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Digital Advertising Roadmap- Going beyond the Click | AMA Houston


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Digital Advertising Roadmap- Going beyond the Click | AMA Houston.

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Digital Advertising Roadmap- Going beyond the Click | AMA Houston

  1. 1. Digital Advertising: “Going Beyond the Click” Kashif Khurshid Sr. Strategist, Web Analytics AMA Houston 4/23/15
  2. 2. What’s your Digital Game Plan? Image credit to and
  3. 3. 1. Tagging Links • Identify the information you want captured (Platform + Site) • Organize parameters to easily slice and dice campaigns Structure: Define Channels: Paid Search, Banner, Email, Social, Offline, 3rd party sites PS_Goog_NB_EX_Loc_Sale_Men_Shirt_Gucci_Pur_kw_baller_status Product/ Service Brand/ Non Brand Local/ Global Campaign Name Ad Group Keyword Goals Network Match Type Parameter is “?cid=<value>” & UTM=<value)
  4. 4. 2. Audience Segmentation Common Uses:  Behavior (frequency, depth)  Content category  Technical attributes (Devices (phone, tablets) , browsers)  Geo attributes  Custom dimensions/ metrics  Goals Image credit to
  5. 5. 3. Keep a Scorecard 10 Key Digital Metrics: Digital Scorecard Desktop Mobile Tablet Paid Search Display Etc. Visits Visit Depth % of All Visits Avg Time on Site Frequency Recency Bounce Rate Completion/ Conversion Rate Funnel Steps/ Step Rate Revenue / Orders / Avg Order Value Defined Segments (Online + Offline) Build up to Advance Segments: • "Millennials - Mobile" • "New Visitors - Paid Search" • "Working Moms - Display" Integrate Systems: • Ad Network Data, Email, Social • Attribution Credit, Journey Scoring
  6. 6. 4. Actionable Analytics Ways to Apply Analytics: 1. Measure and optimize Marketing Effectiveness 2. Predictive Modeling for recurring campaigns 3. Optimize Landing Page Design & Content 4. Ease flows to & through funnels 5. Personalization of content and offers in real-time Image credit to Optimizing for the Customer Experience!
  7. 7. 5. Organizational Structure for Digital Success Key Challenges:  Leadership Sponsorship  Centralized Governance on Digital  Digital Technology & Roles exist in Silos  Institutionalize Processes / Discipline  Benchmarks Metrics Set Goals Tactics Deploy START:
  8. 8. Summary: The Game Plan! 1. Tagging External Links 2. Audience Segmentation 3. Measuring Performance 4. Applying Analytics Insights 5. Organizational Readiness Image credit to
  9. 9. Image credit to