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Aug sep 2012 thg

  1. 1. TarheelGuardsman 2012-13 NCNGA Executive CouncilPictured left to right: (Front Row) Bobby Lumsden - 30th HBCT; Scott Schnack - 30th HBCT;Ronnie Honeycutt - President; Bernie Williford - Vice President; Wes Morrison - JFHQ-NC(Second Row) Diana Stumpf - 130th MEB; Wendy Larsen - NC Air National Guard; CharleneJohnson - JFHQ-NC; Russell Thorington - 130th MEB (Third Row) Ron Hill - 139th Regiment(CA); Rick Fay - Judge Advocate (Fourth Row) Lonnie Brooks - Junior Council; Thomas Un-derwood - 449th TAB; Billy Hill - 113th SUS BDE; Stephen McCormick - 113th SUS BDE (FifthRow) Leverne Jackman, Jr. - Junior Council; Stephen Davis - 449th TAB; John Sweat - ActiveAssociate Class. Not pictured - Fisk Outwater - Immediate Past President; Tom Holcomb - 60thTroop Command; Dale Baker, Jr. - 60th Troop Command; Todd Helms - 139th Regiment (CA);Scott Harrell - NC Air National Guard; and Al Rose - Active Associate Class.
  2. 2. TAG’s and high-water vehicles delivered food and medical supplies to isolated storm victims. Sadly, people like these often find the leadership and intelligence that make them successful while in harm’s way don’t always guarantee them a productive place in our country’s workforce. C The US Bureau of Labor Statistics put the overall national unem- ployment rate among post-9/11 veterans at an average of 12.1 percent for 2011. More appalling - and shameful - among vets age 18 to 24, it o was an astounding 29.1 percent! A survey conducted by the North Carolina National Guard earlier this year found the rate among its Soldiers and Airmen to be 16.5 per- r cent, not counting full-time students. That rate far exceeds the state’s overall rate of 9.4 and the national average of 8.2. I want to encourage employers with openings to think strongly n about hiring a veteran to become a part of their winning teams. What’s in it for you? Syracuse University’s Institute for Veter- ans and Military Families recently cited studies showing the military prepares people well for the 21st-Century workforce, particularly in e technology fields. It noted vets bring experience in skilled trades and management, and a significant number have active security clearances. Further, many vets are willing to relocate to take a job. And they possess r Maj. Gen. Gregory A. Lusk Adjutant General of NC core values like loyalty, respect, integrity and a commitment to excel- lence. The men and women in the North Carolina National Guard, like all vets, bring an abundance of talent to the table, and they can put that tal- Hire a Veteran ent to work for you. We give them awesome leadership responsibilities, even at the lowest ranks. More than 19,100 have risen to the challengeOn the streets of Tuz he walked point, leading since 9/ in a dangerous and unpredictable Iraqi Their experience on the front line can improve your bottom line.combat zone. Along a main supply route snak- Hire a vet!ing through the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, Find resources for hiring vets at managed a supply convoy. When floods Pages/default.aspx. óóblocked roads in Eastern North Carolina, citi-zen soldiers and airmen ensured helicopters NC Adjutant General – MG Greg Lusk C O NC Assistant Adjutant General Air – Brig. Gen. Todd Kelly N T A NC Senior Enlisted Leader – Command Sgt. Maj. John Swart C T NC Command Chief Warrant Officer Rick Comer I N NC Command Chief Master Sergeant Chief Master Sgt. Bruce Pickett F O TAG email contact: 2 — AUG/SEP 2012 Tarheel Guardsman
  3. 3. TARHEEL GUARDSMAN Official publication of the North Carolina National Guard Association AUG/SEP 2012 Volume 46 Number 4 Contents: NCNGA: Look for a major announcement Scholarship Recipients 8,11 concerning the 2013 convention in Educational Foundation Winners 9 the October/November issue of the Legacy Bridge Program 10 Tarheel Guardsman. We are so ex- In Memoriam 15 cited, we may have to leak the news on our website ( NC National Guard: before the magazine comes out, so MAFFS #7 5 keep checking the web! 113th SUS BDE NCO Induction Ceremony 6 Yama Sakura 61 Exercise 14,15 Address changes or questions? Officers Executive Council Call us toll free in NC at President 30th HBCT 1-800-821-6159 or if out of state, 919-851-3390. Ronnie Honeycutt Scott Schnack Our email address is Bobby Lumsden Vice President 130th MEB and our web site is Bernie Williford Diana Stumpf Past President Russell Thorington Fisk Outwater 60th Troop Command Tom Holcomb Deadline for submitting articles to the Secretary-Treasurer Dale Baker, Jr. Tarheel Guardsman: Adene Tyler 449th TAB Thomas Underwood OCT/NOV issue: 4 SEP 2012 Judge Advocate Rick Fay Stephen Davis 113th Sustainment BDE Send articles/photos to Teri Foster, Chaplain Editor at the NCNGA (7410 Chapel Billy Hill K. Carl Singley Hill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607-5047) or Stephen McCormick email ( JFHQ-NC Charlene Johnson The Tarheel Guardsman, (ISSN 10618392) is published six times a year STAFF Wes Morrison for the Army and Air National Guard of North Carolina, by the North Executive Director 139th Regiment (CA) Carolina National Guard Association, 7410 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607-5047. Periodicals postage paid at Raleigh, NC 27676-9651. Adene Tyler Ronald Hill POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Tarheel Guardsman, 7410 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607-5047. Insurance Administrator K. Todd Helms The Tarheel Guardsman is the official publication of the North Carolina National Guard Association, a non-profit organization. The publica- Teri Foster Air Guard tion’s mission is to promote the general welfare of the NCNGA, assist in increasing the readiness of the NC Army and Air National Guard of Assistant Insurance Administrator Wendy Larsen North Carolina and serve as a vehicle of expression for members of the National Guard. Rhonda Arndt Scott Harrell Members receive the publication free with their membership. The Executive Assistant annual subscription rate for non-members of the Association is $15.00. Associate Class Please include your old address and unit when requesting change of Kathy Ford address. NCNGA Educational Foundation John Sweat, Jr. Deadline for submitted material to the Tarheel Guardsman is the 5th of the month, two months preceding the calendar date of issue. Manuscripts Administrator Al Rose and photographs on subjects of general interest are invited. Unless oth- erwise indicated, material may be reprinted provided credit is given to Peggy Robinson Junior Council the Tarheel Guardsman and the author where listed. Articles and photos will not be returned, unless requested. (USPS 533-640) Lonnie Brooks Advertising is accepted. For details contact the Association headquar- ters. Advertising, including political ads, published in this publication Teri Foster, Editor Leverne Jackman, Jr. does not represent the endorsement or approval of the North Carolina National Guard Association.Tarheel Guardsman AUG/SEP 2012 — Page 3
  4. 4. NC Air Guard Airmen Fly HumanitarianMission To LaosBy Army Staff Sgt. Robert Jordan, NCNGDonated Photos By NCANGRALEIGH, NC – Contact means to reach outto someone or a term used by pilots when start-ing an aircraft engine. In the case of a recentmission by Airmen of the North Carolina AirNational Guard (NCANG), it perhaps meansboth. Fourteen NCANG Airmen completed a 20-day mission, April 16 through May 6, flyingmany thousands of miles for the humanitariancivic assistance mission Pacific Angel whichprovided medical aid to Laos. “This is part of Pacific Command and Pa-cific Air Force Theater Engagement Plan,” said “It is a real-world mission with multiple stops including California, Hawaii, Guam, Philippines, Laos and Thailand and overfly- ing Cambodia and Vietnam,” said Air Force Col. Charles D. Davis, III, NCNG Joint Force Headquarters Air National Guard director of operations. Most of the C-130 Hercules Aircraft flight crew were traditional Citizen-Airmen with full time civilian jobs. “We showed we can do the mission and fly into unimproved areas with limited support,” said Davis. After about 8,000 miles, the aircraft approachedAir Force Brig. Gen. Todd Kelly, NCNG as- Phonsavan, a small city of about 37,000, located in rolling hills and for-sistant adjutant general for air. “They provide ests in the center of northern Laos.funding for about four civil-medical or civil- “We were probably the first C-130 from the US in Laos in years,”military operations per year with department of said Davis.defense assets.” The crews and the medical personnel were welcomed upon arrival The ongoing mission brings United States at the Lao airfield as local officials quickly offloaded the supplies.Air Force, Navy, and Lao medical profession- “We got a warm reception, very friendly and no problems,” saidals together at the Lao-Mongolian Friendship Davis.Hospital and District Hospital in Phonsavahn The operation is part of continuing US Pacific Command’s part-to provide general medicine, optometry and nering with other governments, non-governmental agencies anddental services. multilateral militaries in the region to provide training and assistance to “It is an opportunity to forge military rela- their citizens.tionships and build trust,” said Kelly. “It gives our Airmen a chance to operate in an area we normally do It is one thing to plan a mission covering not and work jointly with other services,” said Kelly.more than 16,000 miles with multiple stop- Drop everything, plan and execute a complex humanitarian missionovers carrying critical medical supplies and supporting multiple agencies with international repercussions over thou-personnel over one ocean, two continents, 12 sands of miles with Citizen-Airmen who live and work full-time civiliantime zones and many mountains, but to do it jobs in communities across North Carolina, yeah the NCANG does that.successfully is another.Page 4 — AUG/SEP 2012 Tarheel Guardsman
  5. 5. CHARLOTTE, NC – The North Carolina Air National Guards 145th Airlift Wing, based here, sent two aircraft equipped with the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System to Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO, the morning of June 30, 2012 to support firefighting efforts throughout the Rocky Mountain area. MAFFS is a joint Department of Defense and US Forest Service program designed to provide addition- al aerial firefighting resources when commercial and private air tankers are no longer able to meet the needs of the forest service. The Charlotte-based aircraft joined C-130s from the Wyoming Air National Guards 153rd Airlift Wing and the US Air Force Reserves 302nd Airlift Wing based in Colorado, which have been operating from Colorado Springs since June 25. Additionally, C-130s from the California Air National Guards 146th Airlift Wing were also joining the effort. MAFFS is a self-contained aerial firefighting system owned by the US Forest Service that can discharge 3,000 gallons of water or fire retardant in less than five seconds, covering an area one-quarter of a mile long by 100 feet wide. Once the load is discharged, it can be refilled in less than 12 minutes. Retardant is dis- charged along the leading edge of a fire while water can be dropped directly on the flames. On Sunday evening, July 1, 2012 at approximately 6:30 p.m. mountain time, MAFFS # 7, which be- longed to the NC Air National Guard, crashed near the town of Edgemont, SD while fighting the White Draw Fire. There were six crew members on board. We have lost four members of our Air National Guard family with two more individuals who are seriously injured. The cause of the crash is still under investi- gation. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family members and our brothers and sisters of the NC Air National Guard. Lt. Col. Paul Mikeal Major Joe McCormick 156th Airlift Squadron 156th Airlift Squadron Mooresville, NC Belmont, NC Major Ryan Scott David Master Sgt Robert S. Cannon 156th Airlift Squadron 145th OPS SPT FLT Boone, NC Charlotte, NCTarheel Guardsman AUG/SEP 2012 — Page 5
  6. 6. 113th Sustainment Brigade Hosts NCO Induction CeremonyBy Maj. Matt DeVivo, 113th Sustainment Brigade Public AffairsCAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait — The 113th Sus- to take care of their Soldiers. It is a big responsibility and this ceremonytainment Brigade hosted a noncommissioned explains the significance of their new rank and what is expected of themofficers’ induction ceremony here June 7 for and all NCOs.”63 new sergeants. The ceremony was led by Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Scott of the The ceremony was attended by command 113th Special Troops Battalion, who said it was a very important mile-sergeants major from across Camp Arifjan, and stone in the new sergeants’ careers.more than 200 guests watched as the Soldiers were welcomed into the ranks of the NCOcorps. The guest speaker for the ceremony wasCommand Sgt. Maj. Charles M. Tobin of the1st Theater Sustainment Command. Tobin, inhis thirtieth year of Army service, moved fromthe podium to speak directly to the inducteesabout what it means to be an NCO. Tobin spoke of his son, currently a cadet atthe US Military Academy at West Point, ask-ing advice for when he enters the Army. “I told my son that when you get to yourfirst duty assignment, the Army will provideyou with a NCO, and to listen to and learnfrom that sergeant,” Tobin said. Once all sergeants passed through the “Line of Authority” and were 1st Sgt Carly Tanner of the 113th Special greeted into the non-commissioned officer Corps by their sergeantTroops Battalion had 23 Soldiers inducted into major and first sergeant, they returned to their seats and in unisonthe NCO corps at the ceremony. “This moment recited the NCO very symbolic for us, the senior NCOs, andfor the new NCOs here,” Carly said. “Once a “The tradition of the induction ceremony into the NCO corps is one waySoldier pins on the stripes of a sergeant, he or that we, as senior NCOs, can let a newly-promoted sergeant feel theshe is expected to lead, to train and mentor and magic that we felt when we were in their boots,” Scott said. “The cer- emony allows us to instill in that Soldier the significance of being an NCO and also gives them their first experience of the pride and respect that goes along with being a member of the NCO corps.” The final event in the hour-long ceremony was the sponsorship of each new NCO. Each new sergeant was “sponsored,” or announced, by their unit’s first sergeant. After being sponsored, the new sergeant walked through a ceremonial NCO corps archway and crossed the line of authority, where they were met by battalion command ser- geants major and handed a signed copy of the NCO Creed, a copy of the Charge of the NCO signed by their first sergeant, and an informational NCO leadership compact disk. They then recited the NCO Creed in unison. Scott spoke directly to the new NCOs at the close of the ceremony, telling them to honor the corps every day, in and out of uniform, to continue to be the backbone of the Army, and to train and lead the next generation of American Sol- diers. A new sergeant prepares to walk through a ceremonial NCO Corps archway and cross the “Line of Authority,” where he will be met by Battalion Command Sergeants Major.Page 6 — AUG/SEP 2012 Tarheel Guardsman
  7. 7. NASAA warns Investors to Do Their HomeworkBefore Investing in 529 College Savings PlansBy Barbara Bennett, Investor Education Specialist, NC Secretary of State Securities DivisionThe following is an investor alert issued by The North Carolina Secretary of State Securities Division highlythe Financial Industry Regulatory Authority recommends that before selecting any plan recommended by a financial(FINRA) and is provided by the NC Secretary professional, it is always wise to do your own research to double-checkof State Securities Division for informational his or her advice.purposes only. For more information about College Savings Plans, the Securities Division offers a downloadable booklet, “Where to Invset Your Col-1. What are the plan’s tax implications? Tax lege Money,”at of college savings plan contribu- Also NASAA, along with the College Savings Plan Network and thetions, earnings, and withdrawals varies from Investment Company Institute, offers a free brochure, “A Guide to Un-one state to another. A number of states allow derstanding College Savings Plans,” available on the NASAA Web siteresidents who participate in their own state’s at: to claim a partial or full state incometax deduction on contributions. In addition, PLAN TO ATTENDmany states provide residents with a state taxbreak on money taken out of 529 plans to pay 134 NGAUS GENERAL CONFERENCE thqualified college expenses. Make sure you AND EXHIBITITIONunderstand your state’s tax treatment of con- SEPTEMBER 9-12, 2012tributions to, and earnings distributions from,both in-state and out-of-state 529 plans. RENO SPARKS CONVENTION CENTER - RENO, NV 2012 THEME2. What are the plan’s expenses? All CollegeSavings Plans have associated costs, which THE NATIONAL GUARD:can affect your investment return. Plans sold HOMETOWN FORCE, GLOBAL REACHby financial professionals often cost more thanplans purchased directly from the state. These All North Carolina National Guard Officers are invited toextra costs generally stem from sales loads or attend the 134th National Guard Association of the United Statesother fees associated with share classes, an- General Conference in Reno, Nevada, 9-12 September. Pleasenual distribution fees, including fees used to visit for more detailedcompensate the financial professional. You are conference information. For questions and/or to obtain a copy ofentitled to a complete list of the costs associ- the registration form, please contact CPT Brian Y. McIlvaine atated with the plans – be sure to ask for it. 919-664-6068 or How are you compensated for theseplans? Ask whether the adviser or broker The North Carolina Departmentreceives a commission from any of theplans he or she is recommending. You of the American Legionalso should be sure to ask about the plans Thanks You for Your Service tooffered by your home state to ensure thatthe plan you ultimately select best suits Our State and Nation!your needs. We invite you to visit any of our 3344. Does an out-of-state plan’s perfor- Posts, statewide, visit our websitemance or costs outweigh tax benefits of ahome state plan? No two plans are exact-,ly alike, and in some cases, it might make email us at,sense to consider an out-of-state plan. Forexample, if your in-state plan offers a tax or call 919-832-7506.deduction, but is saddled with high fees “For God and Country -and poor performance, an out-of-stateplan with lower fees and stronger perfor- Still Serving Proudly.”mance may be the better choice.Tarheel Guardsman AUG/SEP 2012 — Page 7
  8. 8. NCNGA Educational Foundation, Inc. 2012-13 Scholarship Recipients Memorial/Special Scholarships Walter R. Freeze Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 Len Adams Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 Kathryn B. Bennett (Advance) – Appalachian State UniversityDaniel C. Hill (North Wilkesboro) – NC State University Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Marvin E. Bennett – Associate MemberSon of Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Hill, Jr. – HQ 505th ENGR BN Elmer C. Hardison Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 Air National Guard Chapter Scholarship - $1,000 Kayla M. McGuire (Matthews) – UNC at Chapel Hill.Barry A. Plemmons (Candler) – NC State University Granddaughter of Mr. Lloyd Murray – Associate Member145 AMXS William E. Ingram Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 CMSgt George R. Auten Memorial Victoria A. Huggins (Lumberton) – UNC at Pembroke Perpetual Scholarship - $1,000 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Huggins – EEE 113th SUS BDEDustin D. Cocklereece (Stoneville) – NC State University Wes and Betsy Ives MemorialSon of Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cocklereece – Associate Member Perpetual Scholarship $1,000 Dare Reese “John” Beam Memorial Scholarship - $400 Ashely M. Wilson (Hope Mills) – UNC at Asheville Granddaughter of Mr. Ronald J. Carnahan – Associate MemberKimberly K. Harrelson (Hamlet) – Richmond CommunityCollege – HHC 105th EN BN Wesley Draughn Ives Memorial Danny E. Bowers Memorial Scholarship - $400 Perpetual Scholarship - $1,000Harley N. Davis (Deep Run) – Lenior Community College Jaclyn E. Hagan (Catawba) – UNC at WilmingtonGranddaughter of the late Verner A. Abbott, III Daughter of Kimberly Harrelson – HHC 105th EN BN (CBT)Eliza R. Green (Bahama) – Durham Technical Community Dorothy Ledbetter Memorial Scholarship - $1,000College - Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Randall E. Green – JFHQ-NC Sasha S. Doss (Collinsville VA) – Washington & Lee UniversityAlannah S. Wagner (Kannapolis) – Rowan-Cabarrus Daughter of Jonathan D. Doss – JFHQ-NCCommunity College LTC William C. Polk, Jr. MemorialDaughter of Barbara Wagner & Edward W. Wagner, II – Perpetual Scholarship $1,000Associate Member Taylor M. Luckie (Fort Mill SC) – Clemson University Roy L. Brantley Memorial Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Luckie – Associate Perpetual Scholarship - $1,000 MemberAngelica R. Rangel (Mt. Airy) – UNC at Greensboro Lucille Webster Stalls Memorial TeachersCo B 690th BSB Scholarship - $1,000 Captain Chris Cash Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 Megan E. Aguilar (Apex) – UNC at GreensboroFaith J. Locklear (Battleboro) – UNC at Pembroke Spouse of Ronnie L. Aguilar – EEE 113th SUS BDEDaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Locklear – AssociateMember COL Lon W. & Emma R. Taylor Memorial Perpetual Scholarship - $1,000Jessica G. Pope (Rocky Mount) – East Carolina UniversityDaughter of Mr. Jeffrey L. Pope – Associate Member Dan R. Millard III (Pikeville) – UNC at Wilmington Grandson of Mr. Dan R. Millard – Associate Member CMSgt David A. Earnhardt USAA Scholarship - $1,000 Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 Mara E. Doss (Collinsville VA) – Virginia Polytechnic Insti-Tanner A. Trantham (Eden) – UNC at Chapel Hill tute & State UniversityGrandson of Frank D. O’Dell – Associate Member Daughter of Jonathan D. Doss – JFHQ-NC CMSgt David A. Earnhardt Ed and Trudy Webber Memorial Memorial Scholarship - $400 Perpetual Scholarship – $1,000Samantha M. Starcher (York, SC) – York Technical College Lindsey M. Dew of Holly Springs – Appalachian State UniversityGranddaughter of Thomas A. Pilon – Associate Member Daughter of of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dew – Det 1 B Co 2-151 AVN Continued on page 11 ~Page 8 — AUG/SEP 2012 Tarheel Guardsman
  9. 9. NCNGA Educational FINANCIAL STATEMENT Foundation Winners for NCNGA EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION Convention 2012 2012 RAFFLEAnd the winners are!!!! Income ticket sales $ 5,564 Expenses:cost of tickets, postage & prize - 2,778The South Carolina National Guard Armoryin South Myrtle Beach was the location for Net Income $ 2,786the Educational Foundation annual ReverseDrawing on April 19, 2012. A good time was TOOL BOX RAFFLE $ 598had by all. REVERSE DRAWING (4/19/12)Prize winners are: Income ticket sales $ 10,680 1st ticket drawn # 300 - $40 Ronnie Fields Income side bars/misc auction 990Winners of every 25th ticket @ $50 each: Expenses (cost of tickets, meals & prizes - 5,919 Mark Pickett, Tim Harrison, Net Income $ 5,751 Alydia Mitchell, Ray Wilson, Jay Baird, Jr., Mike Mays, Peggy Robinson, Hank Thomas, GOLF TOURNAMENT (4/19/12) Maria Panero, and Thomas Bullock. Income: $ 7,635 Expenses: - 3,735$100 Side Bar winner was Josh Price Net Income $ 3,900$200 Side Bar winner was Karen Hill SILENT AUCTION $ 1,137Ticket # 150 – Hank Thomas FOUNDATION’S HEROES TRAVELING TROPHY 505th EN BN $ 100The $4,00 Grand Prize was split as follows: Ticket # 23 Andy & Dianne Hoyle SCHOLARSHIP FUND CONTRIBUTIONS Ticket # 43 Kelly Smith Ticket # 60 Maury Williams Len Adams Memorial Ticket # 92 Scot Heineman Scholarship Fund (505th BN EN) $ 1,000 Ticket # 93 Mike Sherrill Air National Guard Chapter Scholarship Fund 500 Ticket # 119 Brenda Griffin Danny E. Bowers Memorial Scholarship Fund 3,355 Ticket # 147 Rex Sullivan Capt. Chris Cash Memorial Scholarship Fund 2,000 Ticket # 149 Anita Tolev CMSgt. David A. Earnhardt Memorial Scholarship Fund 1,800 Ticket # 163 Edward Wagner Walter Freeze Memorial Scholarship Fund 2,770 Ticket # 180 Douglas Pittman General Officers Scholarship Fund 1,100 Elmer Hardison Memorial Scholarship Fund/wagon 1,343The Hardison “Party Wagon” was won by Dorothy Ledbetter Fund – Ladies Auxiliary 1,000Chuck Miller. This raffle raised $1,343 for Marvin &Thomas Ledbetter 500the Elmer Hardison Memorial Scholarship.Doris and Rex did another great job! Total $ 15,368 The $2,000 raffle was won by Curley ENDOWMENT FUND CONTRIBUTIONSNimmons, with second prize of $100 going 2011 Foundation BOD $ 500to Wayne Brantley. 505 EN BN (in honor of CW5 Wayne Church) th 100 505th EN BN (in honorof SSG Michael Sherrill) 300The Foundation thanks everyone who bought/ 505th EN BN (in honor of MAJ Wayne Jenkins) 250sold tickets to help raise funds for Educational 505 EN BN (in honor of MSG Jamie Robinson) th 250scholarships. We sincerely appreciate your 505th EN BN (in honor of Danny E. Hunter) 250support. Total $ 1,650 Terry WestbrookFundraising Committee Chairman OTHER NCNGA Annual Contritution to Gen.Fund $ 2,500 TOTAL NET INCOME $ 33,790Tarheel Guardsman AUG/SEP 2012 — Page 9
  10. 10. Legacy Bridge ProgramL ast year, Active Associate Rep- revenue sources, along with insurance premiums, will be our main resentative Al Rose introduced a income sources and the Legacy Bridge Program will close. program that is designed to finan- Long-term, we hope to reach an investment fund goal of $3cially carry the Association through our million. At that point, even at a modest 4%, the Association couldpresent fiscal transition period. As we survive indefinitely should our insurance and new revenue sourcesmove from a system where we depended take a hit during lean times.on our investments and insurance premi- Please consider joining us in the Legacy Bridge Program.ums to pay our Association’s expenses to And, if you would like to remember or honor someone, pleaseone that will rely on new revenue sources consider making a donation in their name. Take a few minutes toto cover our budget, the Legacy Bridge fill out the application and to write a check. Al and his team haveProgram will provide the interim funds to started us in the right direction. It is up to us now to make it hap-meet budget costs until the transition is pen.complete. Our projection is that this should Questions? Please call us at 919-851-3390.occur within 2-3 years, and as such it is aclosed end program. *Our Newest Members of the The short-term plan is to use the in- Legacy Bridge Program:come from the Legacy Bridge Programuntil our new revenue sources come on-line allowing us to insulate our investments 228. In Honor ofso that they are allowed to grow over the MG (Ret) Charles E. Scottlong-term. At the end of 2-3 years, the new 229. George T. Paris *As of press time NCNGA LEGACY BRIDGE PROGRAM DONATION Name: Mailing Address: City: State: Zip: Phone: ( ) NCNGA Life Member: Yes No Unit: Rank: E-Mail Address: ( ) I would like to make this donation in honor of ( ) in memory of ( ) $100 Donation (Donations are not tax deductible) Return Application & Payment To: $25 Quarterly Installments _____ $100 Full Payment _____ _____ Check _____ Money Order _____ Master Card/Visa (Add $2 credit card fee) NCNGA ATTN: Legacy Bridge Credit Card Information: Program Acct #__________________________________________ Exp Date: ___________ 7410 Chapel Hill Road 3-digit Sec Code:__________ Signature: ____________________________________ Raleigh, NC 27607-5047Page 10 — AUG/SEP 2012 Tarheel Guardsman
  11. 11. NCNGA Educational Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Presentations — 2012-13 Scholarship Recipients Continued from page 8 Recently, two students were awarded scholarships from the NC National GuardThe Following Special Memorial Scholarships were Association Educational Foundation. Atunable to be awarded due to no qualified candidates: the Richmond Senior High School award Ruth and Ellis Fulbright of Icard ceremony on May 24th, Lauren Harrelson Memorial & National Merit Scholarship - $1,000 (below) was awarded a General Endowment Weldon E. Holcomb Memorial Scholarship - $400 Scholarship in the amount of $800. Lauren is James B. “Sandy” Stokes, Jr. Memorial Scholarship - $400 the daughter of SFC Robert Harrelson of the 105th Engr Bn, Raeford. Lauren will attendOther Scholarships Wingate University in the fall, majoring in Academic Excellence/Leadership Award - $1,000 Athletic Training, specializing in Orthopedics.Jesse R. Pope (Lake Lure) – Converse UniversityGranddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. Earl Willis – Associate MemberAnita Jordan Tyndall (Wendell) – UNC at GreensboroGranddaughter of the late Mr. Elmer C. Hardison & Doris Hardison –Associate Member Citizenship Award - $1,000Heather E. Armstrong (Charlotte) – Appalachian State UniversityDaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wayne C. Armstrong, Jr. – Associate MemberFranklin E. Scott (Lucama) – NC State UniversityGrandson of Mr. James J. Reilly – Associate Member Post Grad Scholarship - $800Katherine L. Tompkins (Durham) – UNC at Chapel Hill Lauren Harrelson, Robbie and Kim HarrelsonSpouse of Gregory A. Tompkins – DET 6 RSP At the East Wake Academy awards Special Population Scholarship - $800 ceremony, Jordan Tyndall (below) was presented with the Academic Excellence/Arthur T. Hohnsbehn (Garner) – Campbell University Leadership Award in the amount of $1000.Son of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E. Hohnsbehn – Associate Member Jordan is the daughter of Sue Hardison and General Scholarships - $400 Ken Tyndall. Jordan will be attending UNC- Greensboro majoring in Sign LanguageAmber M. Sapp (East Bend) – Forsyth Technical Community College Interpretation.Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L. Sapp – Associate Member General Scholarships - $800Laurin A. Harrelson (Hamlet) – Wingate UniversityDaughter of Mr. Robert E. Harrelson, Jr. – HHC 105th EN BN (CBT)Crystal M. Kluttz (China Grove) – Cabarrus College of Health ScienceDaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Eddie M. Kluttz – Associate MemberMelinda D. Loftis (Peachland) – Wingate UniversityDaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Loftis – HHC 60th Troop Command SECU Foundation/NCNGA Educational Foundation Scholarship - $10,000Katie L. Dew (Holly Springs) – East Carolina UniversityDaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Dew – Det 1 B Co 2-151 AVN Jordan Tyndall and Sue Hardison SECU Foundation/NCNGA Educational Foundation The Educational Foundation awarded 35 Scholarship - $5,000 scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic year.Travis A. Cuddington (Goldsboro) – Wayne Community CollegeSon of Mr. & Mrs. James A. Cuddington – Associate Member ~Tarheel Guardsman AUG/SEP 2012 — Page 11
  12. 12. “Fairway to Honor” Charity Golf Tournament Please join us as we honor our men and women of the North Carolina National Guard, and those organizations who support them and our community.EVENT: “Fairway to Honor” Charity Golf Tournament Sponsored by the Soldiers & Airmen Assistance Fund, Inc.- NC (SAAF)WHEN: 23 August 2012 (Thursday)WHERE: Crooked Creek Golf Course, 4621 Shady Greens Drive, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526FORMAT: 4-person Captain’s Choice. Open to all golfers.PRICE: $60.00 per person (Drinks, Lunch, Green Fees, Cart, Range Balls, Gift Bag, and Prizes).Mulligan packages are $10 per player and will be sold at the registration table -- includes two mulli-gans, one raffle ticket. Red tee busters $5.00 (1 per player).REGISTRATION: Begins at 0800. The driving range will be open during this time. At 0945 we askall players to gather at the club house for a Color Guard ceremony and event kickoff. The shotgunstart is at 1000. Golf awards, raffle prizes will be awarded immediately following play at 1630 p.m.ON COURSE CONTESTS: Hole-in-One contest is for $10,000. Trophies will be given for the longestdrive, closest to the pin, putting contest and the three teams with the lowest scores.FOOD & REFRESHMENTS: The beverage cart is stocked with soft drinks, snacks and water. Lunchwill be served while you are on the range.SIGN UP: Send your list of team players to Dennis Roach, Director SAAF-NC, along with yourchecks or money orders payable to the SAAF, 7410 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607. Deadlinefor entry is 20 August 2012. Have questions? Give me a call at 919.971.2249 or email FORM:Name:__________________________________________ City:_____________________________Phone #:________________________________ Email:_________________________________ My other 3 players are: 1._______________________________ 2._______________________________ 3._______________________________ “Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our Guard families and to help the NC National Guard maintain the highest quality of morale and welfare for their troops”Page 12 — AUG/SEP 2012 Tarheel Guardsman
  13. 13. August 12, 2012 August 16, 2012 alwsconcerts.comSoldiers Supporting One of TheirOwn at Relay for Life EventOn May 5, 2012, Soldiers from 694th sion.Maintenance Company in Snow Hill par- With Soldiersticipated in Greene County’s 14th annual from the 694thRelay for Life Event. This event raises Maintenancemoney for cancer cure and promotes Company andawareness within communities. Detach- Veterans marchingment Soldiers have been participating in behind him, SPCthis event for the past 5 years by escort- Boyer carried theing the Torch of Hope from the Greene Torch of Hope onCounty Courthouse to Greene County High its ceremonial lapSchool, for a total distance of 1.5 miles. around Greene This year’s torch run was particularly Central’s Highimportant for the Soldiers of Det 1 694th School track, withMaintenance Company, because one of the song “Godtheir own has been fighting cancer for Bless the USA”the past year. SPC Kyle Boyer, 22, from playing in theAsheville NC, who is a member of the background.694th Maintenance Company, was diag- SPC Boyer stated, “The Torch symbolizes the hope to keepnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. SPC going. It (cancer) wasn’t going to beat me. All it takes is hopeBoyer has been undergoing treatments for and we can find a cure.” Submitted by SSG John S. Smith, HHCthe past year and has recently been told by 690th BSB.physicians that the cancer is now in remis-Tarheel Guardsman AUG/SEP 2012 — Page 13
  14. 14. NC Soldiers Set the Standard at 2012 Yama SakuraBy LTC Brent A. OrrFORT LEWIS, Wash. -- Snowplows workedovertime here in February 2012, to clear snowfrom a parking lot in order to turn it into thesite of the 449th Theater Aviation Brigade’s(TAB) main command post just two days be-fore the main body’s scheduled arrival. The449th was preparing for Yama Sakura 61, anannual large-scale, bi-lateral exercise involvingJapanese and US forces working at locationsoverseas and in the United States. The weather was only a small stumblingblock for the Brigade thanks to a very persis-tent advanced party that was there to pave theway for the unit’s arrival. The exercise, in itsentirety, proved to be a daunting challenge FORT LEWIS, WA – Aerial view of the Command Post for theas the brigade rolled out their newly-fielded North Carolina National Guard’s 449th Theater Aviation Brigadedigital mission command post. Not only were in support of the Yama Sakura 61 exercise here. (US Army Photothey to complete the exercise successfully, but by Maj. Michele Harper, 449th Theater Aviation Brigade)the staff teams of Headquarters Company werechallenged with commanding two brigade digital systems training in time to effect a successful operation from be-headquarters simultaneously. When another ginning to end.Combat Aviation Brigade withdrew from the The 449th repeatedly dominated the linear battlefield with well-exercise, the 449th commander and opera- planned deep attack missions. They took the attack helicopter battalionstions officer accepted the challenge of filling deep behind the enemy’s front lines to consistently and successfully de-the critical void. To add further complication feat enemy Division and Corps centers of complexity, the 449th enlisted force had to MAJ John Feutz, the unit’s chief of operations, who holds a civiliancomplete new digital equipment training as position as a Master Black Belt of Business Transformation for a largethey began the exercise while the staff officers corporation, observed the progress the 449th Brigade made in a short pe-conducted two full cycles of military planning riod.on two separate battle spaces and task organi- “The 449th began as essentially a new organization approximately 12zations. months ago, due to turnover after their last deployment and then went to Despite the obvious difficulties associated full mission command capability in an unusually short period of time,”with the dual role mission, the Soldiers of the said Feutz who noted the unit fielded new digital-mission command sys-449th Aviation Brigade completed their new tems, introduced a new tactical standard operating procedure, which it had to write from scratch, and then held its first collaborative multiple-mission planning experi- ence within about 30 days of coming together. “If they would have stopped there, that could have been considered mission success. But then they completed a very successful bi-lateral exercise normally conducted by two separate aviation brigades – and did it as one.” continued on page 15 — FORT LEWIS, Wash. – Soldiers from the North Carolina National Guard’s 449th Theater Aviation Brigade man their stations in their brigade operations center in support of Yama Sakura 61 exercise here. (US Army Photo by Maj. Michele Harper, 449th Theater Aviation Brigade)Page 14 — AUG/SEP 2012 Tarheel Guardsman
  15. 15. Listed below are those members (and non-members), spouses and dependent In Memoriam children that have passed away between March 11, 2012 and July 5, 2012. If we have missed someone, please contact the Editor, Teri Foster at teri.gregory. or 919-851-3390 ext 1. Gary W. Borders James K. Hatcher Maxie G. Tolar Raymond L. Watkins Joe McCormick Shelby, NC Co B 1-130th HQ 139th Regiment (CA) Lexington, NC 156th Airlift Sqdrn 11 March 2012 Raleigh, NC Spring Lake, NC 4 June 2012 Belmont, NC 29 March 2012 9 May 2012 Robert H. Watson James F. Strickland Ryan Scott David Charlotte, NC Beth Barnhill Worth S. Russell, Jr. Smyrna, NC 156th Airlift Sqdrn 14 March 2012 Spouse of Charlotte, NC 9 June 2012 Boone, NC James M. Barnhill 11 May 2012 Hugh H. Hill, Jr. Durham, NC Jerry E. Hinnant, Sr. Anthony T. Fico Snow Hill, NC 15 April 2012 Aubrey C. Rich Goldsboro, NC 1452nd Trans (HET) Co 19 March 2012 Wake Forest, NC 10 June 2012 Cary, NC Romie V. Lewter 15 May 2012 4 July 2012 Myrtle E. Norman Roanoke Rapids, NC Jimmie D. Wood Spouse of 20 April 2012 James L. Hopper Hays, NC Robert H. McCoy, Jr. Larry W. Norman Staley, NC 15 June 2012 Snow Hill, NC Ernul, NC Jacqueline S. Bell 16 May 2012 4 July 2012 15 March 2012 Spouse of Loyd M. Bell Stanley B. Mercer Franklin, NC Donna J. Linaberry Wilson, NC Frank “Danny” Huff Veronica M. Wynn 26 April 2012 Spouse of 20 June 2012 Oxford, NC Spouse of David L. Linaberry 5 July 2012 Charles R. Wynn Ronald A. Watkins Eden, NC Drury N. Helms Clinton, NC Timberlake, NC 25 May 2012 Fort Mill, SC 24 March 2012 26 April 2012 20 June 2012 Robert L. BraswellEdward L. Williams, Jr. Christopher D. Hasbrouck Gastonia, NC Robert S. Cannon Raleigh, NC Det 11 NCARNG RRB 3 June 2012 145th OPS SPT FLT 28 March 2012 Plymouth, NC Charlotte, NC 2 May 2012 Barbara Hudson 1 July 2012 Neal P. Taylor Spouse of Ben Hudson 156 Airlift Sqdrn th Derek L. Leeson Youngsville, NC Paul K. Mikeal Charlotte, NC Btry B 1-113th FA 4 June 2012 156th Airlift Sqdrn 29 March 2012 Marshville, NC Mooresville, NC 3 May 2012 1 July 2012Yama Sakura 61 Exercisecontinued from page 14 Feutz’s personal experience with effi- ercise the digital-mission command systems successfully with all theciency and process improvement gave him a war fighting functions on the modern battlefield, in a joint and multi-special appreciation for the challenge of inte- national environment, is a sound victory for the 449th Theater Aviationgrating people, processes, and technology in Brigade and all its hard working Soldiers,” said COL Todd Hunt, thethe digital-mission command environment in 449th commander. He also conveyed his desire to continue the success-order to achieve success through efficiency. ful momentum in a series of battle drills and exercises that will take The 449th Aviation Brigade was supple- place over the next 12 months.mented by a battalion-level execution team, led The 449th Theater Aviation Brigade does not stop when thingsby LTC Brett Russ and MAJ Benny Collins. become difficult or challenging. Rather, it embraces tough, realisticWithout this execution team, the Brigade’s training opportunities. As the global operational tempo changes, thedirectives, plans, and contingencies would 449th has found the opportunity to increase operational relevance bynot have come to fruition on the battlefield. employing its battle drills in both the joint operational environment andThe all-volunteer team was staffed primarily the domestic operations arena. The digital-mission command systemsfrom the 1st Attack Battalion, 130th Aviation provide a unique platform that enhances the art of command with theRegiment, with a leadership team from the 2nd science of control in any environment. This pursuit of excellence is theirAirfield Operations Battalion, 130th Aviation way to demonstrate they are always ready and always there, trained andRegiment. mission ready. “To plan and execute a cross-countrydeployment, then field, train, set-up, and ex-Tarheel Guardsman AUG/SEP 2012 — Page 15
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