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The Image Of Artists


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The Image Of Artists

  1. 1. -1Image for an artists is one of the most important features in order for them to be noticed. Therefore it is interesting to look at artists over the years and see how they have changed in order to fit into society and be idolised. They reinvent themselves for each song they do. Britney Spears: Britney Spears During Hit Me Baby One More Time when innocence was celebrated. Oops I Did It Again - Britney Spears changes her image to a more scantally clad Britney. She now is starting to be seen as a sex symbol rather than innocent.
  2. 2. Im A Slave For You - Britney is now more revealing than ever and is making her songs into full blown theatrical performances. Me Against The Music - Britney and Madonna join forces and lips. Controvertial rumours started to fly of her eledged relationship with Madonna.
  3. 3. Finally it all gets too much. Britney cries for help as she shaves off her hair. This last image clearly represents the strains the celebrity life style can have. She has been expected to please people her whole like. All the time changing her image and style to make money. It is important for a celebrity to maintain a popular image in order to sell records and promote themselves. I am going to think about the kind of image I want the band in our music video to have in order to send the correct message. The image I think we are going to show with our music video is a bit like Britney Spears in her early days, we are not going to celebrate innocence but show that it is bad to treat men like objects and not care about who you hurt in the process. We want to show you don’t have to follow the conventional rules of fashion and behaviour and you can be yourself.