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WAW Houston presentation- Sunny Taj


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Intro to web analytics

Published in: Data & Analytics
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WAW Houston presentation- Sunny Taj

  1. 1. What Is Web Analytics “ Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage.” - Industry Standard Definition
  2. 2. Visitor Behavior
  3. 3. Why Web Analytics?? Better understanding of your online business. Helps identify your prospects. Better communication with your customers. Increase in conversions / revenue. It can only make you better.
  4. 4. History Of Web Analytics
  5. 5. Offline -> Online • Radio: Before & after data helps measure impact of ads by city. • Unique redeemable online codes provided in taxi cabs.
  6. 6. Online -> Offline Use membership cards to tie online and offline purchase behavior. Tie online purchasers with later offline purchases (say in the following 45 days). Track Offline Conversions From Your Online Customers.
  7. 7. Web Analytics Process
  8. 8. What Can Be Measured How people arrive at a website. How they navigate a website. How they left. How they find information on a website. How they value website content. How they respond to alternative offers. How they react to email or search marketing. How they interact with the online buying process.
  9. 9. How We Tracked
  10. 10. How We Track
  11. 11. Analytics Framework Business Objective No numbers…Just a sentence. KPIs What measures success. Segmentation Know your users and have the ability to identify between prospects and customers. Presentation Present meaningful data, analysis, actionable insights.
  12. 12. Let’s Begin!!!! Challenges What to report. Identifying Actionable Insights. Presenting the value of analytics. Reporting. Solutions Good KPIs and D.U.M.B objectives. A well designed business case for advanced analytics. Suggestions based on findings for stakeholders.
  13. 13. D.U.M.B Objectives D: Doable Are you capable of accomplishing the goal? U: Understandable Challenge Are the objectives clear to all stakeholders? M: Manageable Challenge Do we have resources in place, and time to achieve? B: Beneficial Challenge Given the other D.U.M requirements, will this be worth our time?
  14. 14. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Retail: 1. Revenue 2. Orders 3. Conversion Rate (Orders/Visitors) 4. Average Order Value (Revenue/Orders) 5. Revenue per Visit 6. Average Selling Price (Revenue/Units) 7. Units per Transaction (Units/Orders)
  15. 15. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Media: 1. Unique Visitors 2. Page Views, Video Starts, & Mobile Views 3. Page/Video/Mobile Views per Visit 4. Registration Rate (Registrations/Visits) 5. Video Consumption Rate (Video Starts/Visits) 6. Visits per Visitor (Visits/Visitors)
  16. 16. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Financial Services: 1. Total Application Submissions 2. Application Completion Rate 3. Application Conversion Rate 4. Self-Service Transaction Completions 5. Self-Service Cost Savings (Call-center cost – Online cost) * Transaction Completions
  17. 17. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) B2B: 1. Number of Leads 2. Inquiries/Leads 3. Inquiry Conversion Rate (Inquiry Completions/Visits) 4. Cost per Inquiry/Lead (Acquisition cost/Leads) 5. Form Completion Rate (Inquiry Completions/Inquiry Starts) 6. Micro-conversions (Path Analysis)
  18. 18. Macro & Micro Conversion Identify all task on site and identify its value. Conversion rate is all about participation.
  19. 19. What To Measure A small business can concentrate on Clicksteams , KPIs and Surveys. A medium size business can concentrate on KPI’s, Clicksteams, Surveys and Testing. A large business can concentrate on Surveys, KPI’s, Clicksteams, Testing and Competitive Intelligence.
  20. 20. Examples Of Metrics Standard Sessions Unique Page Views Users Bounce Rate Time Spent on Site/Page Goal Completions Custom Events Button Clicks Downloads Video Views Scrolls Share/Comments/Likes
  21. 21. Segmentation Categories: • Acquisition • What drives traffic to your site? • Behavior • What people do on your site? • Outcome • What are you trying to achieve?
  22. 22. Process Of Segmentation Ask the right question. What matters most to the business. Create ‘A’ segment. Create relevant reports to measure KPIs. Provide Actionable Insights and ACT UPON IT!!!
  23. 23. Voice Of Customer “Knowable” vs. “Doable” Biggest Surveying Mistake: Focusing on what you want to know, not what you can action. Primary Purpose: Why Are You Here? Task Completion: Were You Able To Complete Your Task? Open Text VOC: Why Not?
  24. 24. Presenting Data Tell a story with meaning to your data. Have a strong start where you establish a clear direction with a desired outcome. Manage your time effectively and cover your content in the allocated time, but also leave time for discussions. Flexibility is key when presenting. Focus on their interest and not yours. Have data to backup your hypothesis. Avoid Noise. Don’t fall in a rabbit hole. Know you audience and deliver in a manner which makes sense to them and they are comfortable throughout the presentation. Keep it simple….To the point & SIMPLE!! Go Prepared! Share the ROI since that is ONLY what they are interested in.
  25. 25. Location Based Analytics Eliminate NOISE!!
  26. 26. ROI For Campaigns Did I Miss The Target?
  27. 27. Story Telling Once Upon A Time…
  28. 28. Overcome Not Provided Seeing Is Believing.
  29. 29. Multi Channel Funneling So where else did they come from?
  30. 30. Lead Generation • Strong CTA. • Limit the number of fields. • Provide options.
  31. 31. Tools Google Analytics (Premium or Free) Adobe Site Catalyst WebTrends Coremertrics Google Webmaster Tools Google Adwords Tag Management Tool (Tealium, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Suite..etc)
  32. 32. Future of Analytics Predictive Analysis. Mobile and Tablet. Geo Targeted – Location Based Marketing. Interactive Content Marketing. Re-Targeting. Social Media. Personalization.
  33. 33. Words Of Wisdom “Don’t let your campaigns write checks that your website can’t cash” – Avinash Kaushik
  34. 34. Credits Avinash Kaushik. ( Adobe knowledge base. Wikipedia.
  35. 35. Thank You & Now Its Your Turn!!! Sunny Taj 832-421-5446 LinkedIn: omcp/11/5a2/833