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3 d bookstcea


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3 d bookstcea

  1. 1. e5 = 3D + AR "Embark on a New Dimension" by Katherine Hewett Richard King High SchoolCorpus Christi Independent School District Texas Computer Education Association Austin, Texas February, 2012
  2. 2. “Making a 3D Illustration in Photoshop” Adobe Photoshop CS5 Free 30 Day Trial 3D Anaglyph Glasses How to make your own 3D glasses!
  3. 3. “Making a 3D Illustration in Photoshop”• Open your illustration• Save as a “lefteye.jpg” as to not mess up your original drawing• CTL T (free transform) the object• Right click and select Warp• Slightly warp and curve the lines• Save as a “righteye.jpg”• Close out of all illustrations without saving anymore as to protect original work• Open the two images you have created (right and left JPGS)• Select one of the images and use the Move tool to move the right over the left/place on top of each other• Of the two layers… Right click Layer 1 and select Blending Options• Deselect the Red Channel inside Blending Options• Use 3D glasses to line the image up for the greatest amount of depth• Go back to Layer 1 and merge the layers down…combining the left and right images together into one• Now you have yourself a 3D Image!!!• To make the background transparent for Zooburst… use the erase tools to erase the background• Save as a PNG file to keep the transparent background and cut out effect
  4. 4. “Making a 3D Image in Photoshop”YouTube Tutorials:How to Make 3D Anaglyph Images Using PhotoshopPhotographs vs. Illustrations
  5. 5. Online PublishingZooburst• Create a Teacher Account• Students can publish under a teacher.• Overview of the Zooburst project creator.• Importing Illustrations and Text• Augmented Reality• Webcam/Markers
  6. 6. eBook Resources / WebsitesStory Jumper from the Web
  7. 7. Katherine Richard King High SchoolCorpus Christi Independent School District