Katy Perry Lyric Analysis


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Katy Perry Lyric Analysis

  1. 1. -1This was never the way I planned – Whatever had happened is accidental Not my intention – again it was accidental I got so brave, drink in hand – she was confident when she had a drink Lost my discretion – lost her sense of right and wrong It's not what, I'm used to - it was out of her comfort zone Just wanna try you on – talks as if the girl was an accessory or a one off I'm curious for you – she wanted to know what it would be like Caught my attention – she caught her attention Chorus: I kissed a girl and I liked it - same meaning as lyric The taste of her cherry chapstick – same meaning as lyricI kissed a girl just to try it - same meaning as lyric I hope my boyfriend don't mind it - same meaning as lyric It felt so wrong – she knew she shouldn’t It felt so right – she’s sexually confused Don't mean I'm in love tonight – it meant nothing meaningful to her I kissed a girl and I liked it - same meaning as lyric I liked it - same meaning as lyric No, I don't even know your name – she doesn’t really care about the girl It doesn't matter – she just wants some fun so doesn’t need to know Your my experimental game – she’s using the girl and playing her Just human nature – she’s backing up her actions It's not what, good girls do – she’s saying she’s a good girl gone bad Not how they should behave - same meaning as lyric My head gets so confused – she is confused sexually Hard to obey – she wants to break free from social rules Chorus Us girls we are so magical – sexist saying girls are better than men Soft skin, red lips, so kissable – stereotypical view Hard to resist so touchable – backing up her action Too good to deny it – she thinks girls are desirable Ain't no big deal, it's innocent – she’s again backing up her actions Chorus I think this song represents the social views on homosexuality, she admits she has had a lesbian experience yet throughout the song she feels as if she has to justify her actions, this shows how she is worried she will not be socially accepted for it. She says she has a boyfriend which glamorises cheating but shows that it’s ok to experiment with your sexuality.