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amy costume and extras


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amy costume and extras

  1. 1. -1The first thing we had to think about when thinking of an outfit for our main character was the colour. We felt the colour had to represent her sexy personality and the way she acted so we debated between black and red. Black is good because it is mysterious and sultry, also red symbolises passion and love. We also had to think about the style. We wanted her to wear a dress that was revealing but we were unsure of how much flesh to show. Here are some examples of the style of dress we looked at - 1. This black dress is very short and also shows of the her body shape. Its a nice style and the colour works well. The only thing is we want out audience to end up disliking the main character and we felt this dress was too classy and sophisticated for our main character. However we felt the length was right. 2. This dress is a lot more revealing than the one before. Again the length is right and it looks more 'slutty' than the one before, however after looking more closely we felt we wanted a colour that stood out more. Especially as she is meant to be spotted by lots of men. Although red is more stereotypical and cliché we feel it would work better for our video and show the obviously dirty and vein side of our character.
  2. 2. 3. We both agreed that this dress is good because it's figure hugging and has a strip of glitter that could symbolise the maypie effect she has on men, she sees them and she wants them. The only thing that put us off was the sleeves on the arms. A females wrists are meant to be one of the most feminine spots so we didnt want to cover them up. Over all this dress is a good choice. 4. Finally we found this dress, we loved the colour, its very vibrant and the black really compliments this. We also really liked the fact it was a halterneck, this reveals the back and also draws in the cleavage. It's very tight fitting and sexy but is not classy enough to give the audience mixed signals. We felt this dress is the best match to what we are looking for our video. Another important thing to consider was the shoes. These are important as they will lift our character and not only give her the confidence she needs to act out the piece but they will elongate the legs which will add to the sex appeal of the character. The shoes should be reasonably high so that you can tell they're not the type of thing the average person would wear everyday but this girl would. we also thought the shoes should definately be black as they will compliment the red dress well. 1. We looked at these shoes first but felt that even though we were looking for high shoes these were just a bit too high and would constrict the movement of our actor. However they would look good.
  3. 3. 2. We particularly liked these ones as they’re not too high and they are very feminine, the only thing is we wanted them to be a bit more sexy instead of girly. Although a style like this would be fine. 3. This final shoe we found we thought was near enough perfect. The snakeskin effect material shows the sexy side of the character along with the ruched front to add a bit of feminity. We also felt they were a good height for our actor to work in. The next thing we had to consider was the makeup, and hair style. We wanted her hair and her eyes to be quite simple as this would make things easy for us if we had little time to prepare for filming. However we thought her lips should be the most striking and red to tie in with the dress and the stereotypical view on the character's nature. The lips symbolise her inticing the men around her. We looked at a few examples of makeup we could use -
  4. 4. 1. I like the colour of the lipstick used in this image however I think that the eyes draw away the eye from the lips. Althought this is a similar style we are looking at. 2. I really like the makeup in this image, the eyes are natural and the lips add a sultry/sexy effect to the pose. 3. Again here the plain eyes with red lips works really well although I think the red needs to be more intense. All of these examples would work well for our character. Next we looked at some examples of hair but were very aware that the styles had to fit in with the character's natural style to make it easy to prepare for filming. Our actor has a fringe and mid shoulder length hair. For example - 1. This hair style would be simple to do plus its sleek and sexy. Straight hair also symbolises that she would have spent time getting it into that condition.
  5. 5. 2. Although curly hair is sexy too, I think it looks to girly and not sultry enough compared to the straight hair. Also it looks as if she didn’t necessarily have to do much to get it like that. 3. I think this hairstyle would work really well because she has that 'out of bed' look however it may be difficult for our actor to get it like this before a shoot. Overall I think the straight look would work the best and will be the easiest to create. The Actual Costume, Hair and Make-up:
  6. 6. The dress we have selected is very similar to the red one we prefered at the
  7. 7. top, it is a halterneck that is figure hugging and also has an element of black to bring out the red. Again the shoes we have selected are very similar to number 3. They are feminine yet the material is shiny and silky which is sexy. Here you can see that we chose a red lipstick, natural eyes and straight hair. The combined effect of this is that the lips stand out and draw in the eye, the hair and eyes are simple and easy to do yet sexy and shows that she has spent time on her appearance. I think the costume we have selected for our main character will work well and show her character effectively to the audience. We have asked Jamie to wear something subtle and sophisticated. we don’t want him to capture the eye so the audience understands the main character is only after him because he has a girl friend. We gave Jamie this picture to work from: We felt this kind of thing would be smart but casual and fit into the atmosphere. Jamie wore dark jeans and a black t shirt with a cream v neck jumper over the top. This worked well as it was subtle and casual. For The Girlfriend Of The Boy Who Is Kissed, we asked her to wear a nice plain jumper with some sort of necklace and some dark jeans. She also had to bring a long black coat with her for when she went after the main character.
  8. 8. This was so she could look subtle but also so that the viewer knows from the moment they see her that the main character is in trouble. These were the pictures we gave her: Amy wore a blue jumper with a pearl necklace and a mid-length black coat. She looked feminine but didnt detract from the action either. Finally for the Girl Who Gets Picked on we asked her to wear a plain vest top dark jeans and a cardigan and also to have a long black coat similar to above. She is meant to look like an everyday girl so i think this costume will work well.