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When Ransomware Attacks: Emergency Measures to Save Your Business


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Ransomware is a serious threat to businesses and it’s growing fast! If your computer becomes infected with this dangerous malware, don’t panic. Thankfully, there are still ways to protect your sensitive data and save your system. Follow this guide to protect yourself and your business from ransomware attacks.

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When Ransomware Attacks: Emergency Measures to Save Your Business

  1. 1. WHEN RANSOMWARE ATTACKS Emergency measures to save your business
  3. 3. o Sometimes it can pretend to be law enforcement agencies or antivirus software in order to trick the victim into thinking they’re paying the ransom to a legitimate source. o Typical ransoms are $100-$200 but can be much higher o There is no guarantee that after the ransom is paid that the computer will be unlocked WHAT IS RANSOMWARE? Ransomware is a type of malware that severely restricts access to a computer, device or file until a ransom is paid by the user.
  4. 4. It is mostly small and medium-size businesses at risk. Criminals are well aware that cybersecurity issues are seldom a priority for small business managers. At the same time, small and midsize companies may have enough money to draw cybercriminals’ interest. WHO IS AT RISK? Small to medium-size businesses are most at risk
  5. 5. SYMPTOMS OF A RANSOMWARE ATTACK Symptoms of a ransomware attack can include: Some files fail to open Background wallpaper has been changed with a list of ransom demands .VVV .XXX .ABC Extensions on files have been changed to VVV, XXX, ABC
  7. 7. The infected system should be immediately disconnected from the local network so it won’t infect other machines. STEP 1
  8. 8. If you need to retrieve files from an affected machine, you will need to access the disk without compromising other machines. Remove the drive from the infected machine Disable auto run on the computer you plan on connecting the infected drive to Using a file manager, copy the desired files STEP 2
  9. 9. Internet Security experts should be contacted in order to diagnose the severity of the ransomware. STEP 3 STEP 4 Depending on how common the ransomware is, security experts might be able to recover your files.
  10. 10. This entails recovering the data from backup storage. That’s assuming you have a backup. METHOD 1
  11. 11. This method involves putting the encrypted data away for an indefinitely long time. There is always a tiny, but real, chance that we will discover technical means to crack the encryption — or that the attackers will be found and jailed, and their master keys made public. METHOD 2
  13. 13. Implementing security solutions can safeguard against future ransomware attacks and other dangerous cyberthreats. MEASURES TO PREVENT RANSOMWARE Regular data backups are the safest way to keep your files from potentially being lost forever.
  14. 14. STAY SAFE WITH KASPERSKY LAB Kaspersky Lab offers a variety of internet security solutions designed to safeguard you and your business against online cyberthreats.