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Old version of CV for Kasper Kronmann Nielsen

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Newer version of CV at

  1. 1. Curriculum VitaeKasper Kronmann NielsenPersonal DetailsAddress: Rosenhaven 218, 2980 KokkedalContact details: +45 22205147 or +45 49143214E-mail: or kasperknielsen@hotmail.comDate and place of birth: 09.03.1971, Copenhagen DenmarkFamily status: Married, 3 children aged 7, 11 and 13LinkedIn profile: Badminton, team manager of one of the NKB teams.Summary Leadership team / Change management  Leading IT changes for the business; being new ERP systems, outsourcing of IT help desk/infrastructure, implementing of IT Trust Domain or implementing IT system to improve business process.  Leading people change process; being 7 years with several sales process preparations and execution, CSC centralisation from 4 countries to one, merging teams with different agenda or outsourcing business functions and close offices.  Solid team-building experience via coaching, training and drawing on each individual’s strengths to create cohesive, high- performance teams out of diverse elements and many nationalities. Both as a direct manager and as project manager.  Thorough understanding of working with virtual teams spread over different countries/locations, with more than 10 years’ experience leading Nordic virtual teams plus broad experience working as a team member or leading in global virtual teams.  As member of the Shell LPG Nordic management team, working with preparing for sale of the business, short and long term strategy, performance management and the daily business challenges. Business process improvement / Project management experience  Proven experience working with business-process improvement and optimisation, both as a team coach and project manager managing a team through Six Sigma and LEAN improvement projects within supply chain, CSC, IT and finance, delivering button line $ savings and new business opportunities.  Project manager for several businesses as well as IT projects with focus on business driven IT projects.  Responsible for rolling out LEAN & Six Sigma as a project model for Shell LPG Nordic on all levels of the organisation, introduction of an “improvement culture” as Nordic Business Excellence manager.  Known for facing challenges, taking ownership of projects assigned and being personally committed to their successful conclusion, even in adverse situations. Demonstrated as project/change manager for the outsourcing of all task and IT within order to cash process after the sale of Shell Gas to Kosan Gas and managing the closing of the Copenhagen office. Sales experience  Co-visit with sales people, coaching as part of Shell coaching program “Sales First” and handle difficult complaints within the order to cash process as co-visits with sales in all 4 Nordic countries.  As management team member monitoring if the customer pipeline by the sales force have been strong enough.  Coaching sales staff on new IT services or solutions by doing the first customer presentations to sell in the right value propositions to the customers and train sales in selling IT related services.  Responsible for handle the Bronze customer segments of the Nordic LPG through manage and coach OBAM staff. IT system management • IT manager experience from Shell working with IT systems/management, budget, IT security (Trust Domain), IT outsourcing, Infrastructure design/functionality/maintenance, data and application management, with a keen appreciation of both business needs and IT constraints/opportunities.LanguagesDanish - fluentEnglish - business-levelNorwegian - business-levelSwedish - business-levelReferencesMikkel Pedersen, Finance Manager, Shell LPG Nordic, +45 2220 5262Johan Zettergren, former General Manager, Shell LPG Nordic, +46 703 28 86 08Søren Greve, CEO, Dansk Shell, e-mail:, +45 33372000 1 | P a g e
  2. 2. Career HistoryStart : Jan-2012 Responsible for handling the Change project of closing the Copenhagen office. Insuring function and process to be handed over from staffs andEnd : Oct-2012 manage business continuity in the change process with no impact to customer experience.Position Manager of a CSC team of 6 front and back office people, 4 distribution planners and two Business analyst/project managers through the change : CSC (OTC) Manager, LPG Nordic process, leaving only 3 left in the organisation at the end.Employing : Kosan Gas Danmark A/Scompany Highlights:  Most important achievement has been to coach and motivate staff so that a highly performing team worked to the end and that I ensured that all staff finalised their work properly and with pride, helping with seeing new opportunities in the difficult situation.  Leading the outsourcing of customer service and planning to external hauliers, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Insuring that the split of responsibility in the supply chain was handled and forecast process continued and level of customer service maintain in the transition of IT system and process.  Delivered transfer of support functions and finance tasks to other Kosan Gas offices and departments as people left the company in Copenhagen and acted as knowledge backup when people had left.  Insured the migration of process and customer master data to the Kosan Gas IT system from Shell IT systems was done correctly, overlooking the project people.  Subject matter expert on the transformation of the IT infrastructure to the new buyers Citrix infrastructure and handling termination of the old infrastructure of Shell, termination of contracts and transfer of the one to continue.Start : June-2011 Dimension Member of the core management team and direct responsible OPEX of 1,5 MUSD and indirect responsible for delivering 9,679 MUSD C5End : Jan-2012 by delivering business improvement projects by the OTC team.Position Managing team of 1 front office CSC team leader (6 staffs), 2 back office staff/office based account managers, 4 distribution planners, 2 project : Order to Cash Manager, manager/business analyst and 3rd party consultants assigned for projects. LPG Nordic Business contact to outsource IT service providers and central Shell application management team, being escalation point for problems and changes.Employing : Shell Gas (LPG) Danmark A/Scompany from 15th of October Highlights: Kosan Gas Danmark A/S  I merged the Customer Service and distribution planning teams in Nordic into one team as Order to Cash Manager, to ensuring better liaison and backup within a very lean organisation and with one managing responsibility across the supply chain with now common goals/KPIs.  Owner/sponsor of the project of Implementing a planning tool (300K+ USD budget) to optimize distribution costs and to contribute with a yearly saving of 200K USD, developed with 3rd party Company Ortech, supporting and coaching the project leader assigned and signing of the stage gates in the project according to Shell Project Delivery Framework (PDF-model) used as the project management model.  Extracting of benefits of new loading computers to deliver 75K USD and optimisation of railheads to deliver 80K USD.  Made the organisation much more robust by developed a full task and responsibility/risk matrix across the order to cash process (supply chain), identifying primary and backup roles.  Making the risk assessment and put in place a BCP for the risk areas in business (resource/training) and IT.  Following the sale of Shell LPG to Kosan Gas (UGI), managing rebranding project of all areas of the Order to Cash process within the given short deadlines by delegating and controlling deliverables.  Managed the change process of new owner with the staff being open and honest about the issues and uncertainties arising from the sale of the company, ensured business continuity in the Order to cash process and no impact on customer experiences (indeed performance KPIs were actually raised in the period after the takeover).  Manage the IT work stream project in the sales process with project resource from ELAN handling the hands on, separating from Mother Company and asset handover.  Next to local role, responsible for running work stream under the LEAN LUNCH AND LEARN program in Shell Oil products, together with college from Singapore and London, developing presentation material and running initial virtual presentation for the Hong Kong management and business team of the program, to be roll out.Start : Jan-2009 Dimension Member of the management team and direct responsible for OPEX of 0,06 MUSD (excluding salary cost) and indirect responsible forEnd : June-2011 delivering 8,8 MUSD C5 by delivering business improvement projects.Position Managing team of 9 Front and back office CSC staff, 1 project manager/business analyst and 3 rd party consultants assigned for projects. : Customer Service Center (CSC) Business contact point to outsourced IT service providers/helpdesk and support for all new IT based business system or needs in the business. and Business Excellence (BE) Manager, LPG Nordic Highlights:Employing : Shell Gas (LPG) Danmark A/S 2011company  Developed and improved the Key performance indicators (KPIs) for the common customer service and business support functions, by identified areas of improvement, through usage of the Six Sigma and Lean tools, building on data driven decisions for the improvement projects initiated.  Claim and complaint process was improved and streamline together with a CSC staff identified with potential to be exploited, by coaching her when leading the change process. Leading to much better management awareness (KPIs) of issues inside the company and identification of root courses to problems observed by customers.  As project manager insured the area of telemetry deliver cost savings on yearly basis of 110K USD identified, by proper use the IT tool. Actions were implemented and embedded in organisation to grab these savings by monitoring performance and streamline process and strategy.  Delivered other areas of low hanging fruits improvements as: customer master data improvement; stock handling and month end financial process.  Delivered improvement in the financial process, by reducing time spend internally, with faster invoices to customer achieved and hereby better cash flow (less credit days lost) and fewer errors.  Achieved development of the Nordic customer service and back office team to be a high performing team after the centralisation and big changes. This was through building on working together in a multi-cultural environment, with very diverse personalities/nationalities and high level of changes by using each other’s strength through trust in each other.  Insured a focus on an improvement culture got embedded in the organisation by supporting and leading awareness on Six Sigma and Lean tools and approaches with several people in the organisation being trained and achieving Six Sigma Lean Yellow belt certification and personally I achieved Green Belt certification on the basis of the improvement project delivered as project manager using Six Sigma DMAIC process.  Business case for Distribution planning tool was developed and internal selling and approval process done to get funding from Global Shell IT budget. 2010  Manage Project Go live of the centralised Nordic customer service and business support for LPG Nordic on time according to project plan.  Manage to stabilise and improve the internal customer service process, insuring/developing competencies and backup for all customer service and business support task in LPG Nordic.  Delivering a yearly savings of 200K USD and once of saving off 200K USD by the CSC project through staff reduction and process improvements.  Leading and planning training of staff and insuring process standardisation achieved across the 4 Nordic countries.  Coordinating improvement project for the full order to cash process, helping out on alignment of planning strategy with order taking and vendor management inventory (VMI) in cooperation with other managers and teams in the order to cash process.  As member of the management team handling the communication to own staff about the potential sale of LPG and working on the preparation for the sale, as customer service, IT and business process subject matter expert. 2009  I received a Shell Vice President award for: “Improving Customer Service by Teamwork” leading global virtual teams to improve customer focus across LPG globally. Have developed standard way of working and communicating with LPG customers to improve customer service. Leveraged best practice to identify key performance metrics that are focused on process and customer experience. Created a need for more focus on competence and career development across LPG customer service staff and worked with HR to develop these requirements. Have challenged the status quo on our telemetry (VMI) investments and identified how we can move forward in a consistent approach across our organisation.  Delivering Lean/Sigma project for LPG Nordic customer service and analyse potential centralisation of the virtual customer service team in Nordic. 2 | P a g e
  3. 3.  Delivered proposal for Nordic CSC centralisation and project plan for implementation, done with change management in focus and DMAIC. 2009  Implemented skill based ACD phone system based on language for customer handling and leverage on the IP backbone of the MPLS network to reduce cost for cross country communication.  Closed standardisation gaps in the order to cash process with distribution manager streamlining to the Business excellence model of Global Shell.  Documented and cleared the product stock process and trained the new stock manager in distribution to take over stock reconciliation.  Reduced times spend on stock and eliminating stock losses as well insured sign of was clear and done according to manual of authority.  Insured proper documentation got in place for audit on the stock for all 4 countries at month end/year end.Start : Jan-2007 Dimension Member of the management team and direct responsible for CSC OPEX of 0,160 MUSD and Local IT OPEX of 0,592 MUSD.End : Dec-2008 Indirect responsible for delivering 9,77 MUSD C5 by delivering business improvement projects.Position Managing team of 9 Front and back office CSC staff, 1 project manager/business analyst, 1 DBA, 1 Infrastructure lead and 3 rd party consultants : CSC, Business Excellence and IT assigned for projects. Manager, LPG NordicEmploying : Shell Gas (LPG) Danmark A/S Highlights:company 2008  I achieved robust customer service performance in when taking over a CSC virtual team spread over 4 countries by establishing documentation and backup inside the virtual team and basic KPIs.  Prepared and ran the outsourcing Project of LPG Nordic IT to Central Shell IT team “BAM”, HP and AT&T, insuring business continuity in the transformation process, testing and challenge new support models for request, escalation and helpdesk in general.  Streamline the order to cash process towards the global model for CSC and Finance LPG Nordic.  Introducing Six Sigma & LEAN to management team.  Define and document key business process in LPG Nordic order to cash process.  Managing the general business excellent roll out in Shell LPG Nordic, I facilitated “Cost of Pure Quality” analysis for the order to cash process.  Manage the project for “Security management framework and IT infrastructure re-certification” according to Trust Domain and Shell standards  I established within the Business excellence community contact to customer service managers globally and participated in establishing formal Global Customer service Manager Forum for LPG in order to share best practices globally. 2007  I received a Shell Vice President award for: “The Airlock Migration and Remigration Projects – Operational Excellence” The LPG Management Team would like to thank you for all your efforts with the Airlock migration and remigration projects. A tremendous amount of work has been done by you in keeping the impact of the IT changes as little as possible for the business. Even though a very big and complex change process was going on behind the scene, you have succeeded with excellence in keeping the business running.  I stepped into the management team of LPG Nordic and started reporting to the General Manager by taking the manager role of LPG Nordic Business Support Center.  I centralise and streamlined task for the 4 countries in the CSC where possible in the virtual structure, mainly back office task.  Manage the project for “Security management framework and IT infrastructure certification” according to Trust Domain and Shell standards  Working with coaching of new staff and creating a team spirit and handling people with stress to get a work life balance.  Delivered documentation of business process and insure Month end process in place and well documented for finance with critical path identified for delivering in time for all teams involved in the process and common deliverables SIPOC done for all sub process with CtQ and CtC.Start : Nov-2004 DimensionEnd : Dec-2006 Managing team of 1 DBA, 1 Infrastructure lead and 3 rd party consultants assigned for projects and services.Position SME expert for A/S Dansk Shell on eBusiness, HelpDesk issues and problem escalation. : IT and Process Manager, LPG Nordic Highlights:Employing : Shell Gas (LPG) Danmark A/S 2006company  I establish LPG Nordics own IT infrastructure and data centre for ERP systems outside Shell Central IT, getting all contracts and service agreement in place for a successful carve out of infrastructure and services according to our business strategy for a future independent globally LPG business.  Insured MPLS infrastructure design project for the 4 countries including home offices and single locations in remote area was delivered according to Shell standards.  Establishment of infrastructure and design for the 4 main offices, one in each country. Office in Norway and Denmark at total new locations.  Designed and established main server room in the Copenhagen office.  Migrated all Nordic users’ desktop and applications to the new environment “Airlock” by global LPG and established process for HelpDesk, Request management and issue escalation/prioritisation. 2004-2005  The Sale project “Burgundy” started with the target to sell of the LPG business globally from Mother Company Shell. Offered the challenge to be a key player in building a total new company organisation and infrastructure from scratch.  Assisted in building up the new LPG organisation outside the Shell organisation for LPG Nordic, establishing all former shared service inside LPG Nordic cluster.  Made business strategy for offices, IT services and IT infrastructure supporting the strategy define for the business needs and process.  Assisted finance in the creation of 4 new legal entities by handling the changes needed in IT systems and process due to this.  Lead project of the splitting of data from mother companies and insuring access to historical data if not transferred.  Took over IT contracts and assets moved to LPG legal entities from mother companies in the 4 countries.  Managed the migration of Nordic LPG users out of the Shell IT desktop environment to temporary LPG environment.  Made procurement of needed equipment as staff was hired and insured people got up running with IT without issues.Start : Jan-2001 DimensionEnd : Oct-2004 Driving capture of e-Opportunities in Scandinavia and create options for the future.Position Setting the strategy for eBusiness with main responsibility for develop, maintain and selling the eService platform of Shell Nordic. : Scandinavian eBusiness analystEmploying : A/S Dansk Shell Highlights:company 2004  Developed and implemented eBusiness strategy for all Lines of Business in A/S Dansk Shell. Work presented and approved by Shell Country coordination team. Leading to coordination of eInitiatives (eBusiness, Web/marketing and eProcurement) and clear steer for management.  Been giving input into the Global Streamline eBusiness project and was nominated by this work stream to commit time to challenge the technical build team on the architecture for the future global SAP platform of Shell, called GSAP.  Trained and coached customer service eBusiness focal point in order to take over the responsibility for the eBusiness platform in Denmark.  Defined the concept of “Thin Front End” eBusiness platform, enabling your existing internal automated process, published internally in Shell.  Achieved 19% (24.180) of all Nordic lubricant orders and 15% (61.194) of fuels orders now to be done via the eChane,l leading to a cost to serve saving of 0,46 M€ together with the Nordic eBusiness team. 2003  Worked with and supported all Line of Business (Commercial, Retail, LPG etc.) on identifying e-opportunities and to developed customer value propositions supported by delivering business cases/projects and help promote e-business as an enable to further growth and profit within Scandinavia. Project leader for eBoks, EDI, online catalogue, Gatetrade, DOIP, Online Auctions etc.  Enabled further roll out of the eBusiness platform “Shells online service” by internal and external sales and marketing.  Developing and managing campaigns as well as visit customers to promote eBusiness as an enabler of cost savings and added service.  Running the implementing of infrastructure changes for eBusiness in Shell Nordic new server standard to be implemented across the 4 countries.  Supported Shell Europe Oil Product requests and projects in the eBusiness area for the Nordic countries acting as SME on trends and technology.  Achieved 15.115 of Nordic lubricant orders and 44.706 of fuels order, now done via the eChanel, yet a new record high achieved for the Nordic eBusiness team. 3 | P a g e
  4. 4. 2002  Scope/Manage/implement projects across Scandinavia together with local Sales & Marketing organisation (incl. project identification, management of teams, budget etc.).  Develop relevant training for staff incl. awareness, specific skills, new functions” (Shells online service and eBusiness in general).  Manage and develop technical Service Level Agreements eg. with Shell IT (SITI) ensuring proper mechanism for monitoring service levels and costs for IT.  Identify gaps in existing Scandinavian e-business solutions and liaise with Shell Europe Oil Product team on future developments incl. specification of new services and corrections to application and settlement of budgets for the future changes. 2001  Proved proof for need of new IT infrastructure for eBusiness in Shell, achieved funding for change and implemented project for the changes as project manager in order to meet customers’ requirements for speed and availability’.  Participated in Shell leadership program FRD/LEOP project - One CVP (eShape) to make Shell ready for next generation of global web present with one single look and feel globally. Selection on web content management system.  Performed continuous roll out and development of the Nordic eBusiness platform. Evolved the platform into a business critical application for the 4 Nordic countries now also implemented in Sweden as the last country.Start : Sep-1998 DimensionEnd : Dec-2000 Project manager resource within the commercial business, driven IT projects and advisor and spokesmen for the local business in relation to ITPosition decisions. : IT planner and eBusiness Insuring escalation of HelpDesk issues escalating and manage resolution for business critical IT issues by providing documentation. Manager CommercialEmploying : A/S Dansk Shell Highlights:company 2000 - IT planner and eBusiness Manager located in Marketing and communication department.  Idea generator and Project leader for the development and roll out of the eBusiness platform Shells online service, identify stakeholders and finding sponsors for project internally in Shell Europe Oil product to kick off project, by getting funding/resources in place. Implemented in Norway and Finland subsequently.  Participating intensively in the work around eBusiness on Shell Europe Oil Product and Global Oil Product level forming this new channel of sale, marketing and communication. Part of a virtual team looking at New IT technologies and their business opportunities.  Insured all marketing material changes were done in house at low cost and with speed. Implemented DTP and Mac to PC conversion of files. 1999 - IT planner and eCommerce, located in sales support department.  Was active involved in introducing eBusiness in Shell Oil Products eg. Participated in the Common building Block creation for eCommerce in Shell Globally.  Develop several online application to the websites with 3 rd party resources making life easier for customers and people internally. Year 2000 focal point Commercial Denmark and all issues handled in time for the year 2000 to come. 1998 - IT planner, marketing support commercial located in marketing department.  Coordinated all Business units IT applications in Commercial Denmark and assisted marketing eg. website  Creating demand specification for SQL based system “Shell System Smøring” rolled out in Europe as best practise facilitated the development by 3rd party LR Soft.  Business contact for HelpDesk escalation and issue prioritisation.Other work experienceFrom 1997 until 1998 worked with own research in Sweden at “Abisko Arctic international research station” and at CopenhagenUniversity on "Global warming impact on plant and microbes competitive relationship”.I worked intensively with data analysis by SAS statistic programming and lab analysis of earth and water samples.In the summer of 1996 worked as field assistant at Abisko Arctic international research station.Started own consultant company in 1993, specialized in projected management of project using IT to improve internal processmainly by introducing databases to streamline and simplify existing manual processes. Shell in Denmark and Norway were customers.Company was closed in 1999.From January 1991 to 1993 employed at Shell as a student assistant, working in its product technical department with a specialfocus on expert systems for lubrication and with developing demand specification for new SQL-based versions of the system.Worked in addition to IT system specification with direct customer contact in the agriculture market, here giving recommendations oflubricants for equipment and for handling both general and technically more challenging enquiries. 4 | P a g e
  5. 5. Education2013 Started on Prince2 Foundation at Mentorix online training2011 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt educations and certification – Six Sigma Academy and Skill Soft.2008 "Leading in Shell" - Shell Front Line Leaders Program2004 Business statistics - Copenhagen Business School2003 Information Technology and Economy Business - Copenhagen Business School2002 The Successful Project leader - Mercury International Business School1993-1995 Additional subjects taken at Copenhagen University at different institutes: Higher plants, Terrestrial ecology, Biologic and Biochemist isotope technique, Remote Satellite sensing and digital picture management, Tropical ecology, Thalofytter and algae, General microbiology, Biological statistics, Computer Science for biology use.1993 Graduate Bachelor in Science (B.Sc. Biology) 3 years of study - Copenhagen University1990 Graduate from upper secondary School 3 years of study - Helsinge Gymnasium1987 Graduate from ground school, 9 years of study - Blistrup Primary SchoolTraining, certifications and, experience.2012 Seminar “Personal Development/Reflection” - Henley University Masterclass2012 Training “Strategy at a Glance” – Henley University MBA teaser.2012 Training “Speed reading” – Henley University open courses2012 Seminar “How to Create a Coaching Culture” - Henley University Masterclass2012 Training “Resources & Life quality” – by IB Persona2012 Seminar “How to release the power of networks” - Henley University Masterclass2011 Presenter “Lean Lunch and Learn session - program” for, Shell Hong Kong management and business team.2011 Training “Building high performance team by co-working through trust” – Hosted as team leader sessions (with help and support from the company IB Persona) a change process of 8 months.2010 Training “Global Anti Trust training” – by A/S Dansk Shell legal representative2010 Online training “Barrier Thinking & Hazard Identification” - Shell Open University2010 Online training “ELIS - IT Security awareness” - Shell Open University2010 One to One “High Performance coaching”- internal Shell program for managers2009 Online training “Conflict of interest” - Shell Open University2009 Received a Shell Vice President award for “Improving Customer Service by Teamwork” leading global virtual teams to improve customer focus across LPG.2008 Re-certification received for Trust Domain Certification “LPG Nordic IT infrastructure and organization”.2008 Manage Workshops, Global LPG - CSC manager work stream “Perfect order”2008 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training – Shell Master Black belt in Chesterfield UK2007 Certification received for Trust Domain Certification “LPG Nordic IT infrastructure and organization”.2007 Security Standard for the Trust Domain – Shell training for IT managers Hamburg Germany2007 Online training “Code of Conduct” - Shell Open University2007 Online training “Anti Trust and Competitive Law” - Shell Open University2006 Received a Shell Vice President award for “The Airlock Migration and Remigration Projects – Operational Excellence” managing LPG Nordic IT carve out from Shell Mother Company.2006 Speaker at conference “Communication with IP and applications” hosted by ASTRA Telecom2006 Shell Business Development Program by Global LPG – “Developing skills to deliver added value”2004 Participated in the semi final of BGF Championship by Business Game Factory Ltd.2004 Career Move (Self-Marketing) course by Shell Learning2003 Participated in BGF Championship by Business Game Factory Ltd.2003 Written English, formal letter writing at European Education Centre EEC.2003 Spoken business English, internal Shell program based on skill level.2002 Speaker at conference “IBM @server ISeries, IT manager conference 2002” hosted by IBM2002 Speaker at conference “eProcurement – what should it cost for your business” hosted by IBM2002 Speaker at conference “eBusiness – added customer satisfaction in combination with savings” hosted by IBM2002 Nominated for Shell President’s Award 2002 – “Building Shells online ordering and service system in the Nordic”2002 Training Course “Improve your Presentation technique” - by Cultivator A/S2001 Speaker at CA World Conference Orlando, Florida US, on the subject of “Mobile business and eBusiness”.2001 Leadership program “FRD/LEOP program – Project: One CVP (eShape program)2000 Training “Microsoft Project” - by Rawenholm Computing2000 Shell Internet Works (SIW) Game Changer program and Ideation workshops2000 Shell Europe OP Commercial e-Commerce Workshop – Creation of the common building blocks for eCommerce in Shell.2000 Training course “Shell in 2000 - Sales through trust in the team” by Intégro1999 Data warehousing and Beyond Workshops, including business intelligence/eCommerce in Shelll1994 Shell Lubrication courses Denmark - Shell technically department 5 | P a g e