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The Power of Analytics Based Marketing Strategy


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Going from a Click Model to an Analytics Model

Published in: Marketing
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The Power of Analytics Based Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Going Beyond the First Click The Power of Analytics- Based Marketing Strategy
  2. 2. 2 Kashif Khurshid Sr. Manager of Marketing Analytics, Platforms & Technology 15 Years of Experience in the Digital Marketing & Analytics Industry Expert in launching “Services Products” in the digital ecosystem for both B2B and B2C Car Enthusiast and a frequent to Coffee & Cars
  3. 3. Secret to Making Data-Driven Decisions?
  4. 4. Going Beyond Starts with You!
  5. 5. @KashifKhurshid
  6. 6. Data Powers Decisions Activation on Insights MarTech Integration @KashifKhurshid
  7. 7. Data Powers Decisions Activation on Insights MarTech Integration @KashifKhurshid
  8. 8. 8 Campaign Interaction Website Visit Content Engagement Form Fills What Data to Capture & Credit Allocation Credit Allocation for Touchpoints
  9. 9. Tag your Links! utm_source=presentation&utm_campaign=March2019& utm_content=goingBeyond @KashifKhurshid
  10. 10. FREE TOOL: Free Tool to Tag Links and follow best practices in google sheets
  11. 11. Start with the Data Silos @KashifKhurshid Data Digital CRM Campaigns Sales Activity Other Offline Sources
  12. 12. RoadMap of Going from Data to Decisions Data and Records Data Cleansing & Standardization Reports and Dashboards Hypothesis validation & Insights Advance Visualization & Story Telling Data System Integration for one holistic view Attribution & Journey Mapping Build Custom Models & Predictions Establish segments and data clusters Create personalized experiences based on intelligence From Data to Insights to Automated & repeatable Intelligence @KashifKhurshid
  13. 13. 13 Leverage Data to make Decisions. Takeaway: @KashifKhurshid
  14. 14. Data Powers Decisions Activation on Insights MarTech Integration @KashifKhurshid
  15. 15. Types of Insights Analytics Helps Solve for: What Happened? What Changed over Time? Why it changed? Why it happened? What could happen? What is the difference? @KashifKhurshid
  16. 16. Building a Framework for Data Consumption @KashifKhurshid
  17. 17. Step 1: Start with the Goal
  18. 18. Step 2: Identify Dimensions of Data 18 Devices Content / Forms Offer / Ad Campaign Marketing Channels Landing Page @KashifKhurshid
  19. 19. Step 3: Define Metrics 10 Key Digital Metrics: Digital Scorecard Desktop Mobile Tablet Paid Search Display Etc. Visits Visit Depth % of All Visits Avg Time on Site Frequency Recency Bounce Rate Completion/ Conversion Rate Funnel Steps/ Step Rate Revenue / Orders / Avg Order Value Defined Segments (Online + Offline) Build up to Advance Segments: • "Millennials - Mobile" • "New Visitors - Paid Search" • "Working Moms - Display" Integrate Systems: • Ad Network Data, Email, Social • Attribution Credit, Journey Scoring @KashifKhurshid
  20. 20. Step 4: Audience Segmentation Common Uses:  Behavior (frequency, depth)  Content category  Technical attributes (Devices (phone, tablets) , browsers)  Geo attributes  Custom dimensions/ metrics  Goals Image credit to @KashifKhurshid
  21. 21. CMO: How is marketing is contributing to revenue? VP Demand Gen: Where should I invest my next dollar? PPC Manager: How can I optimize spend? Content Manager: What topics drive pipeline? Step 5: Align to Audience @KashifKhurshid
  22. 22. Step 6: Design Your Dashboard 22 CRM (Salesforce) BI Tool (PowerBI) Web Analytics @KashifKhurshid
  23. 23. Google Analytics Anonymous User @KashifKhurshid
  24. 24. Salesforce Dashboard Distribution by Channel Known User @KashifKhurshid
  25. 25. PowerBI Dashboard Unlimited Filtering, Calculations, Relationships and Customizations @KashifKhurshid
  26. 26. 26 Start with the Goal & Build to Scale. Takeaway: @KashifKhurshid
  27. 27. Data Powers Decisions Activation on Insights MarTech Integration @KashifKhurshid
  28. 28. Stages of Intelligence Knowledge • Data, text, activity Pattern Recognition • Face, speech, optical Machine Learning • Models, Deep Learning Predictive • Based on Probabilistic or Fuzzy Logic Robotics •Applying Learning at the last millisecond, intelligent personalization @KashifKhurshid
  29. 29. 30 MarTech Stack in Action @KashifKhurshid
  30. 30. Customer Web Site (Storefront) Big Data Strategy Activation Data Activation Personalization Testing Retargeting Data Warehouse Offline Data Sources Data Enrichment Data Cleanup Visualization Goals & KPI’s Communication Infrastructure Digital Marketing
  31. 31. MarTech Stack In Action
  32. 32. The Data to Decision Loop @KashifKhurshid Data Info Knowledge Wisdom
  33. 33. So…umm Is there anything you want me to do?
  34. 34. The New World ???
  35. 35. The New World !!!
  36. 36. Oh Yea…that Artificial Intelligence!!!
  37. 37. AugmentedIntelligence
  38. 38. You are the brains!
  39. 39. Nothing artificial about it!
  40. 40. 44 Connect your Tech Stack to work Seamlessly. Takeaway:
  41. 41. Data Powers Decisions Activation on Insights MarTech Integration @KashifKhurshid
  42. 42. 46 Going Beyond the First Click… @KashifKhurshid
  43. 43. Customer Journey Organic (Lead Created) Paid Search (Touchpoint) Direct (touchpoint filled form) Social (read blog) (MQL) Email (registered) Event (attended) (OTY) Call with Rep WhitePaper Sent Closed Paid (whitepaper)
  44. 44. Map to Stages
  45. 45. The mindset of the Customer
  46. 46. Assets in Customer Journey by Stages
  47. 47. Customer Journeys 51 @KashifKhurshid The Journey is the Reward Image Credit: @KashifKhurshid
  48. 48. Customer Journeys 52 @KashifKhurshid Attribution Models First Touch Last Touch Lead Create Image Credit: Linear Linear @KashifKhurshid
  49. 49. 53 Image Credit: Use Models to go Deeper
  50. 50. Q & A Kashif Khurshid Sr.Manager- Marketing Analytics, Platforms & Technology Want a copy of the presentation? Visit