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filming plan


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filming plan

  1. 1. -1There are several issues that could occur before and during filming, the main one being my actors are unable to attend. Also we could have a problem with the weather, for example we have a few shots which are outside, therefore we may have to wait for a clear day to film. Also if we are unable to film all of the shots outside on the same day we may need to wait for the weather to be similar to the take before in order to keep on top of the continuity. There are also several health and safety issues that could occur. Whilst we are filming My partner and I will need to ensure that we are never endangering anyone in the general public or our actors. I have created a filming plan so that I know when, where and what I am going to be filming on a day to day basis depending on the availability on actors, cameras and weather. Filming Plan: (numbers relate to the written shot by shot plan) Locations: 1. Amy’s bedroom - getting ready to go out 2. On the stairs - leaving the house 3. In the street - walking with the band playing, kissing different boys, in street rips off poster, Amy getting beaten up 4. Band in living room 5. Amy in town with “geek” 6. Amy in the mirror before gig 7. Drama studio, gig - band onstage Friday after 4.30 - 1.Door opens before music starts. Slow motions 2.See girl holding up a dress. 4.Camera a bit closer to girl picking out dress. 6.Starts to take of shirt. 8.Dress is on girl. Doing it up 9.74.Moves over to mirror, can see lead singer in the mirror singing. 9.Sits down and starts putting make up on. Singer still in mirror. 10.Watch her get up and leave the room 11.Hand going down the banister. 12.Watch her going down the stairs. 13.Starts doing up stilettos’. Monday after school - 3.73.126.Flash to close up of top of head to eye face, beaten up. Pan. Twitchy movements (gaga) 5.127.Flash of close up. Pan down from eye to mouth. Twitchy movement (gaga) 7.77.128.Flash, medium close up of top half of body. Covered in drink etc. Twitchy movements (gaga) 118.Walking down her road 119.Turns a corner meets girl
  2. 2. 120.Girls walk out behind her 121.Laughs at them 122.Geek girl empties drink on her 123.Kiss girl pushes her over 124.Rubs her makeup off 125.Empties the rest of the drink walks away Thursday 2nd period (week 1)- 21..Flashes to Amy’s face walking down a road. 23.Amy’s face flashes again. Still walking. 25.Amy’s face flashes. 27.76.Amy’s face - guy kissing her neck. 29.Amy’s face - another guy on her. 31.Amy’s face - another guy on her. 33.78.Amy’s face - another guy on her. 35.Amy’s face - another guy on her. 37.Amy’s face - another guy on her. 39.Amy’s face - another guy on her. 41.Amy’s face - another guy on her. 43.Amy’s face - another guy on her. 44. Close up of Amy pushing guy away. 45.Carry on previous shot, pushes guy away. Walking past notice board for gig, close up looking at board. 46.Shot of poster 47.Shot of face again. 48.Boy walks past looking at her 49.79.She rips of the poster smiling. Slow mo - rip on guitar sound. 50.Walks towards camera blackout onto her stomach. Thursday (week 1) if we have time - 52.Shot of Amy going up to a girl 54.Amy again giving her a hug 55.Shot of hand pouring drink into her bag 56.80.Stand back and girl looks like she’s wet herself 58.Points and laughs everyone sees 59.81.Shot of geek’s face Friday (week 1) lunch and 4th period - 62.Shot of Amy smiling and looking down, singer behind her 65.82.Amy still in the mirror pushing up boobs, with singer. 68.In mirror applying lipstick 72.Back to mirror effect, Amy walks away on “brother” Wednesday (week 2) - 14.Leave house, open door, see band in street 15.Walking down the road slow 15..Shot of lower body walking with band in the background 16.Spots a guy, looks at him in slow mo 17.Close up of face looking at him 18.75.Walks away from him pan to blackout
  3. 3. TBA - 19.Fade up in shot of the band. Group shot. Getting closer to band 20.Mid shot on drummer 22.Close up of guitar. 24.Shot of singer’s face pan to bass. 26.Singer’s face 28.Singer’s face 30.Singer’s face 32.Singer’s face 34.Singer’s face 36.Singer’s face 38.Singer’s face 40.Singer’s face 42.Singer’s face 51.Fade up on band; close up of hands playing bass. 53.Move to close up of body onto face of drummer. 57.Pan from guitarist to singer close up on mic. 60.Ed drumming and “oohing” into microphone. Panning shot of the whole band. 61.Shot of singer. 63.Pan shot of band 64.Shot of singer, band in background 66.Shot of bassists hands, pan upwards 67.Group shot of band 69.Shot of guitarist pan from face to guitar 70.Shot of drummer 71.Group shot of band TBA - Do not need band in shots written in bold. 84.Door still opening Amy walking in. 85.Amy walking in and looking around, smug look on her face 86.Shot of Amy and the band in the background 87.Shot of the band Group shot. 88.Shot of Guitarist 89.Shot of drummer 90.Shot of singer and bassist 91.Shot of Amy eyeing up some guys 92.Shot of guys looking at her 93.Walks into the middle of them 94.Group shot of band 95.Moves over to one particular guy 96.Whispers in his ear 97.Boy smiles 98.Turns around notices a guy 99.Shot of the guy chatting to a girl 100.Shot of Amy, can see guys annoyed in the background 101.Starts walking up to the guy 102.Mid shot of singer 103.Turns the guy around 104.Shot of singer 105.He looks at her can see other girl over her shoulder
  4. 4. 106.Group shot of the band, panning across 107.Close up of singer 108.Moves in and kisses him 109.Close up of the kiss 110.Wipes her mouth and starts to walk away 111.Shot of the girls face he was talking to 112.Walks away onto more guys, girl looks at her. Angry face. 113.Guy trying to explain to girl 114.Girl runs off 115.Grabs her girl mates 116.Girls look at her 117.Opens door walks out, smiling