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Costume Analysis of Preliminary Task

Costume Analysis

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Costume Analysis of Preliminary Task

  1. 1. Costume Analysis
  2. 2. Fedora The fedora is a style of hat stereotypically worn by mafia. This immediately put the annotation of this character being the antagonist as well as being mysterious as these style of hats are used to conceal the hair and can be used to conceal the eyes of the person wearing it. Hiding motives. Colour Scheme: Red and Black The red shows the danger in the person wearing the attire, it is an indication that this person is dangerous and should be avoided. The black symbolises power, intimidation and the absence of light. As light is normally associated with good, black is therefore associated with evil and worn by villains. Tied back hair Makes the character look more masculine and therefore more powerful and dominant, as stereotypically masculinity is associated with strength. Tie and Suit Those make the character look powerful as it makes her lookalike she is part of an important business. Successful business people are often viewed as powerful as they have a lot of influence and are wealthy. Effect on Audience: All of this would hopefully make the character seem powerful to the audience and could make them fearful of the character or dislike her. Basically show that she is the villain.
  3. 3. Make up: Black Eye The black eye makes the victim look vulnerable as it show’s he might be physically weak. Ropes The ropes show that the victim is restrain and therefore makes him look helpless. The white makes sure that the ropes stand out so the audience can notice them easier and realise the victim is tied. It also suggest the victim is good or innocence as white is associated with purity. Messy Hair The messy hair makes the victim look like he has been through a lot and could suggest a struggle. The Green Hoodie The hoodie is sometimes associated with hiding as the hood can be used to hide someone's identity. This suggest that the victim knew he was going to be captured and was trying to hide. The green makes the victim look more innocent as green is associated with youth. Effect on Audience: The overall effect should portray this character as the victim and make him seem weak and helpless. This helpless and innocent look could make the audience feel sorry for the character and feel worried for him while watching the video.