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Problems we were faced with


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Published in: Education
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Problems we were faced with

  1. 1. The first thing that shocked us when we started to edit the first bit of footage we filmed was how much we had underestimated the amount of shots we would need. We edited it according to our plan but when we watched it we felt it was too slow moving for the song and would look better if the shots were snappier. The second problem we found was that the weather was particularly unpredictable. Not only was our actor not wearing very much and we didn’t want them to catch a cold we had to make sure we didn’t film much of the ground as most of the time it was covered with snow. We didn’t anticipate snow before filming so this was a surprise. Another problem was arranging the gig. We had to hire out the drama studio and also arrange it with the band, actors, techincal team and invite a crowd to attend. In the end only around 10 people turned up for the crowd so Amy and I had to be careful filming so that we could make it look fuller than it was. Also due to weather conditions we were unable to film the band playing on the street so I had to re-storyboard that part of the video. This was down to the weather being too wet to keep the instruments outside for a long period of time. Although overall this didn’t effect the story I felt it was a shame we were unable to film this. I have added a copy of the new storyboard : Lyrics are in red, actions and shots are in black. You home Mis hot of singer Music Close up of main character putting on blusher Through my best Close up of singer dress Both in the mirror On Close up of singer’s mouth Just to make Mid shot of singer You lust me but not gunna let Both in the mirror You touch me Close up of singer Music Close up of main character’s eyes I’m a hopeless Close up of character’s body as she leaves the room Case Close up of main character’s face Music
  2. 2. Main character walks out the door They only want me Singer stood at the top of the stairs singing as the character walks down Coz I’m rich and famous Singer moves to sit on the step main character keeps walking Boy you’ll never Singers moves down two more steps Have me so you’ll just have to watch me Singer moves down one more sat next to the main character putting on her shoes on, singer passes her the shoe Music Hands move up character’s leg Try Singer on the left of the corridor as character walks past To be Singer on the right of the corridor as character walks past Smooth Singer on the left of the corridor as character walks past Just like my hips Singer on the right of the corridor as character walks past and out the door that you want Mid shot of singer To Close up of character’s eyes Touch Mid shot of singer Music Mid shot of character’s face zooming in Music Mid shot of character beaten up on the floor Try to be cool Close up of lower half of singer’s face I’m like ice Close up of character’s eyes pan across that’s fed up with having the heat turned up Superimpose close up of singer’s face and panning down close up of character’s face This section replaces where the band would be playing in the street as the main character makes contact for the first time in the video with a male. We had to re-evaluate this however due to the weather conditions on the day of filming. We therefore plan to film the above in the home of the main character.