars but it’s also important sectors available to young graduates and there’s Many of them finish the course as they want toto think of the maintenance, about how much huge competition to attract them. Fresh earn their degree, because that’s what you needit costs and the value you’re adding to life. graduates find it difficult to make up their for a graduate level job, and not because they While building five-star hotels, you have to minds as to where they want to work. want to work in the hotels.make sure that you are adding to the market. It’s Honestly, working in the hotel sector is a For more information please visitnot just about adding more five-star hotels so long-term investment. You need to go through 21
  23. 23. bioethiCS AN iSlAmiC peRSpeCtive oN bioethiCS A pioneering project at Georgetown University School of Foreign Studies in Qatar is compiling Islamic thought on bioethics in a single resource for the first time. t he largest collection of bioethical The huge database of material is being Areas such as organ transplant, cloning and research material in the Muslim world compiled by librarian and research associate in vitro fertilization have all emerged in a is taking shape at Georgetown Ayman Shabana. He intends, with other relatively short space of time. Through University School of Foreign Studies in Qatar researchers, to identify, collect and index Islamic collating documents and books about bioethics (SFS-Qatar). materials on bioethics which have been written in an Islamic context, it is hoped the resource The three-year project secured $1 million in predominantly Muslim countries. will be of great use to scholars, doctors, lawyers of funding from Qatar National Research The issue of bioethics in the context of and even members of the public. Fund and Georgetown University in the Islam is a relatively new topic, but with the Shabana said: “This literature will help United States, and it is hoped it will put Qatar pace of scientific and medical breakthroughs, answer the questions of whether these on the map as a leading centre for bioethical it is one that has increasing importance for processes are permissible from the Islamic research. the Islamic world. legal point of view or not. Most of the material 22 Thefoundation.