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NAtiONAl DAy celebRAtiONs  QF is preparing a series oF national Day events From 12 until 18  December, incluDing open hous...
Qatar foundation Telegraph.      2               News                                                                     ...
Qatar foundation Telegraph.Thursday 2 December 2010Write to us:                                             ...
Qatar foundation Telegraph.   4             Perspective                                                                   ...
Qatar foundation Telegraph.Thursday 2 December 2010Write to us:                                             ...
Qatar foundation Telegraph.     6             Focus                                                                       ...
Qatar foundation Telegraph.Thursday 2 December 2010Write to us:                                             ...
Qatar Foundation Telegraph dec2
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Qatar Foundation Telegraph dec2


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Qatar Foundation Telegraph dec2

  1. 1. NAtiONAl DAy celebRAtiONs QF is preparing a series oF national Day events From 12 until 18 December, incluDing open house workshops For the public to meet artists From Qatar. turn to page 2 anD 3 to FinD out more. issue 22 thursDay 2 DecembeR 2010Education Qatar Academy pupils take the lead in international experience Model students unite at Qatar FoundationPuPilS from Qatar Foundation the students are given roles from the nial Court as the QA and American they had written, directed and filmed the Korean peninsula and an expert(QF) got to grips with important different countries. They represent School of Doha Bands provided live themselves. from Georgetown University talkinginternational issues after taking part those countries and provide a delega- music. QA students aged between 15 and about nuclear weapons.”in a Model United Nations (MUN) tion for our conference. President of the General Assembly 18 also joined their colleagues from With the conference staffed andevent. “It’s all volunteers and the idea is Sara Al Shamlan called proceedings across the country to take on a range run entirely by the students, Janzen More than 860 young people from that everything is based around stu- to order before delegates paraded the of additional roles, including running said he was extremely proud of how23 schools across Qatar gathered for dent leadership. They run everything flags of their adopted nations. Wel- a press unit and filling specific UN well they had risen to the task of tak-the three-day conference, which was from start to finish and our role is coming addresses and cultural dances panels, including those for human ing part in the Model United Nationsdirected by Qatar Academy (QA) to provide them logistical support followed before keynote speaker, Dr. rights and disarmament. experience.teacher Cameron Janzen. through things like booking rooms. Charlotte di Vita MBE, Goodwill The young people gained further He said: “What I really enjoy is see- The simulation is designed to edu- “It’s a big responsibility for the stu- Ambassador to Nelson Mandela Chil- experience and insight thanks to a ing the tremendous amount of respon-cate participants in current affairs and dents – they design the logos, prepare dren’s Fund, addressed the pupils. series of visiting lecturers who talked sibility these young people take on. It’sdevelop their skills in aspects such as the background papers and so on.” The opening cermemony also fea- about important international issues. amazing to see. They grasp some verydiplomacy and communications. Now in its sixth year, the conference tured videos of the MUN film festival Janzen added: “The sessional complex issues and are able to accept Janzen told QFTelegraph: “It’s a sim- got off to a colourful start during an held earlier this year in Qatar during speakers are experts in certain fields, perspectives that may be very differ-ulation of the work of the UN in which opening ceremony at QF’s Ceremo- which participants showed off movies such as a South Korean talking about ent to their own.” Education City Environment Protection Day Student Contest Don’t miss the thirD in our milestones supplement n Over 500 QF members joined hands to protect Qatar’s natural wealth by planting mangroves and cleaning up a beach. Read more series insiDe n QFtelegraph and Qatar Airways are giving away two plane tickets to a destination of your choice. submissions close on 7 December. turn to about the trip to Al Khor on page 4 this eDition. page 3 for your chance to win.
  2. 2. Qatar foundation Telegraph. 2 News Thursday 2 December 2010 Write to us: stars of science finale Events QF takes the lead in major annual Qatari festivities Celebration for the nation n During the thrilling finale of stars of science, an initiative by Qatar Foundation, sadek Qassim was announced as the winner of the reality tV-program’s second season. Following the live episode, which took place at Qatar science & technology QaTar founDaTion (QF) is putting Park on sunday 28 November, he took the final touches to an exciting line up home a cash prize of $300,000 to be invested in his project. three other of events to mark this year’s Qatar Na- winners won prizes of $150,000, tional Day. $100,000 and $50,000. An entire week of forums and con- the four finalists had to convince certs celebrating the country’s rich the experts and the general public cultural history will take place in Doha of the use of their products through ahead of National Day itself on 18 face-to-face presentations to a grand December. The week is being organ- pan-Arab jury, which was present on ized by QF, with two events being run stage. the jury, and tV viewers who in collaboration with Qatar’s State Na- had the chance to vote through phone tional Day Celebrations Organizing and sms, had an equal say on the final ranking of the finalists. Committee. Young Arabs who think they have Included in the exciting timetable is what it takes to become an innovator a Pearl Diving Forum, which will be are now able to apply for the third held in QF over two days on 12 and season of Stars of Science by logging 13 December and will look back at the on to traditional skill by inviting research- ers, men of intellect and personalities to discuss diving matters, skills, legacy Qpo moves to new and stories. opera house And the celebrations will continue when QF’s National Day Commit- n A modest version of milan’s world- tee premieres a specially-created film renowned opera house la scala, the about education at Ceremonial Court the occasion on 17 December when people have progressed from the stag- an “Ardha” dance – a local folkloric new Opera House in Katara, Qatar’s on 14 December. Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra per- es of diving and life in the desert to dance – and a range of activities will cultural village, will undoubtedly impress concertgoers of Qatar Looking ahead to the events, forms the Qatar Symphony, which where they are now and how to move also be organized for young people Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) with Buthaina Abdulrahman Al Derham, was created and produced by QF, at forward,” added Al Derham. from across Education City to come its splendor. boasting an ornate Events Manager with Communica- Opera House in Katara, Qatar’s cul- On 18 December, QF will host together and mark the national event. gold and red-themed concert hall tion Directorate, told the QF Tel- tural village. with rows of regal seats and grand egraph: “It will cover the history of the The Symphony, which has been balconies, guests will be able to enjoy Qatari’s life and the role played by the performed around the world in cities Community Support performances from three different sea in their lives. It is really a chance including Istanbul, Berlin, Madrid and levels. for our new generation to know their London, has only been staged once n community support will be celebrating National Day on 15 December from 10am the new location, which offers heritage and I encourage all our stu- before in Doha. until 4pm. Activities will include a horse parade, which will pass through education seating for around 500 guests and dents to attend and take advantage of “This is the perfect piece to be city from 1pm to 2pm, henna painting, and businesses from souq Waqif and saudi was built especially for QPO, will house the orchestra from this month this forum.” played on Qatar National Day be- hypermarket will sell items throughout the day. onwards. On days when the orchestra Music will also play a major part in cause the story explains how Qatari is not performing, it could be used for other functions – this year, it served The First Arab in Space visits QF as one of the venues for Doha tribeca Film Festival. QaTar founDaTion welcomed His cannot be visible quickly,” he said. Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin His Royal Highness was also im- cONtAct us Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Sec- pressed with Qatar Foundation’s retary General of The Saudi Com- work, saying: “The investment into communication Directorate rima ismail, mission for Tourism & Antiquities science and education shows a con- +974 4454 0960 ghada saade, - and the first Arab and Muslim to scious vision that looks to the future, +974 4454 0961 travel in space. which is most important. Provid- He was received by QF Vice Chair- ing Qatar Foundation with financial eDitorial Publisher person Dr Saif Al Hajiri, and given a and non-financial resources and in- philip Fenton full briefing on how Qatar Founda- tegrating it with developed scientific Deputy editor tion is transforming education in the institutions is considered long term ly and being modernized rapidly, but with QF to tackle learning disabili- melissa sleiman +974 6618 5540 region. “Sheikha Mozah is a woman investment. there is still a special characteristic ties, placing particular emphasis on with a long term, empowering and From what I have seen and read, and local culture that should be taken adopting and improving inventions Design creative Director educated vision. Buildings, commer- and I follow the country very closely, care of. We should be proud of that created for the Al Nur Institute and Fred Dittlau cial markets, roads and infrastructure Qatar Foundation is a systemized, or- and strive to be a part of the compo- Al Shafallah. A lover of classical mu- Designer mohammad marei are important. Long term invest- ganized and balanced workplace. It is nents of the future of this nation.” sic, he also praised the Qatar Sym- ment, however, is always difficult and true that the world is changing rapid- He expressed his desire to partner phony.opening of VCuQatar expansion Doha Debate on democratic electionsn Virginia commonwealth university in Qatar held a grand n last month’s episode of the Doha Debates showed a powerfulopening of its expansion on 21 November, offering guests a tour majority of Arabs pushing for free elections and democracy asof the new building - from the new library, the gallery and the 63% of the audience turned down the motion ‘this House woulddifferent studios, where students displayed projects they had prefer money to free elections’. Guests and the audience calledbeen working on during the day, through the state-of-the-art for democratic rights, rejecting the notion that they keep quietmaterials lab, media lab and fabrication lab. about politics in return for the right to make money.
  3. 3. Qatar foundation Telegraph.Thursday 2 December 2010Write to us: News 3Cultural Development Center Pioneering Hajj Congratulations to 25 pilgrims a common goal with so many people at once. The whole idea of gettingQatari artists take part in open workshops QF’ers complete Hajj away from life, which can be quite materialistic, and doing something justCelebrating National back to the day his mother bore him. for God was a great experience.” Ramez said Jaber, Head of corporateDay through fine arts I ask God to forgive all Muslims and events, communication Directorate: to accept their deeds and pilgrimage. I “Going on the Hajj gave me a chance would also like to thank the Kingdom to clear my mind. During the Hajj you of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Hajj are all treated equally and you can see and those working for the millions of all categories of people, wearing the pilgrims who made this Hajj possible same clothes and following the same and smooth.” process. Everyone is praying, showing their respect.You feel God around you, Ameena Ahmadi, Head of Architecture, protecting you. I would advise anyone capital Projects Directorate: to go on the trip as soon as they can – “There is a collective energy of these words are not enough to describe the QaTar founDaTion (QF) Communi- millions of pilgrims praying simultane- feeling of being there.” cation Directorate would like to con- ously. When you come back from the gratulate the 25 Muslims from across trip, you feel like a newborn. This ex- QF who last month performed the an- perience has given me great energy to nual Hajj pilgrimage to the holy city of really question things I have been doing Mecca. in life and try to improve myself in any The fifth pillar of Islam, the Hajj way possible. It is a new start.” is a religious duty for all able-bodied Muslims who can afford it to perform Hassan Al mukahal, software Analyst,TEn PionEEring Qatari artists, assisted ists partaking in the workshops, said at least once in their lives. It is seen as it Directorate:by students from Virginia Common- the project is meant to build a bridge an important way to demonstrate their “This year, it was very crowded duringwealth University in Qatar, are cur- between the old and new generations of devotion to God and allows them to the Hajj, which was tough, but it wasrently taking part in open studio work- artists in Qatar. express their unity. beautiful at the same time to be sharingshops at Waqif Art Center. Held until “We would like to teach the new QFTelegraph spoke to some of the10 December, the sessions are open generation what we know; how to de- pilgrims from across QF about theirto members of the Qatar community,allowing them to witness how the art velop paintings, how to study their composition, how to critique,” he told experiences during the trip. Congratulations n Dr Hamdy Abdelsalam el-Gohary n Ali moosa bahman Zadeh to the pilgrims!works are formed. QFTelegraph. saad Al Hudaifi, Head of QF Radio: n saleh Ahmed mohammed Part of the National Day celebra- “With Souq Waqif, we chose a loca- “Praise to God for the grace and fulfill- n tahir Rauftions, the workshops will generate 20 tion that is a cultural base of Qatar,” ment of the pillar of Islam that is the n shaza mahmoud Khalilpaintings which will be on display dur- added Ahmad. “The public is able to ‘Hajj’ pilgrimage. Many people live and n thameen mohamed Abdullah n Hasan mahmoud Al-mukahaling an exhibition from 13 to 25 De- be in direct contact with the artists, hope of visiting the purest parts of the n Ali Abdulla Al-mannai n essam Abdel maksoud el-Agamycember. watch how they develop their work and earth, and a few succeed to visit the n thufail Ahmed mohamed iqbal n sultan Abdulla Al-Hayki Organized by the Cultural Devel- get their questions answered by them. Masjid al-Haram. I learned many great n safah salah Al Kubti n Fatima Khalifa Al-subaieiopment Center (CDC), the project Another aim of the project is to things from this year’s pilgrimage. First n mohammed Qassim Al-Hussaini n Rodha saleh Al-saadibrings together artists who are special- tackle the lack of documentation of the of all, it is a business with a forgiving n Fatma Hassan sultan n mohammed Zawid Naseemists in different disciplines, including local art scene. A daily photography God that involves no loss. In addition, n samia Hassan sultan n Dr Omar Farouk boukhrismixed media, stone mosaics, pastel, oil, display and a documentary film about we all pray with one voice and a hum- n Rasha Khamis Al sulaiti n tanya marie Perezacrylic, paints and other materials. the pioneering artists are being shown ble beseeching heart for God to forgive n Ameena Ali Abdulla Ahmadi n Dr Ashraf Galal bayoumy Yousef Ahmad, art consultant at to accompany the workshops and will us; as per the Prophet’s saying, the pil- n Ramez s H Jaber n saad Al HudaifiCDC and one of the pioneering art- be on display along with the exhibition. grim who does not commit sins revertsCompetition Last call for submissionsWin flights with Qatar AirwaysQaTar airwayS and the QFTele- For your chance to win simply an- Send your answer, with your full Terms and conditionsgraph have teamed up to offer two swer this question: name, telephone number and theuniversity students the chance to What is the name of the Qatar name of the university at which you n entry is open only to registered students at a Qatar Foundation return flights to the destination Foundation Education Division study, to no later than n there are two prizes, each comprising one economy-class return flight to anyof their choice over the holiday pe- office that deals with projects 7 December 2010. Qatar Airways destination.riod. aimed at bringing together Edu- If you’re not a university student, n entries must be received by 7 December, 2010. Whether you’re heading home for cation City faculty and students? don’t worry: Qatar Airways and the n the winners will be announced in the QFTelegraph on 16 December, 2010.the holidays or looking to see the The answer can be found in one QFTelegraph will be running another n No cash alternative will be during the winter break, this is of the news stories of this edition’s competition for faculty and staff in n Flights must be taken within 3 months of the winners being announced.the perfect opportunity. QFTelegraph. the new year.Qa swimmers win medals Texas a&m Community Dayn Qatar Academy swimmers won six medals at last month’s n texas A&m university at Qatar and Qatar Petrochemical2010 international schools Activities conference swimming company held their first Qatar community Day on 22invitational, a two-day regional swimming competition hosted by November. the first industry recruitment event in Qatar, itthe American british Academy-muscat. competing against top welcomed distinguished guests and speakers including Heswimmers from seven other international schools in the middle Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiya, Deputy Premier and minister ofeast, the team won two gold and four silver medals. energy and industry.
  4. 4. Qatar foundation Telegraph. 4 Perspective Thursday 2 December 2010 Write to us: RogeRsLearningthe LingoiT Took a car accident to convince »Knowing thatme to learn Arabic. Despite havinglived in Qatar for a year, I could people who move toonly speak a couple of words and my home country toso found it really frustrating that I work have to speakcould not communicate what hadhappened. English, I signed up Knowing that people who move for a basic course.«to my home country to work haveto speak English, I signed up for abasic course. As I had no knowl- a great help and I enjoy writing inedge of Arabic vocabulary, it was Arabic. I am slowly getting betterlike going back to kindergarten. at speaking, although I think it is aLuckily for me, I had a brilliant matter of confidence.teacher called Naeem who helped My ultimate goal is to be fluentme get to grips with an alphabet by July next year. I am now tryingthat has 28 letters which look noth- to get to grips with Arabic gram-ing like those in English, text that mar, which is causing me a fewreads from right to left and some headaches, but I am determined Environment QF members clean up beach in Al Khor Safeguarding Qatar’svery complicated grammar. to succeed. I am comforted by the Some of my classmates picked fact that even native speakers tellthings up very quickly, but I strug- me they struggle with it.gled to remember what I had My message to any foreignerslearned. I was nevertheless proud planning on staying in Qatar for a environmentto be giving it a go, but when I told while is to give learning Arabic a goa Qatari colleague, Tariq, about my – it is good fun, has some fantasticlessons he politely but quickly said: words and the writing is so graceful“Yes, and you will be like all the and beautiful. I also find that Qatariother westerners who do it for two people respect you for making themonths and then drop out because effort. Give it a go – you are in the QaTar’S naTural wealth may be environment such as the planting of The program, an initiative by Herit’s too hard.” Middle East after all. Maa Salama. mainly characterized by its pictur- mangroves and a beach clean-up. Dr Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nass- It may have been harsh, but I was esque desert landscapes, but it also Saif Al Hajari, Vice-Chairman of QF er Al Missned, focuses on one indig-grateful for his words two months possesses diverse flora and fauna and Chairman of the Friends of En- enous plant each year, with this year’slater when they rang in my head as with more than 300 species of desert vironment Center, gave a welcome plant being Al Khoriza (Latin name:I considered dropping out. I stuck plants found all over the country. speech and took part in the day’s ac- Halopeplis Perfoliata). The plant isat it through sheer stubbornness It is to preserve this natural herit- tivities. mainly found in salt flats and sea-and have now progressed to the age that over 500 Qatar Foundation The group was transported by shores of the Gulf.stage where I can read, write and (QF) members joined hands on 27 buses to the Ras Al Matbakh area, the At the campsite, children andspeak basic Arabic. November to participate in the first home of the A Flower Each Spring adults planted mangroves in a strip of Having a good teacher has been annual Education City (EC) Envi- campsite which houses to many saline soil. The trees usually thrive in ronment Protection Day. plants and flowers common in the estuaries and along open coast lines. The event was organized by Edu- region. Known as being very efficient in cation Division’s Office of Student sucking carbon dioxide out of the at-»My ultimate goal and Faculty Services, which handles projects aimed at uniting EC stu- »We are urging mosphere, they are bound to benefit Qatar’s ecosystem for years to to be fluent by dents, faculty and staff. everyone to throw Edutainment activities were alsoJuly next year. I am “With this day we definitely want their trash in trash part of the program. Two quizzes –now trying to get to to help protect rare plants that can be found in Qatar and teach people bags and not out in the one for children and one for adults – were held, each featuring questionsgrips with Arabic about the different species,” Ouidad desert or open waters. about the characteristics of plantsgrammar, which is Bounama, Faculty & Staff Activities We hope everyone and materials that do not decom- cOlumNistcausing me a few Coordinator, Faculty & Staff Life will keep the beaches pose naturally and therefore need to Debbie Rogers Committee, told QFTelegraph. be thrown in waste bins instead of inheadaches, but I Director of Human Resources “We also hope that cleaning the clean. These topics are determined to & Housing beach from plastic and other waste taught to children in “We are urging everyone to throwsucceed.« Qatar National Convention Centre will help motivate people to be part of their trash in trash bags and not out environmental activities more often. school but sometimes in the desert or open waters. We hope We’d like to keep the environment as we need to remind everyone will keep the beaches clean. WHAt DO yOu tHiNK?tell us how you feel by emailing us at healthy and clean as possible.” Held in Al Khor, the day included others as well.« These topics are taught to children in school but sometimes we need to re- activities meant to safeguard Qatar’s mind others as well,” said Bounama.
  5. 5. Qatar foundation Telegraph.Thursday 2 December 2010Write to us: QF Spotlight 5 How do I...? QFTelegraph helps make your life at Education City easier n How do i reserve the education city club House for private use? Reservations for use of any facilities in the Club House are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact reception on (974) 4454034 for more information. n Where can i leave my car? Limited parking is available inside Lot Four as well as in the Shopping Center facility adjacent to the Club House. Guests must abide by Qatar Foundation traffic regulations, including those relating to passenger and equipment loading and unloading. Drivers must display valid permits at all times. n can i eat and drink in the club House? Food services are provided by the Club House operators and the supervisor has to approve anything brought from outside. Food and beverages can be consumed in common areas, Lebaina Restaurant, the games room, Meseika Snack Bar and the gazebo but not in recreation areas, Dukhan multi-purpose hall, Al Khor or Mesaeeid meeting rooms and theatre unless approved by management. n Are guests allowed in the club House? Each family is allowed to bring one nanny into the Club House, but parents must remain with their children at all times. Guests under 16 must be accompaniedBPI and QMS Directorates Ensuring that QF operates to the highest standards by an adult. There is a firm policy of no more than three childrenHelping QF run smoothly for every adult in the recreation facility at any one time. n What about smoking? There is a designated smoking area at the back of the tennis courts. Check with reception for The smart crowin any organization, particularly one QMS comes in at the start of each ent people? This is not required as peras large as Qatar Foundation, it’s es- project – it is responsible for handling QF policy. In the end it will only end up the exact location.sential that policies and procedures are certification requests, outlining what is costing you in manpower.” n can i reserve the games room for adeveloped, improved and adhered to in needed in order to obtain that certifica- Depending on the requirements of n in each meeting with QF end-users, private function?order to ensure that everything runs as tion, and setting rules that need to be QF centers and departments, the two bPi and Qms show a short video of No – the games room is for thesmoothly as possible. Doing so is the adhered to before new internal proce- Directorates organize workshops – crows using traffic to crack nuts. use of residents and their familiesresponsibility of the Quality Manage- dures can be implemented. Right Way to Manage and Eliminating the clip, made by the bbc, follows and guests. Equipment avail-ment Systems (QMS) and Business BPI closely scrutinizes each propos- Waste – in order to introduce more ef- a crow throwing nuts onto a busy able in the games room may bePerformance Improvement (BPI) Di- al, mainly looking at eliminating waste ficient methods of operations. Learn- road, hoping they will crack once checked out at the Club Houserectorates. and increasing the cost-effectiveness ing how to work more effectively, par- a car passes over them. Realizing reception desk with a valid Edu- “Both Directorates work closely with of processes. “For instance things like ticipants are taught skills such as how to the stream of passing cars may kill cation City ID, which will be keptQatar Foundation Directorates and needing to obtain too many approvals write comprehensive reports. it while it is eating the contents by the receptionist during thecenters to enhance QF’s internal proc- or going through an excessive amount “We don’t tell people what they of the nut, the bird soon adapts to hire period. Anyone borrowing electronic equipment, DVDs oresses – obtaining certification, imple- of steps before reaching your goal are should be doing, but we make sugges- metropolitan life by throwing the games is responsible for its carementing new procedures, and main- identified as waste,” says Al-Kuwari. tions and exchange ideas on what can nuts onto a zebra crossing, consuming at all times and must return it intaining them to make sure they meet “Sometimes people do things be- be done to improve processes,” says the nuts when pedestrians are good condition.the highest level of standards,” explains cause they are used to doing them while Al-Kuwari. “Giving everyone a set crossing the road. the lesson learnedHamza Al-Kuwari, Director of QMS they are not part of QF policy. Let’s say amount of time to speak during meet- from the clip? “if a crow can improveand Acting Director of BPI. you are asked to send someone a form ings, we try to give everyone, whether its methods through trial and error, email us your work related “These responsibilities have been for their review which then has to be they are entry-level employees or Di- just imagine how much more a human questions at,split up between the two Directorates approved by someone else. Why would rectors, the opportunity to share their being is capable of,” says Al-Kuwari. and we will do our best to help youso as to avoid a conflict of interest.” the document need to go to two differ- ideas.”
  6. 6. Qatar foundation Telegraph. 6 Focus Thursday 2 December 2010 Write to us: my QF Brendan Johnson QF WHAt s t At NO tA brendan Johnson, senior corporate strategy special- FD ’R F e OW HeN tHey ist with the strategic planning Directorate, discusses the power of camels and benefits of yoga. Name: Reem Al-Thani title: Junior Exhibition Designer, Mathaf: Arab Museum of if you were an inventor or innovator, what also learnt a lot from my previous What book are you reading at the Modern Art would you invent? managers. moment? years at QF: 1 year I’m curious to see if camel milk can We can learn a lot from people we I’ve been reading The Power by be used to treat diabetes and other meet every day and there are many Rhonda Byrne – it is a sequel to The Describe your role: I work on the illness – I hear initial research has people at QF that have admirable Secret. It’s not rocket science, but it’s layouts for the Mathaf, designing shown various positive effects, yet no qualities. One of my Qatari friends good to read these books now and the space people will see when significant research appears to have has become like a spiritual advisor to again to help get the most out of life. they enter the museum, thinking been done. me and helped me better understand They help us stay focused on what about what we want our visitors the culture. we want to create for ourselves in the to experience and how they What is your biggest achievement so far? future. will interpret the art in our In terms of my career, helping to exhibitions. We have to engineer save a company on the brink of if you had the chance to live in another and design everything in the collapse in Australia and starting period, would it be the past, the present building. We deal with all the a consulting business in Southeast or the future? technical details of what goes into Asia. However, I have got more Definitely the future, as you can our building and what comes out fulfillment from working with always read about the past. Being of it, how works are supposed interesting people and experiencing in a place like Qatar in the future to be hung, how the lighting diverse cultures. would be interesting, as I’m sure should be positioned and how the the country will experience a lot artwork reacts to its surroundings. What’s your favorite pastime? of change. I assist curators, work with the I do yoga and meditation every mounting specialist, work on morning. Share trading helps me What is the last website you texts for the signage, collection keep track of what’s happening visited on your office Pc? management and so on. in the economy. I also like visiting The Age newspaper website my Qatari friend’s camel farm and in Australia keeps me What i like about my job is… chilling out, enjoying the fresh air, informed of what is Collaborating with people. I get to drinking camel milk and eating dates. happening in terms of be as creative as I want and we get sport, politics and the to do different things all day. I’ve Who are your role models? economy. worked with people from all over In terms of work, Jack Welsh is the world who have been involved renowned for focusing on clear in enormous projects before objectives and working hard towards coming here. It is a fantastic them, as well as developing talent. learning experience. Michael Porter has developed simple and effective frameworks for Want to be featured in my QF? complex types of analysis. I have send us an email at City event kicks off disease awareness projectwalkers step out and Endocrinology at Hamad Hos- pital and QDA Scientific Committee head, who suffers from the diseaseto beat diabetes himself. Dr Zirie has successfully managed to control his condition through a dis- ciplined lifestyle and healthy diet andDoha rESiDEnTS turned out in force which aims to increase understand- hopes that his experience will serve asfor a walk held to mark the launch of ing of the condition and its complica- an inspiration to other sufferers.a diabetes awareness campaign. tions across the Middle East. He added: “We are confident the The walkathon, which took place QDA Program Manager Dr Sha- ‘Beat Diabetes’ campaign will posi-along the Corniche from the Media roud Al Jundi Matthis explained: tively impact the society and inspireroundabout to the Sheraton rounda- “For the general public and people people to lead active lifestyles andbout, was organized by Qatar Foun- at high risk of diabetes, the campaign adopt a balanced diet to reduce thedation’s Qatar Diabetes Association aims to raise awareness. risk of acquiring this medical condi-(QDA) as part of a link with Land- “For people with diabetes, the fo- tion.”mark Group to mark last month’s cus will be on disseminating tools to Landmark Group, which has aWorld Diabetes Day. improve knowledge of the disease in network of more than 50 stores in The event, which included free order to better understand it and pre- Doha, got involved with the projectblood sugar tests for participants, was vent complications.” after realizing that the number ofthe first in a series of initiatives being The project has been backed by Dr diabetes sufferers is growing at anheld under the Beat Diabetes banner, Mahmoud Zirie, Head of Diabetes alarming rate.
  7. 7. Qatar foundation Telegraph.Thursday 2 December 2010Write to us: Time Off 7 book corner winnEr of the WH Smith Children’s Book of the Year award, 2005 and Book Award and the Book Trust Early Years Award. international bestselling children’s fic- tion so that children in the region can Shortlisted for the Red House Child- Owned by Qatar Foundation and enjoy these books for the first time ever. Al Gharfoula Al rens’ Book Award, Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo’s Child (Al Gharfoula Al managed by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, BQFP publishes books of excel- Available from all major bookstores Saghira (The Saghira) is the long-awaited sequel lence and originality in English and in Doha. For more information contact: to the international bestseller, The Arabic, including Arabic translations of Gruffalo’s Child) Gruffalo, which was published by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Pub- by Julia Donaldson; translated by lishing (BQFP) in Arabic earlier this QF in numbers Nadia Fouda and Andy smart year as Al Gharfoul. QPO’s new 500 Described by UK’s The Bookseller QF raDio 14:28 taking you Further magazine as ‘... even more endear- ing, witty and delightful than its Over Opera House QF members took offers seating 93.7 A human rights program, an in-depth look at important issues parent’, The Gruffalo’s Child has re- ceived huge critical acclaim for the part in environment facing all of us today inventiveness and originality of itsDAily 15:00 science Alive rhymes. Books for Keeps Magazine Protection Day for around 500 15:30 QF News saying that ‘Donaldson’s rhyming06:00 Far corners 15:54 Piano 14:23 maghreb call to prayer text reads aloud like a dream.’ guests 20 Current affairs and situational The story, which follows the Gruf- snapshots from around the world 16:50 Qatar symphony falo’s inquisitive and clever daughter07:00 QF News 17:00 international News as she embarks on a night-time ad- pioneering QF Radio New Everything about QF 17:12 Research matters venture to find the Big, Bad Mouse,07:30 e-Vision 17:41 yohemlay song has been translated into Arabic by 93.7 Interesting stories about ‘Education, the academe, student Produced By Qatar Foundation  18:00 Far corners Nadia Fouda and Andy Smart, who effortlessly echo the upbeat and eas- artists from Qatar frequency life, and a lot more, straight from ’ the students, professors and more 18:14 Al isha call to prayer 18:30 Design edition ily recited rhymes of the original. Illustrated by Axel Scheffler, are participating in08:45 “Alamouhm” 19:00 campus buzz who was born in Germany and workshops with stu-09:00 international News 19:30 cover to cover has worked with Donaldson on a All the latest news from around Lively discussion about literature number of books, the book’s car- dents in souq waqif the world presented in Arabic and award winning/best selling toon-like drawings are distinctive,10:00 industry English and Arabic titles, literary appealing and quite unforgettable. The latest innovations, gadgets, events and what’s happening in Al Gharfoula Al Saghira is a mes- technology and more publishing in Qatar meric and magical book that revels conditions of submission11:00 sports Global 20:32 Nothing is impossible in the diversity and beauty of the requests for inclusion and submissions of sender and his or her Department/center, as will Sports news from within Qatar Fitness and Health, your on-line Arabic language. Kids everywhere material must be made no later than two weeks in recorded interviews. interviews given may not be and the rest of the world personal trainer will fall in love with it. advance of publication. requests and submission recalled or changed unless containing substantial11:22 Dhor call to prayer 21:00 sports Global Julia Donaldson has won many of information may be made by email only errors of fact. interviews and information12:11 science Alive 23:00 international News awards including the Smarties Prize, directly to the relevant QFTelegraph journalist received will be treated as confidential until Science matters and more 00:00 QF News the British Book Awards, the Expe- or to any articles written will published. the publisher’s decision on all matters13:00 e-Vision 01:00 e-Vision rian Big Three Award, the Sheffield be treated as correct and approved by the of content and style is final.13:25 Qatar symphony 02:30 industry Book Award, the Scottish Children’s The best musical pieces performed 03:07 Nothing is impossible by the Qatar Philharmonic 04:20 science Alive Games Orchestra 04:40 Al Fajr call to prayer14:23 Asr call to prayer 05:26 Qatarsymphony My Favorite... 9 6 su DO Ku 3 5 1 8 4 tHe Rules ARe simPle michael mcDonough Fill in the grid so that every row, every Fire Manager, Health, Safety, 1 9 5 column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9. Security & Environment Directorate souq waqif is a very special place which 2 6 7 sOlutiON 5 8 Qatar should be proud of. they’ve captured Puzzle by the whole flavor of Qatar there. they have a 6 9 4 3 1 5 2 8 7 nice blend of old and new themes which works 1 2 7 6 8 4 9 5 3 really well. wandering around in the souq you will find a great variety of places, from little hardware shops to spice shops, to clothing 9 2 3 8 5 3 3 5 7 2 2 9 9 8 1 4 6 1 4 6 8 7 stores. the people who work there are 4 9 2 6 8 4 3 1 5 7 9 puzzle by incredibly friendly. i like going to the different restaurants – i’ve been to nearly every one of 8 3 5 4 8 2 9 4 1 5 7 6 3 2 them and they’ve all been good. my favorite 5 7 2 9 6 3 8 4 1 restaurant is isfahan, which serves iranian 2 9 cuisine. the ambience is wonderful – it is as if 4 8 9 1 5 7 6 3 2 you’re sitting in a palace. 3 1 6 8 4 2 7 9 5 Puzzle by