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Qatar Foundation Telegraph.Thursday 27 January 2011Write to us:                                             ...
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Qatar Foundation Telegraph.Thursday 27 January 2011Write to us:                                             ...
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Qatar Foundation Telegraph.Thursday 27 January 2011Write to us:                                             ...
Qatar Foundation Telegraph jan27
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Qatar Foundation Telegraph jan27

  1. 1. FOAL biRTh TO pReSeRVe bLOOdLine Turn To page 2 for a picTure of The firsT foal born Through an embryo Transfer procedure aT al shaqab issue 25 Thursday 27 JAnUARy 2011Media QF Radio gives Doha community a unique insight into the world of broadcastingQF hits the airwavesQATAR FOUNDATION has officiallylaunched its enhanced QF Radio ser- many perspectives,” said Saad Al Hu- daifi, Head of QF Radio.vice which offers a wide range of qual- “In our studios we give the opportu-ity programming covering everything nity for all to live the radio atmosphere,from education to science and research. work and gain experience which will The station, which was officially qualify them to work on radio stationslaunched at Villaggio Mall on 23 Janu- in the future in collaboration with QF .”ary, now operates on the frequency The station has spent the past year93.7 FM and will be hosting an entire researching audience needs and pre-month of activities at its temporary stu- paring a fresh range of programs aimeddio and the mall. at young people around the GCC. QF Radio provided opportunities With more than 19 programs acrossfor students around Doha, allowing different genres, QF Radio offersthem to engage in live coverage through something for everyone - its programsa range of programs and news bulletins range from educational to scientificwhich the pupils produced from start and research. In addition, a variety ofto finish. Students also attended work- informative programs aim to educateshops held by Northwestern University listeners and enrich their Qatar. QF Radio also features interviews Ideally located to gain access to some with prominent personalities and pro-of the world’s foremost thinkers, scien- vides regular coverage of major local,tists, innovators, professors, leaders, regional and international events suchartists and other influencers of change as the recent coverage of the AFCwho are currently working with QF, the Asian Cup Qatar.station’s goal is to inform the region QF Radio offers 70 percent of itsand international audiences about QF’s content in Arabic and the remaining 30role and to document the people, sto- percent in English.ries and progress of QF as they worktoward achieving Qatar’s National Vi-sion 2030. Learn more “The launch of QF Radio 93.7 n QF Radio offers streaming audio on itssignals the beginning of a new era in website, Listenersbroadcasting in Qatar and throughout can also follow QF Radio on Facebookthe region.  Our programs give voice and on Twitter. The station’s programsto the aspirations of our young people will soon be available on iTunes.and will be a vehicle for expression of Student Center »When the announcement Anthology of Gulf poetry n The Student Center was actually made that Qatar n Virginia Commonwealth unofficially opens University in Qatar is today. At first, only the had been successful, we all publishing an anthology sports and recreation went crazy.« which will take readers into activities will open, the rich and vibrant poetic but more services Muhammed Al-nufal, student of Weill Cornell tradition of the Gulf. The will be added over the Medical College in Qatar, describes what poems were written by a wide coming months. Read it was like to be part of the World Cup bid range of authors from the more on page 4. presentation team to FiFA on page 4. region. Read more on page 6.
  2. 2. Qatar Foundation Telegraph. 2 News Thursday 27 January 2011 Write to us: coming up 31 January Horse breeding Birth will help ensure the preservation of the Arabian bloodline ysrep Foal born through embryo transfer techniques presenTaTion ThE FIRST foal produced using em- n Qatar national Research Fund bryo transfer techniques has been (QnRF) will hold a presentation born at Al Shaqab equestrian center. on its second cycle of the young The colt, which is named Mirsal Scientists Research experience Al Shaqab, was born at 10am on 18 program (ySRep) on 31 January. January. The presentation will take place The genetic parents are the in- in classrooms 1 and 2 of hamad ternationally famed Arabian stallion Medical Corporation’s Medical Marwan Al Shaqab and the cham- education department. pion mare Miss El Power - but eights Researchers are invited to days after conception, the embryo submit their letters of intent until was placed into the uterus of a mare 14 Febuary. Awarded projects will called Manaya. receive up to $100,000 a year for a She gave birth to the foal and is maximum of three years. nursing him, despite the fact that he in order to be eligible for only has the genes of his father and funding, applicants must hold a mother, helping to ensure the preser- doctorate or a Terminal Academic vation of the Arabian bloodline. Research degree in their field Dr Pascal Derde, senior veterinar- of expertise, be no older than ian at Al Shaqab, has led the embryo 35 years, be affiliated to a local transfer program. He said the birth institution in Qatar, and submit had gone very well and it was an at least two published peer- amazing moment. reviewed research papers along “The baby was very lively, had a The colt, which is named Mirsal Al Shaqab, was born at 10am on 18 January. with their online application. young good suckling reflex and the mother scientists leading the project can accepted her foal without a problem. “He has the head of Marwan and Fadi Al Shaqab, grandson of Marwan and arched while his legs should be work individually or with a research Everything went perfectly,” he said. the nobility of his mother,” he added. is already making a name for himself straight and well muscled with large team from the same submitting “It’s almost like the foal has been There are high hopes for the future on the international circuit, narrowly joints. institution. born twice; just last year we had him of the foal. With parents of the calibre missing first place to come in second In the show ring he should be Launched in May, ySRep fills the in a petri dish and now he has been of Marwan and Miss El Power, he at the World Arabian Horse Show graceful yet exude a sense of power. gap between QnRF’s core research born again.” could go on to do great things on the Championship in Paris in December. The new foal is the first to be born programs; the Undergraduate The foal is currently bay (a reddish- international show circuit. The new foal’s future success through the embryo transfer tech- Research experience program brown colour) with a white star on his Marwan has won the World Arabi- will depend on his looks. He should nique at Al Shaqab - but more are (URep), set up to help forehead, although Derde thought he an Championship three times, while have a dished profile with large, lus- on their way. In total 12 mares were undergraduate students; and may eventually be grey as he has some Miss El Power was named the Dubai trous eyes, large nostrils and a small pregnant so many more new arrivals the national priorities Research white hairs around his eyes. Gold Cup Champion Filly in 2009. muzzle. The neck should be long are expected between now and June. program (npRp), which supports established scientists. Education Students discuss culture COnTACT US Literary café examines communicaTion direcToraTe rima ismail, +974 4454 0960 history of other cultures ghada saade, +974 4454 0961 STUDENTS AT Qatar Academy (QA) Ella Swain, an 11-year-old student, have been learning about the stories was in a group which studied the Na- ediTorial publisher and folklore of other cultures. tive Americans. She said: “One of the philip fenton The grade six pupils were as- characteristics that we found was that Group editor signed different civilizations - An- a lot of the stories were about food as melissa sleiman, +974 4454 0954 cient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Native they didn’t farm so spent a lot of time American, African and Oceania – looking for food.” Senior writer anealla safdar and asked to study the stories of the Chad Schwaberow, Middle Years Senior writer richard harris SdC a hit at the Made in Qatar exhibition time to understand the priorities and values of the people. Program Co-ordinator at QA, said the topic taught them about other design n The Social development Center (SdC) participated in the Made in Qatar show, A literary café was then organized cultures and their history but by com- Creative director held in January at doha exhibition Centre. Staff unveiled the entrepreneurs giving students the chance to share ing full circle and discussing modern fred dittlau development Fund, which offers help to budding business people. Staff also took what they had learned with others. stories, both fictional and factual, designer mohammad marei applications from visitors who hope to collaborate with SdC in the future. They will then discuss how modern they will also learn more about the day stories depict modern values. society they live in.Students crowned best speakers from Qatar Students learn about healthy lunch bagsn Students from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in n Qatar Academy students were taught how to make the right choicesQatar took first and second place for best speakers out of all participants in food during a field trip to Qatar diabetes Association’s (QdA) healthyfrom Qatar in the 31st World University debating Championships. held in kitchen last month. The field trip is part of QdA’s ongoing healthy Lunchbotswana this month, topics under debate included nuclear proliferation, School bag program. now in its fourth year, the program aims to teachpersonal privacy in internet communication, the best legal method for children the benefits of good food choices and help establish a solidadvancing social change, and teacher unions’ right to strike. understanding of nutrition that they will use for the rest of their lives.
  3. 3. Qatar Foundation Telegraph.Thursday 27 January 2011Write to us: News 3 Recruitment Hiring talent through the web QF targets Twitter, Face- book and Youtube users QATAR FOUNDATION’S Human Re- ing community,” explained Al-Naimi. sources Directorate is attracting top “This is an efficient way to target professionals worldwide through so- individuals by school, degree or pro- cial media, recently launching Twit- fessional accreditation and also pro- ter, Facebook and YouTube accounts vides an expansive area to broadcast for recruitment. An iPhone applica- vacant positions to a targeted audi- tion is currently in the works. ence. According to Ghanim Al-Naimi, “Qatar Foundation has always Director of Talent Sourcing & De- been a frontrunner with regards to velopment, recruiting through social innovation and grasping new tech- networks has several major benefits nologies. This is an undeniable ex-Education Public library is one of the most extensive in the country including global and rapid commu- ample that they are continuing theirNew library for Georgetown nication. It allows QF to screen a progressive efforts.” vast pool of highly-qualified people He added that social networking before strategically shortlisting can- sites are increasingly used to target didates for vacant positions, he said. specific professional communities for “Networking in social media are- recruitment. LinkedIn, a professionalA NEW library has opened at George- Although the library has an ex- and the public to our new home in nas allows Qatar Foundation to con- networking website, has more thantown University School of Foreign tensive collection of academic work, Education City. This state-of-the-art nect with people on their own turf 85 million professional users acrossService in Qatar (SFS-Qatar) which generally based on the social sciences, facility was designed to support and within their preferred social network- 100 countries.will be available to students, employ- there are also works of fiction with facilitate our dedication to scholar-ees and members of the public. volumes of English, French and Ara- ship, research and public service; The facility was part of the second bic literature all stored there. which is best reflected in the openingphase of SFS-Qatar’s new building There are currently 3,200 shelves of our new library to the community Families DIIFSD to hold workshopsrelocation. that have already been stocked with in Qatar.” Frieda Wiebe, Director of the Li-brary, said: “I think our library is a books but there is plenty of space to expand and the collection is growing The new Georgetown Qatar facil- ity was designed by internationally- Addressing family issuesmarvellous space. It’s user-friendly all the time. In addition the library renowned architect firm Legorreta +and it’s very inviting. I hope that our includes study carrels, group study Legorreta of Mexico City and meas- DOhA INTERNATIONAL Institute for marriage and concludes with talksstudents and all of the Georgetown rooms, media editing rooms and a ures 360,000 square feet.The building Family Studies and Development about raising teenage, Qatar Foundation com- map room. There are also two com- features a three-story atrium, an audi- (DIIFSD) will hold a training work- “The idea for this came from try-munity and the public at large will puter classrooms where workshops torium seating 350 and 22 classrooms shop in Lebanon at the end of next ing to understand the meaning be-enjoy visiting and using the facility.” will be held to teach students library and lecture halls, in addition to the month that brings together a group hind family diplomacy,” explained The new library is one of the most research techniques. school’s impressive new library wing. of non-governmental organizations Fatimah Saad, Director for Imple-extensive in the country and houses Dr Mehran Kamrava, Interim More than 30 single-sided custom- from the region to address a range of mentation and Social Outreach Divi-60,000 books, nearly 5,000 DVDs Dean of SFS-Qatar, said: “We are made book trucks were designed and family issues. sion (ISOD) at DIIFSD.and more than 500,000 e-books very excited to welcome students built to transport the books from the The session, titled “Building “Diplomats try to build rapports.which are available to staff and stu- LAS building to the new library in Healthy Families”, aims to spread in- We want to build this pool of diplo-dents as well as members of the local order to keep the volume sequences formation, build relationships among mats who are experts in family issues »I think our library is acommunity. in order. Consultants from the mov- organizations and reach out to com- via NGOs so that they can talk to one Members of the public will be able to marvellous space. It’s ing company also considered the size, munities in the Arab world. The another.”join the library by paying a returnable very user-friendly and arrangement and capacity of new workshop will be repeated in Doha ISOD’s focus is to create a networkdeposit of QR 50 and filling in an ap- it’s very inviting.« shelving space in order to develop in March. of organizations which provide fam-plication form. They will then be able logical breaks between shelves in the In Lebanon, the agenda kicks off ily services. It now aims to be the re-to borrow up to six books at a time. new library. with discussions on the reasons for gional hub for NGOs.IT Service Centre open longer Northwestern Dean to retiren The working hours of the iT Service Centre have been extended. The n The dean of northwestern University in Qatar will retire in Junecenter now operates Sunday to Thursday from 6am until 6pm. during after serving as the founding dean of the Qatar campus sincenon-business hours, the iT Service Centre continues to be operational, 2007. he is stepping down after what was agreed to be a three-yearreceiving calls from end-users, providing first-level support, where term. Succeeding Margolis is everette dennis, the Chair of thepossible, over the phone. The iT Service Centre can be contacted via Communication and Media Management department and director ofemail: or by calling 4454 0070. the Center for Communications at Fordham University in new york.
  4. 4. Qatar Foundation Telegraph. 4 Perspective Thursday 27 January 2011 Write to us: al-nufalHelping Qatarwin the bidSIX yEARS ago it would have been »I had beenalmost unthinkable for me to imag-ine that I would end up represent- involved for abouting Qatar and the entire region on two weeks and Ithe World Cup stage. cried, so imagine But that is exactly what hap- what it was like forpened after I was chosen to give aspeech to the World Cup’s govern- people who hading body, FIFA. been working on the Having played football for Weill bid for two years.«Cornell Medical College in Qataras a striker and being nominated bystudent services, I was approachedto help with the World Cup bid, – although sadly many relatives,eventually being interviewed by including my father, were missing,its CEO who told me I was very having being killed in Iraq.“impressive”. Soon after I was told My mother had been feeling re-I would be going to Zurich in Swit- ally bad about the loss of my fatherzerland with the bid team. and members of her family but It was an amazing trip for me. I when she saw her eldest son at thehadn’t traveled a lot so I had never World Cup presentation and sawseen good snow. that I had been given such a privi- One of the highlights of the trip lege she said her and my father’swas the kindness shown to me by work was not for nothing.the Royal Family and the rest of When the announcement wasthe bid team. It was amazing to see actually made that Qatar had beenthe Royal Family and Her Highness successful, we all went crazy. I hadSheikha Moza bint Nasser. We re- been involved for about two weekshearsed a couple of times together and I cried, so imagine what it wasand it was very relaxed and friendly. like for people who had been work- Opening Sports and recreation facilities can now be used Student Center opens its doorsHis Excellency Sheikh Mohammed ing on the bid for two years.bin Hamad Al Thani [Qatar’s 2022 This would have all been veryWorld Cup bid Chairman] was very different if I had not been offeredapproachable and supportive. He a scholarship by Her Highness. Isaid they would let me choose my would not be going to a good uni- ThE STUDENT Center at Education a place to go and relax while also sive attractions will be the 240-seatown words, deliver it from my heart versity and would be in Iraq and City will open with a gala night of provide services which are currently cinema. Rather than showing the lat-and tell the world our message. not safe. sports and activities on 27 January. unavailable at Education City. est Hollywood or Bollywood block- When my big moment came, Instead I’ve come to an Ivy The center has been several years “Our mission statement,” she busters, this will be available for hiremy mouth was dry and I was very League university, I don’t have to in the planning with construction added, “is to create community at by students. They can then bringnervous. worry about my future and then I beginning in 2008 but it has all been the heart of Education City. Basical- their own Blu-ray disc, lots of pop- Also, even though I knew what I get to go and deliver a message to worth the wait, now providing stu- ly we want this to be a facility where corn and soft drinks and hold theirwas going to say I still wanted to the world. dents and staff alike with a common faculty and students can come to- very own movie night with theirhave my speech in front of me but I place where they can meet and so- gether and be in a community away friends.couldn’t find it. Luckily I found an cialize. from their separate buildings.” A ballroom will cater for partiesearly draft and I delivered my mes- At the unofficial opening of the At first only the sports and recrea- for up to 800 people while a cafete-sage to FIFA. center on 27 January, the sports and tion activities will be open but more ria will be opening and spaces for My family were watching on tel- recreation rooms will be unveiled to and more services will be added each fast food outlets will be provided.evision at their new home in Syria students in a free event lasting from month in time for the official open- To help residential students a va- 8pm to midnight. ing at the start of the fall semester. riety of shops will open, including a They will be able to use the brand Perhaps one of the most impres- copying and printing store, technol- new bowling alley and play volley- ogy shop and pharmacy. Perhaps of»One of the highlights ball, basketball, football or badmin- most use to students will be the EC »At the unofficialof the trip was the ton on the new sports courts. The Mart which will sell products like opening of the centerkindness shown to arcade will also be unveiled, as well milk and toiletries. COLUMniST on 27 January, theme by the Royal as the games room offering table The idea and plan for this was put Muhammed Al-nufal tennis, billiards and fussball. In addi- sports and recreation in place by business students at Car-Family and the rest Student at Weill Cornell Medical tion students will be able to use two negie Mellon University in Qatar. rooms will be unveiledof the bid team.« College in Qatar fitness rooms, one of which is mixed It is hoped all these will open in the while the other is for women only. to students at a free coming months, ahead of the fall se- Lindsay Coco, Campus Life Co- event lasting from 8pm mester. Projects which are expected WhAT dO yOU Think? ordinator at the Student Center, who to midnight.« to come later include a health centerTell us how you feel by emailing us at is responsible for the opening, said for students along with a nursery for the center will give students and staff young children.
  5. 5. Qatar Foundation Telegraph.Thursday 27 January 2011Write to us: QF Spotlight 5 How do I...? QFTelegraph helps make your life at Education City easier n how do i request business cards? All QF staff can request business cards by filling out an application form which can be found on the QF Portal. The Support Services Directorate will receive your form and forward your request to the printing company, which will produce a sample within a few days’ time. The end-user will then receive the sample for approval. At this stage they can correct any mistakes in the text. The printing company will send the business cards to Support Services around three days after receipt of the approved designs. n What kind of information will be displayed on my business card? Your name, title, Directorate, phone number, mobile number (optional) and email address. Your personal details will be printed both in English and in Arabic. n how long does it take to get my business cards? It should take around two weeks but sometimes the process takes longer. A delay usually occursFinance Accounting department is responsible for the money that goes in and out of QF when the requester goes on leaveHandling financial transactions before approving the design. n how do i apply for newspapers? You can request newspapers by filling out a form which can be downloaded from the QF Portal.FOR AN organization as large as Qa- annual budget is approved by the sible for the collection of student fees Most of the Qatar newspaperstar Foundation (QF), one can only Executive Board of Directors on a and commercial billings. “Cash is at and some international titles suchimagine the large value of transac- yearly basis. the heart of our business and as such as Gulf Times, Internationaltions and high volume of work it The department consists of I regularly keep an eye on QF’s cash Herald Tribune and Al-Hayatdeals with in order to fund the three sections: the Accounts Pay- resources,” adds Al-Abdulla. are available.You need to sendactivities of all its centers and able team, the Treasury and Re- Finally, the General Ledger Ac- the request to your managerdepartments. ceivables team and the General counting team is responsible for re- for approval before sending it The Finance Directorate Ledger Accounting team. cording and documenting each fi- to Support Services. At the endis made up of three depart- “The Accounts payables nancial transaction. This team also of every year your manager willments and the Accounting team administers in excess of maintains the fixed asset ledger, which receive a list with all subscriptionsdepartment is responsible for 3,000 payments per month” values and tracks all of QF’s assets. in the department. That way, theyarranging all of QF’s funds and Al-Abdulla explains. “We al- The combined efforts of all em- will be able to monitor how manyensuring that the organization ways aim to pay our suppliers ployees working in the Accounting different publications each em-maintains a good cash flow. The within the agreed terms and con- Department result in a consolidated ployee is receiving.You will haveother two departments are Budget- ditions. set of Qatar Foundations Financial to renew your subscription at theing & Reporting and Risk & Com- “Reviewing each payment prior to Statements in line with International start of every year as well.pliance. releasing the funds, the team looks Financial Reporting Standards. “The Accounting department at what the approval layers are, ex- “To put it simply, this includes n Will the newspaper be deliveredworks as a homogenous cell”, ac- »We work closely together amine the authenticity of contracts the profit and loss statement and to my office directly?cording to Waleed Reslan Al-Abdul- to ensure that all financial and signatures, as well as the type of the balance sheet,” says Al-Abdulla. Yes. Please write down your fullla, Financial Director. transaction – is it an advance pay- “These statements provide QF’s top address on the application form transactions are recorded “We work closely together to en- ment, a payment in phases or should management a fair reflection of the so that the delivery boy will besure that all financial transactions and accounted, while at the money be released after the job is financial position of the business in able to find your office easily.are recorded and accounted, while at the same time ensuring completed?” order to support them in makingthe same time ensuring the optimal the optimal use of QF’s No payments are made without the correct decisions.” The facility, email us your work relateduse of QF’s cash resources,” he says. consulting the Treasury and Receiv- which is still being developed, will questions at, QF’s funding is provided by Qa- cash resources.« able team first, which manages more eventually include offices, lounge and we will do our best to help youtar’s Ministry of Finance and its than 25 bank accounts and is respon- space and meeting rooms.
  6. 6. Qatar Foundation Telegraph. 6 Focus Thursday 27 January 2011 Write to us: My QF Saif Al Thani QF WhAT S T AT nO saif al Thani, acting director for research at TA Fd ’R F e OW the doha international institute for family hen They studies and development talks politics, employment and documenting the lives name: Sirelkhatim A Ali of families in qatar. Title: Head of Administration & Finance at Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) years at QF: 15 years Who inspires you? if you could meet a famous First, my father. He inspired me personality, who would it be? describe your role: I oversee the to study politics. I try to follow his I’d like to meet Rupert Murdoch day-to-day operations of the example in the way he deals with and talk to him about politics. He administrative and financial issues. Also, my Professor inspired has more than 150 media outlets. activities at QDA, and am me. During my Bachelor’s Degree It would be good to meet someone in charge of formulating its in the UK at Richmond University, who sets the agenda; he sets the business plan. I review financial he was very tough with me and theme of what issues are important management reports to ensure always put me on the spot in class. in the world. proper controls and utilization of allocated resources - as well He would randomly ask me to do a as escalate issues to QF finance presentation and that really helped What book are you reading at the when needed. I also monitor me to always be prepared. Now, I moment? expenditure to ensure that we do can talk about things in an instant. I am not at the moment but the not over- or under-budget, and last book I read was Cultural I follow up on the day-to-day What is your favorite place in education Chaos by Brian McNair, operations of the administrative City and why? which explores the changing and financial departments to I like the Georgetown University relationship between journalism achieve these goals. School of Foreign Service in Qatar. and power in an increasingly The first time I went there was a few globalized news culture. I What i like about my job is… I enjoy being part of an months ago and I really liked it. I liked enjoyed reading it because he organization that is helping the variety of books in the library and brought in a new theory at a people with diabetes and working you can get easy access to it. time when it’s difficult to come for a great institution with up with a new theory; everything genuine values. I think we have if you were asked to organize a debate has been said and done. He wrote if you have the chance to live in another achieved a reasonable level of for one of the QF organizations, what it in 2006. period, would it be in the past, the awareness and help sufferers with theme would you choose? present or the future? the basic knowledge and help. It would definitely be about Qatar; if you could have a book published I’d live in the 1920s or 30s. I would We need to take it to the next something relating to culture or by bloomsbury publishing Qatar lot about our culture, they just know want to see how Qatar was before the level, where we can be better something economical. Perhaps it Foundation, what would it be about? from what they may have heard. I’ve oil. I talk to my grandparents about equipped to face and deal with this threatening disease. would be about jobs and salaries, the I would write a book about families seen a few that exist but they talk in the time before and they say it was opportunities that are here now and in Qatar. It would cover the different general about the culture. We need one simple. They say mostly good things. qualifications that are being taken by types of families and our culture. in detail about the different families. I’d like to witness it myself. That’s Want to be featured in My QF? the youth. Those who come here don’t know a Each family has their own culture. why I love places like Souq Waqif. Send us an email at Review Students help translate works by 50 poets from the regionanthology of gulf poetryPOETRy WRITTEN by authors as di- Dr Allyson Vanstone, Dean of significant research and creative ex-verse as the ruler of Dubai and a Bah- VCUQatar, said the anthology rep- ploration to reach an audience far be-raini teenager are featured in a new resents 50 poets from the Gulf region yond the borders of the university.”anthology of Gulf poetry. including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Authors included in the anthology Entitled Gathering the Tide: An An- the United Arab Emirates. VCUQatar include His Highness Sheikh Moham-thology of Contemporary Arabian Gulf students have helped with some of the med bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler ofPoetry, the book is being edited by as- translations, as the book will be print- Dubai and Laala Kashef Alghata, asistant professor Patty Paine and ad- ed in English. 19-year-old poet from Bahrain.junct professor Samia Touati Dietz of Vanstone said: “The publication  is Joint editor Paine said that translat-Virginia Commonwealth University the first comprehensive collection of ing poetry from Arabic into Englishin Qatar (VCUQatar) along with as- Arabian Gulf poetry translated into called for balance and was “both asistant professor Jeff Lodge, formerly English. creative and cultural act.”of VCUQatar and now of VCU Rich- “The need for this type of research She added: “We truly found the re-mond. is essential to share authentic stories gion’s finest poets. I just wish I could The anthology will take readers across linguistic barriers.” list them all here.”into the rich and vibrant poetic tra- She added: “I am continually im- The book will be released later thisdition of the Gulf and highlight the pressed by the initiatives of our fac- year by Garnet Publishing & Ithacawork that is being produced by the ulty and students. This anthology is an Press, a leading publisher of books onregion’s writers. outstanding example that expresses the Middle East and Islam.
  7. 7. Qatar Foundation Telegraph.Thursday 27 January 2011Write to us: Time Off 7 book corner is available now for the first time in the rest of the Arab and originality in English and Arabic, including Arabic world and is being published translations of international Utopia by Bloomsbury Qatar Foun- dation Publishing (BQFP). An English edition will be bestselling children’s fiction so that children in the region can enjoy these books for the by Ahmed khaled Towfik released later this year. first time. Owned by Qatar Foun- dation and managed by Available from all majordAiLy 13:25 Qatar Symphony A GRIm futuristic page-turner about Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, bookstores in doha. For more The best musical pieces Egypt in the year 2023, Ahmed Khaled BQFP publishes books of excellence information contact: The Connection performed by the Qatar Towfik’s Utopia  is a gripping and vi- readers’ Developing a connection Philharmonic Orchestra sionary novel that will have readers between people’s work, 14:23 Asr call to prayer hooked until the very last page. 14:28 Taking you Further leTTers interests, and everything that Described by Egypt’s The Daily email with Noor, I would greatly impacts our daily lives at A human rights program, an News as ‘...a highly imaginative novel appreciate it. I would like to visit Qatar Foundation in-depth look at important that has succeeded in injecting new SDC and would be grateful if you blood into the current [Arabic] literary Write to QFTelegraph at could advise me on the location or07:00 QF news issues facing all of us today to have your say. scene’ Utopia takes readers on a chilling provide the contact numbers. Everything about QF 15:23 Science Alive journey beyond the gated communi-07:30 e-Vision 15:54 piano ties of Egypt’s north coast, where the dear editor, May God bless your efforts Interesting stories about 16:00 Sports Global wealthy are insulated from the bleak- I visited Qatar Diabetes Association directed towards the development of ‘Education, the academe, 16:23 Maghreb call to prayer ness of life outside their walls. When recently and on picking up a copy society, student life, and a lot more, ’ 16:50 Qatar Symphony a young man and a girl break out of of QF Telegraph (issue No 24) straight from the students, 17:00 international news this bubble of affluence in order to was astonished to read about the Ambrosio dias professors and more 17:12 Research Matters see the lives of their impoverished fel- work undertaken by the Social Merchant Relationship Manager08:30 “Alamouhm” 17:41 yohemlay song low Egyptians for themselves, they are Development Center for the The Commercial bank of Qatar09:00 international news Produced By Qatar confronted by a world they had never betterment of mankind. 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What has made me happiest over the past few years is something that i can do almost anywhere, and with 2 7 4 9 1 SOLUTiOn 4 3 7 no real need for equipment – walking and exercising Puzzle by in the open air. for several years, my husband and i 7 9 4 5 2 6 3 1 8 have been part of a walking group which gathers early 2 5 3 8 1 4 9 7 6 friday mornings on the corniche or at aspire park to walk, jog, and chat for 90 minutes, followed by some great yoga exercises for stretching out and cooling off. 3 6 7 2 8 6 8 1 4 8 2 3 1 9 7 7 5 5 6 2 9 4 3 The highlight of the morning is the breakfast we share 3 8 1 6 5 7 6 9 3 2 8 4 1 puzzle by in souq Waqif afterward, as we watch the passersby, the shisha smokers, the families with children on 2 7 1 8 3 5 1 3 9 6 4 8 7 5 tricycles and scooters and the other diners. We use 9 8 7 2 6 1 4 3 5 the time to meet the new people in the group, catch up 3 9 on everyone’s news, come up with new ideas for work 4 2 5 7 8 3 1 6 9 projects, and share our incredibly varied lives. 3 6 1 4 5 9 2 8 7 Puzzle by