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Qatar Foundation Telegraph nov21

  1. 1. STUDeNT CoNTeST QF Telegraph and Qatar airways are giving away two plane tickets to a destination of your choice. turn to page 3 for your chance to win issue 21 sunday 21 November 2010Achievement Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned praises Eng Saad Al Muhannadi“One of the main pillars”honored at Qatar Foundation HEr HIgHnEss Sheikha Mozah Bint “Maybe it was a coincidence Nasser Al Missned, Chairperson of that Saad came along just when we Qatar Foundation, has honored Eng needed someone specialized in engi- Saad Al Muhannadi, Vice President neering and construction. But it was of Capital Projects and Facilities fortunate for us because Saad has Management, for 15 years of service. contributed so much over these past At the ceremony held in the atrium 15 years.” of QF HQ, Her Highness paid trib- Al Muhannadi thanked Her High- ute to Al Muhannadi, one of the first ness, but said that he could not take people to join Qatar Foundation. all the credit for the achievements of “I don’t consider Saad as an em- his division. ployee in the organization, but as a “The ceremony is not only held partner because he is one of the main to honor me, but to honor the entire pillars on which the Foundation was team who works with me in Capital built,” Her Highness said. Projects, Facility Management, Safe- “This ceremony reflects our appre- ty and Security,” he said. “This is a ciation and gratitude to someone who testimony from the highest authority dedicated much time, effort and en- in the organization for what has been ergy to ensure the realization and con- achieved, and for the quality of this tinuity of Qatar Foundation’s vision. achievement.” “Not only is he a hard working In response to the praise from Her and loyal person, he also has a prob- Highness he said: “Your Highness lem-solving mentality. Whenever I has taught us the meaning of team- asked him to do something, he never work, integrity and transparency. You said it would be a problem, but he al- have also taught us the importance ways used to say ‘I’m going to find a of dedication and having passion for solution’. This is what I have always what we do. In my opinion, I believe appreciated about Saad.” that your leadership doesn’t exist in “I remember that Saad was one of anyone else I have ever met. So, thank two people who were there from the you Your Highness. This ceremony start, even before the Foundation was is not just for me, but it honors theHer Highness Sheikha moza bint Nasser presenting eng. Saad Al muhannadi, vice President of Capital Projects and Facilities at established, so he was present during whole Qatar Foundation team, theQatar Foundation, with a certificate of his 15 years of service at a ceremony held at QF HQ to honor his achievements. the creation of that vision. Qatari youth and all the staff at QF.” Qatar’s largest community event International Education Week don’t miss n Thousands of people raised the second n Students, faculty and funds to support education staff were able to exchange projects across Asia by in our knowledge and get a taste completing a 5km circuit on Doha Corniche during Wheels ‘n’ Heels, milestones of other cultures during the annual International an event organized by reach out supplement education Week, held between To Asia. Turn to page 2 to find out how the event promoted access series inside 1 and 4 November. read more about the celebrations in to education and healthy living. this edition. education City on page 3.
  2. 2. Qatar Foundation Telegraph. 2 News Sunday 21 November 2010 Write to us: technology in higher education Education Fourth annual International Education Week Celebrating knowledge, conference n Technology experts from around the world, including Professors from all education City branch campuses, education and culture gathered at the annual Technology in Higher education (THe) Conference on 1 November to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology. The keynote address was sTudEnTs, FAculTy and staff from tures an opportunity to interact and delivered by Dr Diana oblinger, across Education City (EC) celebrated exchange thoughts.” President & Ceo of the nonprofit the benefits of international education Jess Rimington, a recent graduate association eDUCAUSe, who spoke and exchange worldwide during the of Georgetown University, held an about how annual International Education Week, opening keynote, inspiring stu- educational held between 1 and 4 November. dents as she shared her experiences activities An initiative originally begun by starting One World Youth Project, a are being the US Department of State and youth-for-youth powered movement unbundled the US Department of Education, that strives to bring students together from the festivities are prominent in US from classrooms around the world. traditional campuses, but the week is celebrated The following day, an outdoor institutions. internationally as well. movie screening of the critically- She The celebrations in EC were acclaimed documentary Lost Boys explained organized for the fourth time by of Sudan gave insight into cultural how IT catalyzes new models, Education Division’s Office of transition, as the film follows two and mentioned the value of IT in Student and Faculty Services, which young African refugees trying to fit enabling social networks, mobility, handles projects aimed at uniting EC into American society. telepresence, video, visualization and students, faculty and staff. Students, aided by faculty personal learning environments. “EC is already a great hub for members, were able to test their “This conference encompassed people from all over the world, so knowledge about countries around very hot topics in the field of with this week we are promoting the world during a world quiz team technology in higher education such the exchange of knowledge, ideas competition, which blended topics as iPads, Second Life, Web 2.0 in the and culture. Our events all have an from education to pop culture, poli- classroom, and 3D visualization,” educational focus to them, whether tics, and other categories. said Dr. Yakut Gazi, The Conference it is through encouraging dialogue The week ended with a big finale Chair. “The presenters represented between people from different - a cultural celebration offering a IT professionals, as well as faculty backgrounds or exposing people to diverse catering menu and cultural members, the two key elements aspects of different cultures around performances by a Qatar Academy for successful collaborations for the world,” said Curt Kenoyer, As- elementary student choir, a Pales- technology initiatives in education.” sistant Director for Campus Life. tinian Dabke group and an Indian “Our hope is that we can engage Bhangra group, who presented a the community through these events form of dance and music that origi- and give people from different cul- nated in the Punjab region. Qf radio changes frequency n QF radio is now broadcasting on 93.7 Fm so please update the frequency on your radio to enjoy the Facilities Management QF end users will be able to test the software soon New software smoothes service requests station’s new line-up of programs. CoNTACT US WHETHEr IT is ordering a new light According to Mohammed Al Mal- by Finance Directorate (FD), to the ac- lot of hard copies of forms through- communication directorate rima ismail, bulb or requesting the refurbishment of ki, Executive Director of FM, the quisition of materials through Procure- out the different stages of the process. +974 4454 0960 ghada saade, an entire office, end-users from across Directorate receives around 200-250 ment Directorate (PD). CAFM will be CAFM will bypass all these procedures +974 4454 0961 Qatar Foundation will soon be able to work requests a day. The ability to linked to the existing Oracle software and allow us to recover everything electronically track their work requests initiate these requests electronically is used by FD and PD. through a digitized archive. editorial Publisher submitted to Facilities Management expected to result in quicker process- “CAFM will enhance the admin- “We think this is a very important philip fenton (FM) Directorate. ing and will increase the transparency istrative procedures needed to handle milestone for QF We are looking for- . Deputy editor QF employees will be able to famil- of the procedures. a work request. It will also reduce the ward to the system going live after we melissa sleiman +974 6618 5540 iarize themselves with the new Com- Once the end-user submits a work number of people needed for the job have been working on this for the past puterized Aid Facilities Management request to FM, they will be able to to be done and for the large volumes three years. The software is very reli- design Creative Director (CAFM) system starting this month. monitor the progress of it – from pass- of work to be well-registered,” Al Malki able and suitable to our FM require- fred dittlau Still in its testing phase, the new soft- ing through FM’s internal procedures, told QF Telegraph. ments. We are making sure everyone is Arabic Designer mohammad marei ware, called Archibus, will be introduced to the assignment of the task to a con- “We are now doing everything man- receiving proper training and hope the one center or department at a time. tractor, to the cost evaluation handled ually by fax, email, and dealing with a testing phase will go smoothly.”Top 10 Qatari high school students visit Policy needs at Annual research Forumn The top 10 senior Qatari students of the nation’s high schools n Qatar Foundation has revealed that the upcoming Annualvisited Texas A&m University at Qatar at the beginning of research Forum on 12 and 13 December will provide spaceNovember. As part of the Top 10 Program, participants had the for discussion of critical policy issues in research, includingopportunity to complete an online admissions application, tour ethics, compliance and intellectual property management. Thethe Texas A&m engineering building, meet with faculty and research policy issues will be discussed in workshops and arestudents and view student projects. open to the public.
  3. 3. Qatar Foundation Telegraph.Sunday 21 November 2010Write to us: News 3Community Wheels ‘n’ Heels event promotes healthy livingROTA event drawsrecord-breaking crowd Win flights with Qatar Airways QATAr AIrWAys and the QFTele- For your chance to win simply an- graph have teamed up to offer two swer this question: university students the chance to What is the name of the Qatar win return flights to the destination Foundation Education Division of their choice over the holiday pe- office that deals with projects riod. aimed at bringing together Edu- Whether you’re heading home for cation City faculty and students?A non-sToP sports, entertainment sponsorship to complete the chal- made an appearance included Qatari the holidays or looking to see the The answer can be found in one ofand healthy living extravaganza, the lenge. They were allowed to use bi- star Fahad Al Kubaisi, Egyptian com- world during the winter break, this is the news stories of this edition’s QFfourth community Wheels ‘n’ Heels cycles, skateboards, rollerblades, or poser and singer Amr Mostafa, and the perfect opportunity. Telegraph.’event, organized by Reach Out To other equipment to help them get to ROTA Board Member and actress Qatar Airways has two offices in Send your answer, with your fullAsia (ROTA), attracted over 10,000 the finish. HSBC donated QR 50 for Raghda Mahmud. Education City dedicated to stu- name, telephone number and thepeople on 5 and 6 November. every completed lap of the circuit. Speaking about the event, Mah- dents and staff: one in the Recrea- name of the university at which you As well as promoting the wish to Aside from this, the event featured a mud said: “ ROTA believes that eve- tion Center, and one in the HR Di- study, to no later thanachieve education for all, the event at large variety of other activities provid- ry man, woman and child across the rectorate. 7 December, 2010.Doha Corniche’s Sheraton Park was ing entertainment and often promot- Asian continent - regardless of age, Qatar Airways was recently voted If you’re not a university student,an opportunity for its participants to ing healthy living. Children were able gender or circumstances - should third best airline in the world in the don’t worry: Qatar Airways and theget fitter and healthier. They were en- to take part in sports competitions, eat have access to quality education. annual Skytrax survey of 18 million QFTelegraph will be running anothercouraged to complete a 5km circuit healthy snacks, play carnival games, Thank you to all those who par- international passengers. In the sur- competition for faculty and staff into raise funds for ROTA’s education and listen to the advice of sports icons ticipated showing support to Rota’s vey, the airline was also voted as hav- the new year.projects across Asia. such as Olympic swimming champion believes and made Wheels ‘n’ Heels ing the best Business Class service Masses of people raised money Duncan Goodhew MBE. 2010 Community Fun Day a great and catering in the world, as well asthrough corporate and individual Other international celebrities who success.” being honoured as the Best Airline in The Middle East for the fifth con- Terms and conditions secutive year. The airline has announced seven n entry is open only to registeredYouth Arab Child’s Day conference held in Qatar new routes, with flights to Phuket students at a Qatar Foundation and Hanoi already operating, Nice university.Arab youth visit QF tively engaging during this trip and launching on 24 November 2010, n There are two prizes, each that they are getting valuable experi- Bucharest and Budapest on 17 comprising one economy-class ences out of this event,” said Mariam January 2011, Brussels on 31 Janu- return flight to any Qatar Airways Al Shamsi, part of a delegation repre- ary 2011, and Stuttgart on 9 March destination.Around 100 young Arabs concluded and 18 and representing around 20 senting the Ministry of Social Affairs 2011. n entries must be received by 7a four-day conference in Qatar, or- different Arab countries, were given of the UAE. Qatar Airways currently flies to December, 2010.ganized by Qatar’s Supreme Council presentations by QF’s Education Di- “They have been attending three over 94 destinations across Europe, n The winners will be announced infor Family Affairs within the frame- vision and Communication Directo- workshops every day, which taught Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, the QFTelegraph on 16 December,work of Arab Child’s Day, with a visit rate on QF’s mission, academic life them how to write a novel, how to North and South America with a Qatar Foundation on 3 November. in Education City and admission re- produce films, methods of recycling modern fleet of 91 aircraft. By 2013, n No cash alternative will be offered.The conference is hosted every year quirements. Afterward, they received material, and so forth. We hope this the Doha-based airline plans to n Flights must be taken withinby a different Arab country chosen a tour of Qatar Science & Technology will help boost their creativity, as this serve 120 key business and leisure 3 months of the winners beingby the League of Arab States. Park. year’s theme of the conference was destinations worldwide with a fleet announced. The children, aged between 13 “I am glad to see the children ac- creativity.” of 120 aircraft.President of Mozambique visits QF dohaland Knowledge Enrichment centren His excellency President Armando Guebuza, President of n Dohaland has extended the opening hours of its floatingmozambique, visited Qatar Foundation on monday 8 November. Knowledge enrichment Centre to provide more people with theHe was greeted by Dr mohamed Fathy Saoud, President of QF, Dr opportunity to learn about Qatar’s past as well as plans for itsSaif Al-Hajari, vice-Chairman of QF, and QF vice Presidents. He musheireb project. The center, moored off Doha Corniche, is openwas given a presentation on QF’s mission and activities, which to the public from 9am to 8.30pm from monday to Thursday, andwas followed by a question and answer session. from 3.30pm to 6.30pm on Saturdays.
  4. 4. Qatar Foundation Telegraph. 4 Perspective Sunday 21 November 2010 Write to us: DavisA Feast ofDevelopmentTHE dEPArTMEnT of Student Af- »Communityfairs at any given university usuallyalso serves as the unofficial depart- gatherings aroundment of gastronomy. As gastro- food can do a greatnomes, we know which restaurants deal for the world-provide quality victuals. We know views of collegethe prices, the deals, and the taste-ful presentations. students - or for In fact we know food so inti- anybody, really.«mately that we think of it as theproverbial flame around whichwe gather, reminding us all of thecommon gravity we share. This immaterial experience was Food sustains life, not just bio- perhaps nowhere more apparent,logically but emotionally, mentally, for me at least, than at the studentand culturally as well. In the words Iftars during Ramadan (thoughof student development theorist the food was by no means dull).Sharon Parks, food occasions the At those gatherings one couldexperience of “hearth and table”, find everywhere the sharing inthe enduring venue - however mo- and teaching and learning of cul-bile it may be these days - within ture. The sense of community andwhich community is established learning was truly extraordinary.and developed. This sense of community is cen- Community gatherings around tral to the student affairs can do a great deal for the Students may lack the money, mo-world-views of college students - or tivation, time, and/or even friendsfor anybody, really. to coordinate and enjoy such de- Dr Christopher Robbins, the velopmental experiences (not todirector of my honors program in mention they rarely, if ever, think ofcollege, would often take a group dining together as developmental).of us out to dinner. He loved to My hope and my goal (and theinquire into our lives and opin- collective goal of student affairs) is Road safety Williams launches campaign to curb reckless driving Making Qatar’s roads saferions, especially when he needed to provide students with as manyto catch his breath from talking. opportunities as possible to experi-Our responses to his inquiries were ence the same sense of communityforged through the fire of his mas- and learning as I experienced interfully executed Socratic prompts, the outings with Dr Robbins andand we would leave dinner reflect- friends 10 years ago. QATAr Is stepping up efforts to pro- a lot of driven people who are very Women interested in F1 usually doing not only on what we thought, Maybe students will discover a mote proper driving etiquette, dis- competent in what they do. Every not become drivers due to the physi-but how we thought about what we new element of selfhood and com- couraging practices such as tailgat- single one of them has had a superb ological strain on the body whenthought. munity that ignites a new way of ing, exceeding speed limits, talking education,” Williams said. However, practicing the sport, but could pur- He once advised us to use any thinking; I know I did. Once they on cell phones while driving, and he warned that there are consequenc- sue a career in other areas related tosurplus of funds we managed to get a “taste” of what those expe- performing stunts that leave rubber es when people, even professionals, F1 – engineering, marketing, and sofind during our period of colle- riences really mean, they may be skid-mark patterns on roadways. engage in reckless driving. He en- forth, he said.giate penury and spend them on more likely to seek them out in the Qatar’s roads will soon hopefully couraged the students to drive safely Members of the Williams F1 teamdinners in restaurants with friends. future and even coordinate them become a lot safer thanks to efforts and wear their seat belts. will also be making personal appear-Nothing, he said, would prove as for their professional colleagues in led by Williams Technology Centre, “As you look at me obviously you ances at schools and universities asmeaningful and indelible as the ex- the working world. If there is food, a tenant of Qatar Science & Technol- will see that I’ve had a road accident part of the youth education program.perience of sharing fine meals and there is community, and no one ogy Park (QSTP) and part of Wil- 20, 25 years ago,” he said, point- Some of the team’s race cars are onfriendly spirits among good com- ever outgrows either. liams F1, a leading team in Formula ing at his wheelchair. “I flew off the display around Doha in different lo-pany. One (F1) racing. road trying to catch an aeroplane, for cations including shopping malls. That was 10 years ago, long be- In October, it launched a grass- which, as it turns out, I was much too road safetyfore I embarked on my relationship roots education program as part of early. I can assure you, looking back;with student affairs. It is still great a campaign aimed at creating a safe it’s just not worth it. You get used toadvice. Even if the food is dull andthe drink diluted, the foodstuffs are CoLUmNIST road-faring community, which saw Williams F1 racing team Head of [being in a wheelchair], but it car- ries many penalties when you think pledgeusually survived by an immaterial Marketing Dominic Reilly make a back on what you can and can’t doexperience no less important for Jeff Davis pit stop at Qatar Academy to educate because you’ve damaged yourself n Last month, Williams Technologyhuman survival and progress than Student Development Coordinator 800 students about road safety. permanently.” Centre, in partnership with QSTPthe actual consumption of those Office of Professional Development Another event was held this month Following his talk, students fired and Qatar National bank, launchedfoodstuffs. Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar with special guest Sir Frank Williams, question at him, particularly about a campaign which hopes to secure founder and manager of the Williams how engineers and drivers get into 25,000 pledges from citizens of F1 racing team, who met a group of F1. He explained how drivers usu- Qatar to stop speeding and to wear WHAT Do YoU THINK? Grade 12 students of the school on 9 ally start out in go-karting and after their seatbelts. visit us how you feel by emailing us at November. years of experience undergo training qa to pledge your commitment. “Formula One is populated by at driving schools in Europe.
  5. 5. Qatar Foundation Telegraph.Sunday 21 November 2010Write to us: QF Spotlight 5 How do I...? QFTelegraph helps make your life at Education City easier n What is the Qatar Foundation (QF) Warehouse? The Warehouse stores all materials of QF departments and centers acquired through material requests and purchase orders. It is a temporary storage facility, storing all kinds of items for a period up to six months. The premises encompass approximately 2500m2, divided into three sections: two temperature-controlled areas and one for disposable material, which it collects from across QF . The Warehouse keeps track of its inventory through an electronic system, which contains photos and descriptions of each item. All assets in the Warehouse and QF are tagged with a unique electronic barcode. n How can I put through a request to the Warehouse? Requests should go through the focal point of each center or department, usually the administrative assistant or coordinator, who will submit a request electronically. n What are the opening times of the Warehouse? The Warehouse is open on working days from 7.30am until 3.30pm. n Does the Warehouse keep certain items in stock or does everything need ordering through an external supplier?Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra Spreading a love of music matters The Warehouse keeps certainA new orchestra, from scratch items which are frequently used in stock such as cartridges, gift bags, and stationary. n What happens after the Warehouse receives my item from the supplier?looKIng AT the sheer scale of some Meister says he was given a clear mes- lage, which will allow it to focus more piece: I think it’s necessary to find the Once the item has been received,of the projects and buildings in Edu- sage to ignore nationality and focus intensively on its main goal: to educate bridge between both cultures. the material will be inspected bycation City, Qatar Science & Tech- on the best musicians. “Auditions are people about music. “Especially when we travel, every- the Warehouse and the end usernology Park and other parts of Qatar done behind a curtain so it’s a lottery: “The main thing we want to get body expects that we don’t only come will be contacted by phone orFoundation, it might seem as if set- we don’t know who’s playing, every- across though is that classical music is with Western classical music. It’s been email. After confirmation for de- livery, the Warehouse will deliverting up an orchestra would be rela- body has to perform the same piece, fun. People need time to understand very popular, there’s no question.” the material.tively simple. and the best person gets the job.” what a classical symphony orchestra As well as the concerts QPO, which According to Kurt Meister, Man- QPO is in the process of moving is because it’s different to an Arabic employs around 125 people includ- n What happens with QF’s disposableaging Director of Qatar Philharmonic into its permanent home in a purpose- orchestra. There you mainly have one ing support staff, operates a range of items?Orchestra (QPO), the reality was any- built facility in the new Cultural Vil- melody but no harmony like you have community outreach activities. For The disposable items collected bything but. “It was a challenge for all with a symphony orchestra.” two years running it has organized a the warehouse from QF centersof us,” he told QFTelegraph. A former That fusion of styles is what makes Hansel and Gretel opera involving lo- and departments will either gobassoonist, he moved from an orches- »The main thing we QPO unique. Many of its perform- cal schoolchildren. And, as reported in towards an auction or a charity.tra that had been playing for more want to get across ances feature both pieces by Western the last issue of QFTelegraph, many of Whenever a large quantity hasthan 400 years to one where every- though is that classical and Arabic composers, something QPO’s musicians will help teach mu- been gathered, around once a year, an auction is held by Pro-thing had to be done from scratch. music is fun. People that has proven a hit with audiences sic to schoolchildren through Qatar curement Directorate. They will Set up in 2008, QPO held auditions both in Qatar and in Europe. Music Academy.around the world the previous year need time to understand “It’s very important,” said Meister. “We’re hoping that we’ll inspire invite suppliers to submit bids on each find its 101 musicians. More than what a classical “Beethoven and Mozart are per- more people in the region to take up3,000 applications were received, with symphony orchestra is formed by all the European orches- these instruments,” said Meister. “I2,600 invited to audition. because it’s different to tras, but if you’re living in an Arabic saw many children who were a little email us your work related Around 30 different nationalities country then you have to support bit shy at first, but once they’ve seen questions at,were hired, with 14 musicians com- an Arabic orchestra.« Arabic composers. Now in about 80% the instruments they start taking an and we will do our best to help youing from the Middle East, although of our programs we have an Arabic interest and are asking about lessons.”
  6. 6. Qatar Foundation Telegraph. 6 Focus Sunday 21 November 2010 Write to us: QF Dr Chee Wen Chong QF WHAT S T AT passionate about seeing ideas take shape, dr chee No TA FD ’r F e wen chong, manager, research partnerships office, oW HeN THeY research division, enthuses on finding a cure for can-Name: Gareth King cer, exploring the history of Bavaria, and studying ar-Title: Grade 3 teacher, QatarAcademy chitectural designs of academic buildings.Years at QF: 2 yearsDescribe your role: I am responsible If you were an inventor or innovator, what In terms of historical meaning, the and from there you can go hiking,for teaching Grade 3 children in would you invent? building of Virginia Commonwealth visit the hot springs, and enjoy thelanguage, arts, maths, and unit A cure for cancer. It is a disease University in Qatar has a lot of scenery with your family. The view isof inquiry topic areas. I am also everyone is facing, so if we could get meaning. In it you will find a picture relaxing and peaceful.a Grade 3 team leader, which a cure today, that would be fantastic. of a pearl in an oyster, whichmeans I get to help organize and symbolizes that it is the first If you have the chance to live in anotherplan upcoming units of work Who is your role model? academic building of QF, period, would it be the past, the presentand help other teachers out I’m from Malaysia and comparable to how the pearl or the future? Why?with any questions or problems. lived through the period industry shaped Qatar’s In the early days of Bavaria, a stateThis year I am also the school’s of expansion under Dr economy before oil and gas of Germany. It’s a period and placesenior representative for the Mahathir Mohamad, its was discovered. where ideas come up and peopleNear East South Asia Council former Prime Minister. support you all the way. People thereof Overseas Schools (NESA), He is a man of vision What book are you reading are very forward-looking, open-which is dedicated to providing when it comes to at the moment? minded, willing to try out new things,professional development making things happen I like reading about and the living conditions are fantastic.opportunities for teachers. It is on the ground – a the stock market as a There is so much trust in society.a voluntary association of more light rail transit, way to find out what’sthan 90 private, independent space programs, the happening aroundinternational schools in the Near construction of the the world and how I’m a fan of theEast and South Asia extending Petronas Twin the money flow architecturalfrom Libya and Greece through Towers, and other affects us. designs of all thethe Middle East to the eastern projects. If I couldend of the Asian subcontinent. make a vision What is your universities... the come true like favorite holiday building of VirginiaWhat I like about my job is… he did, that’d be destination? CommonwealthI work with a fantastic group of wonderful. Japan. It is very University in Qatarchildren in grade 3D. They are all clean, organized,very keen learners and make my What is your easy to get [features]a picture ofworking day fun. I am also lucky favorite place in around in and a pearl in an oyster,to work with an amazing team of eC? people are very which symbolizes thatteachers and specialists who help I’m a fan of the friendly. I love it is the first academicmake my job easier every day. architectural going to Mount designs of all Fuji. They have building of QF. Want to be featured in mY QF? the universities. resorts in the areaSend us an email at Review Islamic treasures on display at museumBQfp book highlights unseen collection FroM IllusTrATEd Qur’ans to a Islamic world that demonstrates Turkey, Central Asia, Andalucía. Un- seven-meter long Hajj certificate, 50 BQFP’s commitment to producing seen Treasures features glasswork, tex- new objects have recently been added books of quality in English and Ara- tile, manuscripts, ceramics and some to the permanent galleries at the Mu- bic,” said Seif Salmawy, Managing metallic objects from the 9th to the seum of Islamic Art. Director of BQFP. “This is an excep- 19th century. To commemorate this exhibition, tional title that not only broadens the The temporary exhibition took Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Pub- range of books we produce, but high- place in summer within the galleries lishing (BQFP) has produced an lights our cooperation with leading in the second and third floor in the exceptionally illustrated and beau- cultural institutions in Qatar.” Museum of Islamic Art, adding valu- tifully designed book, Focus on 50: The objects featured in the book able pieces to the permanent objects Unseen Treasures from the Museum also formed part of a treasure trail on display. of Islamic Art in Qatar. The title re- for children aged 6 to 16 years old, “We aim to continuously reinvigor- fers to the artworks displayed at the with a chance for them to win valu- ate our galleries to increase the com- exhibition, which was titled Unseen able prizes. munity’s awareness of the diversity of Treasures. The objects represent the history Islamic art throughout history,” said “Unseen Treasures is a stunning of Islamic civilization in several re- Aisha Al Khater, Deputy Director of representation of the riches of the gions, including Iraq, India, Iran, the Museum of Islamic Art.
  7. 7. Qatar Foundation Telegraph.Sunday 21 November 2010Write to us: Time Off 7 Book corner unIQuE And wonderfully entertain- ing, Victory over Abu Derya:The Quest includes a glossary of terms. This is very definitely a winner for both chil- Arabic, including Arabic translations of international bestselling children’s fiction so that children in the region for Pearls in the Arabian Gulf – which dren and parents and is bound to be Victory over Abu is also available in Arabic as Al Intisar Ala Abi Derya: Malhamat Istikhraj Al cherished by all those interested in Qatar. can enjoy these books for the first time ever. Derya: The Quest Lolo Min Aamaq Al Khalij Al Arabi – Owned by Qatar Foundation and is a captivating tale about Qatar’s rich managed by Bloomsbury Publishing Available from all major bookstores for Pearls in the pearl-fishing past that brings the leg- Plc, BQFP publishes books of excel- in Doha. For more information contact: Arabian Gulf ends and hardships of Arabian divers to vivid life. lence and originality in English and readers’ Published by Bloomsbury Qatar by mohammed Ali; translated from Foundation Publishing (BQFP) in lettersArabic by Nadia Fouda and Andy Smart cooperation with the Qatar Muse- to engage with our exhibitions ums Authority earlier this year, Vic- and programs. tory over Abu Derya is “a beautifully If it is possible to share this illustrated account of traditional pearl Write to QFTelegraph at email with Noor, I would greatly to have your say. Qf radio 13:25 Qatar Philharmonic orchestra The best musical pieces performed diving in Qatari waters” (The Gulf Times, Qatar) that makes history fun appreciate it. 93.7 by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra for kids and will inspire them to learn more about Qatar’s rich heritage. Dear QF Telegraph, I was very pleased to read Thank you, 14:28 Taking You Further Written and illustrated by Mo- Noor Al Merekhi’s recent michelle DezemberDAILY A human rights program, an hammed Ali, a local author, painter column about “The Benefits of Head of education in-depth look at important issues and expert on Qatar’s cultural herit- Practicing Art”. As a cultural mathaf: Arab museum of modern Art06:00 Far Corners facing all of us today age, who has written and illustrated practitioner involved in the Current affairs and situational 15:26 Asr call to prayer many children’s books, and has also opening of the new QF-QMA reply: Thanks for your email, we snapshots from around the world 15:54 Piano musicals produced and presented children’s project Mathaf: Arab Museum of have forwarded it to Noor Al06:33 Students News 16:50 maghrib call to prayer programmes in Qatar and the Arab Modern Art, it is very exciting Merekhi. The latest news about students 18:20 Isha call to prayer world, Victory over Abu Derya tells the to know that there are people for students around Education 19:00 Campus buzz story of a pearl fleet that has returned in our community who already City and more… Opinions, events, and more from another hard season at sea. The realize the potential for art07:00 QF News produced by students, presented legendary guardian of the Sea King- beyond just its commercial or Everything about QF by students dom, Abu Derya, has inflicted a terri- aesthetic value. I hope that she07:30 e-vision 19:30 Cover to Cover ble defeat on the fleet and many ships becomes a champion for the Interesting stories about Lively discussion about literature and sailors have been lost. However, museum and encourages our QF ‘Education, the academe, student and award winning/best selling when Rashid’s grandmother has a community and the larger society life, ’ and a lot more, straight from English and Arabic titles, literary dream in which her grandson’s hands the students, professors and more events and what’s happening in are filled with pearls, the villagers are08:45 “Alamouhm” publishing in Qatar.  determined to reverse their fortunes. Conditions of submission09:00 International News 20:32 Nothing is Impossible But Abu Derya is ready, once more, requests for inclusion and submissions of sender and his or her department/center, as will All the latest news from around Fitness and Health, your on-line to make sure that doesn’t happen. material must be made no later than two weeks in recorded interviews. interviews given may not be the world presented in Arabic personal trainer Victory over Abu Derya is the first advance of publication. requests and submission recalled or changed unless containing substantial10:00 Industry 21:00 Sports Global retelling of a popular local folk tale in of information may be made by email only errors of fact. interviews and information The latest innovations, gadgets, 23:00 International News English. Not just an excellent read, it directly to the relevant QFTelegraph journalist received will be treated as confidential until technology and more 00:00 QF News also provides an educational insight or to any articles written will published. the publisher’s decision on all matters11:00 Sports Global 01:00 e-vision into the region’s recent past, and be treated as correct and approved by the of content and style is final. Sports news from within Qatar 02:30 Industry and the rest of the world 03:07 Nothing is Impossible11:18 Dhuhr call to prayer 04:20 Science Alive Games12:11 Science Alive 04:28 Fajr call to prayer Science matters and more 05:45 Qatar Philharmonic orchestra My Favorite... 3 9 2 SU Do KU 6 4 THe rULeS Are SImPLe Prakash Aranha 4 9 6 3 fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the Director, Operations & Maintenance, digits 1 through to 9. Facilities Management Directorate i’m from india and growing coffee is my family 5 3 1 4 profession. i enjoy being on the plantation away from the city and seeing the greenery around 7 2 SoLUTIoN Puzzle by 4 9 1 8 5 2 7 3 6 8 5 2 9 me. growing coffee plants is like bringing up 7 6 8 4 3 9 1 5 2 babies. you see them growing every time and if something should happen to them, you feel for 5 2 3 7 1 6 8 4 9 them. the process takes almost seven years, 4 8 7 2 9 1 2 5 8 3 6 7 4 starting with the nursery where you sow the 3 5 4 2 6 7 9 8 1 seeds, after which you take the saplings and plant them. once they grow you have to take care of them. you apply fertilizer, insecticide, make sure 5 6 6 8 8 3 7 6 9 1 4 2 1 4 3 5 2 9 5 7 6 5 4 weeds don’t grow, prune the plants [remove the dead twigs and leaves], and give them optimum 1 4 9 3 7 5 2 6 8 shade by placing trees around them. 2 7 5 6 9 8 4 1 3 Puzzle by puzzle by