Starcraft 2 Terran strategy


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A tutorial on the best starcraft 2 Terran strategy in the Terran vs.Zerg game.

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Starcraft 2 Terran strategy

  1. 1. Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy Terran vs. Zerg By:Alex K. White
  2. 2. Terran Vs. Zerg Strategy This article is a basic starcraft 2 Terran strategy guide with Terrran v Zerg strategies that will help improve your gameplay. Generally Zerg players are slow in getting units that can advance through and are weak against the mechanical units so you are free to tech if your wall is finished. The best starcraft 2 Terran strategy in Terran vs. Zerg lies in getting a Mech army. Behind your wall, build a few Siege Tanks, Hellions, and Marines. Once you have a few Siege Tanks up, take your expansion. Be sure to scout for any air units. Also make sure that you build some Hellions, Marines and Siege Tanks behind your wall and once the tanks are up expand while making sure that you are scouting for air units. If your enemy is making Mutalisks do not make Vikings because Mutalisks do well against Vikings. Some Missile Turrets and Marines will be ok early on in the game against Mutalisks. As you proceed with the game get some Thors. Once you have 3-4 Thors they will be unstoppable against the Mutalisks and you can make up for Thors immobility by having missile turrets around your base and a sensor building that will detect enemy movement from far. To protect your Siege Tanks against Zergling packs you can use Hellions and quietly bring your Tanks, Thors and Hellions to your opponent’s base. A lot of Zerg players often try to counter you by harassing your base while you are away. The most important thing to remember is that behind a Terran Wall a Thor, 4 Marines, 3 Tanks and a Missile Turret can handle the biggest Zerg armies. Any good starcraft 2 guide will tell you that it’s not necessary to take all your units with you, because Terran units are very efficient versus Zerg units. Just make sure to leave around 20 supplies worth of units in your base as you slowly move into Zerg player’s base. When you come near to their base, be mindful over your tanks. The best way to do this is to “leap frog”, which means putting about half your tanks in Tank Mode, and then moving them and putting them in Siege Mode, and then moving the tanks left behind and repeating the same thing. By doing this you stealthily progress on to the Zerg players base without being caught and with all your tanks in Tank Mode. This is a basic Starcraft 2 Terran strategy guide for Terran vs. Zerg that is very effective. If you want more of the best starcraft 2 Terran strategy guides I suggest you visit for tips and comprehensive guide reviews.