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Data-Driven Marketing Trends 2019


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In 2019, what will be the biggest data-driven marketing trends? What data-led marketing strategies will take the lead in the new year?

To find out, we gaze into the crystal ball to reveal how data-focused marketing execution will evolve in 2019.

Here are our top five predicted trends for this year.

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Data-Driven Marketing Trends 2019

  1. 1. Even with GDPR and other legal regulations for data collection & management, companies strive to dig up as much data on their customers as possible. And it’s no surprise since business success largely depends on the quality and quantity of the data you have on your customers. ADVANCED SEGMENTATION If your marketing automation service (including your CRM & email marketing service) has enough server capacity, you can leverage combinations of constantly changing parameters to create dynamic segments. Email campaigns are not the only effective marketing channel these days. Messenger, chatbots, web and mobile push notifications are also often used and are no less effective. Furthermore, all these channels are evolving, too. OMNICHANNEL MARKETING These days we have more marketing channels & need to know our customers from different perspectives. We need to unify the customers’ information & keep it in their individual customer profiles. CUSTOMER DATA UNIFICATION With enough data on how users interact with your service or brand, you can digest it into valuable insights, both for your business and for your customers. EMAIL HYPER- PERSONALIZATION Data-driven marketing involves, above all, taking a smart approach to the customers’ data. The success of your marketing campaigns does depend on the technical capabilities of the tools you use to collect and process the data. UPCOMING TRENDS IN DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING Below are some of the most interesting things that happened in the data-driven marketing field in 2019 81%MARKETERSCONSIDERIMPLEMENTING DATA-DRIVENMARKETINGSTRATEGIES SOMEWHATTOEXTREMELYCOMPLICATED. THESTRUGGLEISREAL. Campaign Monitor Don't Worry! Valasys Media has been at data & marketing for a while now and our team analyses & accesses data & applies the information to your marketing campaigns. While data can be applied everywhere in marketing - email, social, calls - Valasys Media gives you the crucial benefit of tying them all together. HOW HARD IS IT TO IMPLEMENT A DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING STRATEGY? 81%