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Future everything city api 1 april


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City API - Role of Citizen Engagement Platforms in Policy Making
presented at Future Everything 1 april Manchester

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Future everything city api 1 april

  1. 1. Citizen Engagement Platforms: Showcase from Amsterdam #futr Katalin Gallyas Open Innovation Policy Advisor @KatalinG
  2. 2. Open Innovation Policy Advisor in Amsterdam @KatalinG
  3. 3. Brokering …. @KatalinG Tech society Local governance- policy makers Innovation Agency Connecting…
  4. 4. Advocating for… Open Data. Open innovation. Crowdsourcing. Civic Commons. Open Source civic apps. Civic Tech Acceleration. @KatalinG
  5. 5. Dreaming of a city…… @KatalinG
  6. 6. …that is transformative, participative and agile. @KatalinG
  7. 7. But. The galaxy of city governance @KatalinG
  8. 8. • a strong urge for status quo • An advocacy for internal organization and irrelevant control • an image of cosmic complexity and multiple layers • Less receptiveness towards new technologies • Preference of internal capacities beyond external knowledge @KatalinG
  9. 9. • Strive for perfection and control • Retrospective instead of future oriented • Risk averse • Repair instead of ‘create’ • Cherishing ‘preferred suppliers’ or ‘pseudo- outsource ‘ @KatalinG
  10. 10. Whereas.-Citizens request velocity. Citizens & their city…..
  11. 11. How to access cities ? Nr 1- citizens adopt @KatalinG
  12. 12. Nr 2 – city simplifies & opens @KatalinG
  13. 13. Let’s assume Nr2 will happen! Through participatory platforms @KatalinG
  14. 14. City as interface – cities must launch new digital services
  15. 15. Our citizens Social media fans 24/7 Super Connected Want to deliver feed back on services & co-create Urge for immediate response @KatalinG
  16. 16. Shall we insource? Outsource? How much does it cost? We don’t have capacity for maintenance Who will host it? Who will mediate with the idea publishers? Who will make the social media planning? How to prevent that it is fading away after project period? @KatalinG
  17. 17. Quotes from Policy MakersMakers “What is the evidence that we should release datasets?” “How many start ups have been created since we launched the first datasets” “Can Open Data repair a market failure, inefficiency?” @KatalinG
  18. 18. Quotes from Policy Makers • Who will be in charge of responding to the crowd? • Participatory platforms are often perceived as extra layer of unforeseen, unbudgeted work • Isn’t it just a luxurious extra work @KatalinG
  19. 19. Catchy Interface is just a start @KatalinG
  20. 20. Policy Paradox – a top down quantification of the cities + emergence of platforms
  21. 21. Amsterdam & the participatory platforms and lessons learned @KatalinG
  22. 22. 3. P2P Markets –We share … Market Evidence @KatalinG
  23. 23. Off line meet up evidence @KatalinG
  24. 24. City Hall Evidence Subway Reconstruction 2-sided communication portal @KatalinG
  25. 25. 1. EU Project: Code for Europe EU projects evidence @KatalinG
  26. 26. @KatalinG
  27. 27. EU projects evidence @KatalinG
  28. 28. Local Crowdsourcing challenges • 400 ideas in 1.5 year • 240 registered city ‘innovator’ • Active policy maker representation @KatalinG
  29. 29. High political representation: 206 ideas 29 @KatalinG
  30. 30. EU Challenge @KatalinG
  31. 31. EU Challenge
  32. 32. EU Challenge • Challenge Period: Sept 2013- Nov 15 2013 @KatalinG
  33. 33. @KatalinG
  34. 34. Petition collector unconnected to city hall @KatalinG
  35. 35. Local crowdsourcing platform for 1 district @KatalinG
  36. 36. A beautiful, open-source platform Big Role: Orchestration behind the platform
  37. 37. And a great replication @KatalinG
  38. 38. Commitment from policy level Give incentives participation Save money on interface interoperability Power of Social Media Look for EU collaborations (FI-PPP, Horizon 2020, ENOLL, Eurocities) Create local hero’s for Civic engagement(policy level) PLATFORMS? YES. @KatalinG
  39. 39. Peer reviewed platforms (Tech spotters!) Take a risk by defrosting a part of the budget of service design Better to arrange external ICT maintenance or leverage on open source platforms Do it City Wide! (no silo’s) It is not just ICT but a paradigm shift (towards gov as platform instead of service provider) PLATFORMS? YES. @KatalinG
  40. 40. Need for non proprietary, creative interface/new layer • In city governance that allows free tech and idea consultations • That promotes the value of commons, standards, open source smart solutions • Experimental and entrepreneurial @KatalinG
  41. 41. Thanks! Katalin Gallyas @katalinG