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Kaseya: 5 Tips for Healthcare IT Directors


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Kaseya: Managing Remote IT Systems From Your Office: 5 Tips for Healthcare IT Directors

Jose Adams, IT Director
Allergy & Asthma Associates

Published in: Technology
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Kaseya: 5 Tips for Healthcare IT Directors

  1. 1. Managing Remote IT Systems from Your Office: 5 Tips for Healthcare IT Directors<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Meet Our Speakers:<br />Gerald Beaulieu<br />IT Automation Expert, Kaseya<br />Jose Adams<br />IT Director, Allergy & Asthma Associates<br />
  3. 3. Distributed Computing on the Rise<br />3<br />The State of Remote<br />Business Drivers<br /><ul><li>90% of corporate PCs are deployed outside of HQ
  4. 4. 75% of US workers will be mobile by 2012
  5. 5. 60% of data is generated remotely
  6. 6. 67% of employees use WiFi
  7. 7. 90% of employees work in remote offices
  8. 8. 80% of enterprise resources are accessed via the WAN
  9. 9. Increased mobility
  10. 10. Tighter budgets
  11. 11. Shortage of qualified staff
  12. 12. High fuel prices
  13. 13. Home sourcing
  14. 14. Enabling technology
  15. 15. Competitive parity
  16. 16. M&A
  17. 17. Globalization & consolidation
  18. 18. Changing workplace culture</li></li></ul><li>Top 5 Remote IT Management Challenges<br />4<br />How to protect endpoints<br />1<br />How to eliminate data loss<br />2<br />How to patch<br />3<br />How to distribute new software <br />4<br />How to discover & manage assets<br />5<br />
  19. 19. Remote IT Challenge #1<br />5<br />Flash Zero-Day <br />on Android<br />BSOD<br />How to protect endpoints<br />1<br />Principal Needs Help in Dallas…but you are in Houston <br />
  20. 20. Remote IT Tip #1<br />Proactively protect endpoints against attack<br />Settle for nothing less than automatic threat handling<br />Consider threat protection within context of other sysadmin issues<br />Explore use of flexible Admin credentials<br />Balance maximum protection and minimum impacts to PC performance<br />6<br />How to protect endpoints<br />1<br />
  21. 21. Remote IT Challenge #2<br />Distributed data<br />Requires varying levels of visibility, access, and protection<br />$160 to manage 1 record/year (Gartner)<br />Failure to manage may cost additional $100/record (WSJ)<br />Mixed user types and heterogeneous healthcare environments<br />Dynamic regulatory requirements<br />7<br />How to eliminate data loss<br />2<br />
  22. 22. Remote IT Tip #2<br /><ul><li>Use policy-based methods to protect end user data on and off the network
  23. 23. Fixed vs portable assets
  24. 24. Users & groups
  25. 25. Develop/improve best practice
  26. 26. Monitoring & log parsing
  27. 27. Port management
  28. 28. Encryption
  29. 29. Allowed/disallowed applications
  30. 30. Integrate data management (backup & retention) with audit requirements and internal needs</li></ul>8<br />How to eliminate data loss<br />2<br />
  31. 31. Remote IT Challenge #3<br />9<br />How to patch<br />3<br />12/14/10. Patch Tuesday. You have 10 healthcare facilities and 2,500 remote users. How did you patch the machines? And how long did it take?<br />
  32. 32. Remote IT Tip #3<br />Implement policy for patch delivery, test, and rollback<br />Embrace automation to deploy patches in minutes<br />Proactive identification of potential configuration threats<br />Real-time deployment and hands-free remediation<br />Evaluate, refine and enhance<br />10<br />How to patch<br />3<br />
  33. 33. Remote IT Challenge #4<br />A hospital administrator completes a web-based product-demo to justify additional funding<br />She needs to send a short demo recap video to additional stakeholders<br />Her Camtasia license is expired<br />She’s in the Far East with poor Internet connectivity<br />She has no VPN access<br />She’s up against a fast-approaching deadline<br />11<br />How to distribute software<br />4<br />
  34. 34. Remote IT Tip #4<br /><ul><li>Leverage automatic deployment techniques
  35. 35. Extends IT reach via Group policy
  36. 36. Automated SW deployment becomes user-driven service delivery
  37. 37. Other scripts
  38. 38. Layer in additional remote troubleshooting
  39. 39. Remote reboot, registry inspection
  40. 40. Consider benefits & impacts to existing service desk or ticketing process</li></ul>12<br />How to distribute software<br />4<br />
  41. 41. Remote IT Challenge #5<br />Memory recall announced on primary laptop used by your remote salesforce <br />PC inventory is 5 years old and only 30% complete<br />End of quarter<br />15 branches in 5 countries<br />30 day deadline for “no-cost memory swap”<br />13<br />How to manage assets<br />5<br />
  42. 42. Remote IT Tip #5<br /><ul><li>Discover 100% of PC assets using agent technology
  43. 43. Eliminate physical inventory process (avoid emails to end users)
  44. 44. Ensure completeness of inventory across entire domain (or rogue)
  45. 45. Create electronic inventory
  46. 46. Build business case for PC refresh
  47. 47. Satisfy proof of inventory (for auditors)
  48. 48. Avoid VPN</li></ul>14<br />How to manage assets<br />5<br />
  49. 49. Recap: 5 Tips for Remote IT Management<br />15<br />Ensure complete , real-time coverage of all PCs and servers – with flexible Admin credentials<br />How to protect endpoints<br />1<br />Integrate data management requirements with service delivery processes<br />How to eliminate data loss<br />2<br />Utilize automation to define, deliver, and manage patch deployment – and manage the impacts<br />How to patch<br />3<br />Enable user-based service requests – only if needed<br />How to distribute new software <br />4<br />How to discover & manage assets<br />Use automatic discovery and inventory to capture 100% of network assets (or rogue)<br />5<br />
  50. 50. About Kaseya<br /><ul><li>Value Proposition
  51. 51. A single Kaseya user can proactively manage 1,000s of automated IT systems tasks in the same amount of time required by a team of technicians using other techniques.
  52. 52. Key Facts
  53. 53. Founded 2000 & HQ in Switzerland
  54. 54. Privately held, no debt, no external capital requirements
  55. 55. 33 offices worldwide in 20 countries with 450+ employees
  56. 56. 10,000+ customers
  57. 57. 5,000,000+ assets managed
  58. 58. Patented technology and FIPS 140-2 compliant</li></ul>16<br />
  59. 59. Kaseya Enterprise Edition (EE) for Automated Systems Management<br />Comprehensive<br />Automates all systems management tasks<br />Integration friendly<br />Scalable and flexible<br />Uncomplicated<br />Lightweight<br />Cross platform<br />Easy to install & use via a single pane<br />Affordable<br />On-premise or SaaS<br />17<br />
  60. 60. Kaseya IT Toolkit (ITK) for Remote PC Access<br />IT Toolkit<br />Simple, yet powerful, set of remote access tools<br />Command line access<br />Event viewer<br />FTP<br />Task manager<br />Video chat<br />Troubleshoot without taking control<br />Cloud-based<br />No setups<br />Upgrade to EE anytime<br />18<br />
  61. 61. Our Customers<br />19<br />Other Market Leaders<br />Universities and K-12 Schools<br />Hospitals and Care Facilities<br />
  62. 62. Proven ROI<br />20<br />Reduce Risk<br />Reduce Cost<br />Improve Service<br /><ul><li>Family Health Center – San Diego (1,000 PCs) deployed EE and improved core application uptime from 85% to 99.6%
  63. 63. Virginia Tech (500 PCs) used Remote Access (IT Toolkit) to decrease MTTR by 83%
  64. 64. N. Canejos School District (500 clients) saved $100K with automation and increased PC availability from 80% to 99%
  65. 65. Cano Petroleum (100 PCs) usedEEto demonstrate SOX compliance with 100% IT control
  66. 66. Integrated Health Management (250 workstations) achieved target HIPAA compliance every year since EE first deployed
  67. 67. BankFirst(150 PCs) used EE to satisfy FDIC compliance regulations – since 2007
  68. 68. Advanced Motion Control (500 workstations) used EE to reduce monthly CADD updates from 2 hrs/PC to 5 mins/PC
  69. 69. Redbox (10,000 clients) used EE to reduce number of kiosk-technician visits by 90% in 1 year
  70. 70. National Health Service (1,000 PCs) saved 15 hrs/month on mandatory SW updates with EE</li></li></ul><li>Other Accolades<br />21<br />Industry Awards<br />Industry Reviews<br /> “Service automation is vital to IT success. Kaseya is purpose-built for this next era of computing.”<br />OVUM, 2010 (#TA001974ITM)<br />“Easy to install and administer product.”<br />Gartner, 2009 (#G00163528)<br />“Kaseya’s strength lies in the ease of implementation, support for their customers, and comprehensive service level management.”<br />IDC, 2009 (#219336)<br />“Kaseya’s IT Automation Framework can help many types of IT management organizations. Quickly. Affordably.”<br />EMA, 2008 (#1429091307<br />
  71. 71. Your Resources<br /><ul><li>Learn More About Kaseya</li></ul><br /><ul><li>Contact Us</li></ul> or toll free +1 877-692-2003<br /><ul><li>Join the Kaseya Conversation</li></ul><br /><ul><li>Free IT Toolkit Trial</li></ul><br />22<br />