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Theme 1

  1. 1. History, Science and TradeBy: Kasandra Bartels History 140<br />Theme 1<br />
  2. 2. What is History?<br /><ul><li>All history is, is just a story or a collection of events that hold importance.</li></ul>History allows us to find out where we are from, why the present is the way it is, and it is based off of true and false.<br />The facts of history cannot be repeated like many facts in science. i.e. We cannot replay the Civil War, but we can drop a feather and stone and know exactly when they will fall.<br />Often called “time capsules” these riddles can be solved by knowledge of ancient links and carbon dating.<br /><ul><li>The development of satellites and undersea technology has made it possible to find treasure on the ocean floors.
  3. 3. DNA has helped in finding the truth within history, such as the story of Louis Charles, thought to of been set free from prison.
  4. 4. Land-Based mysteries can also be a riddle, such as the discovery of incense trading in Ubar, an “ancient city” thought to of been destroyed by Allah over a thousand years ago.</li></li></ul><li>The Journey of Man<br />Scientist/historian, Spencer Wells, used DNA and found that humans in the present have descended from a single man who lived in Africa ~60,000 years ago. Wells proofs his experiment in his book, The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey.<br />Using population genetics and molecular biology in the history of humans has been very vital in trying to find the truth behind modern humans today.<br />It has become an agreement that modern human originated in Africa , gradually expanding to Eurasia around 1.7 million years ago.<br />
  5. 5. Catastrophe!<br />The new theory about the Dark Ages is hidden in the tree rings, they state that abnormally cold weather swept the Earth in A.D. 536.<br />There has been data about drought in Turkey, Italy, Korea, Japan, and China.<br />Carbon and sulfur have were also found in ancient ice, suggesting there had been volcanic activity.<br />Reports from Asia say there was a “large bang” heard in the 6th Century.<br />Did any of these events trigger the darks ages?<br />Southeast and Northeast<br />Map of where the <br />Dark Ages <br />Happened.<br />
  6. 6. Changing Interpretations of America’s Past<br />It has been said by Dobyns, that within the first 130 years of contact in America about 95% people died. This is due to the many epidemics that occurred during this time.<br />Before the Mayflower set sail to America, Europeans had been visiting New England for over 100 years.<br />In 1491, James Mooney concluded that America was inhabitated by 1.15 million people.<br />
  7. 7. The World and Trade<br />The Crusaders discovered Eastern spices, this is known as the Medieval Spices.<br />By the late 1800’s the Europeans also found tea in the China region. Opium was discovered a few years after tea, and imported into the Americas. <br />