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Northeast Ohio Women in Tech - Mentoring by Mindy Berthold


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Mentoring – Leveraging others to help drive your career -
There are many reasons you might need help in your career, it could be Perspective, Re-alignment, or just Encouragement. No matter the reason, mentoring is a great way to move your career forward. No matter the industry or the role, none of us are perfect and we all have something to learn or fine tune. We will discuss the why’s and how’s of Mentoring, and how to drive the process.

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Northeast Ohio Women in Tech - Mentoring by Mindy Berthold

  1. 1. Leveraging others to help drive your career
  2. 2. • Why Not? • Mentoring types • Mentors for Women and Minorities • Aspects of mentoring from an associate and business point of view. • Who can be mentor?/Where can I find a mentor? • Types of Mentor – what are you working on?
  3. 3. Working with others gives you a wider lens of the company and/or problem
  4. 4. Am I doing the right thing?
  5. 5. I feel unsure in this new space
  6. 6. • Decide to invest in YOU • Be OPEN/HONEST with yourself • Choose a mentor and ask them for help • Who drives the process • Write it Down • Expect to do work
  7. 7. • Set up a time to meet that will make you successful • Schedule your first session • Own it! • Ask the Mentor to be Direct
  8. 8. • Meet • TALK • Learn! • Respect • GROW
  9. 9. • Why Not • Learn more about you • Opportunity to help others