MSP Marketing Tips: How to Double the Number of Managed Services Clients You’re Getting Every Month


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During this 90 minute webinar, MSP marketing expert Robin Robins of Technology Marketing Toolkit will show you several best practice MSP marketing tips to help you grow your MSP business. Here’s what you’ll learn: Very simple marketing strategies to attract more and better QUALITY managed services clients, month in and month out How to build and implement auto-pilot marketing SYSTEMS that eliminate a lot of the manual labor of marketing, selling and attracting new clients The biggest obstacles that prevent MSPs from successfully marketing their services, and how to overcome them How to avoid wasting your time on unprofitable, “wrong fit” clients who waste your time and distract you from finding and working with the highly profitable clients you want

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  • Mark does System Backup
  • <<Intro>>Give title – and my name is Robin Robins, founder of where we specialize in helping small to medium IT consulting companies…whether you’re a managed services provider, VAR, systems integrator or cloud integrator…not only get more clients, but also better quality clients and sell them higher-profit services through proven, automated marketing systems.
  • Learning a SKILL can do that…
  • Learning a SKILL can do that…
  • Learning a SKILL can do that…
  • Learning a SKILL can do that…
  • Remember back in the beginning of this webinar where I said I would talk about a way where we can work together to help you implement this in your business? Well, let me talk about that briefly, and then I’m going to give you some more content and answer the questions that have been coming in.
  • MSP Marketing Tips: How to Double the Number of Managed Services Clients You’re Getting Every Month

    1. 1. How To Double theNumber of ManagedServices Clients You’reGetting Every MonthNovember 13, 2012
    2. 2. Agenda – it’s 90 minutes of value! • Introductions • Our sponsor • Our MSP marketing expert – Robin Robins – Learn simple marketing strategies to attract more QUALITY managed services clients – Learn how to build and implement auto-pilot marketing SYSTEMS that eliminate a lot of the manual marketing labor – See obstacles that prevent MSPs from successfully marketing their services; learn how to overcome them – Learn how to avoid wasting your time on unprofitable, “wrong fit” clients who waste your time • Q&A2
    3. 3. About Kaseya • Enterprise-class IT systems management for everybody • Key Facts – Founded 2000 – Privately held, no debt, no external capital requirements – 33 offices worldwide in 23 countries with 450+ employees • 12,000+ customers • Millions of assets managed – 6 patents issued for IT service delivery processes & remote IT management processes • 37 patents pending – Common Criteria (EAL2+) certified and FIPS 140-2 security compliant – ITIL v2 and v3 compatible3
    4. 4. Why MSPs Choose KaseyaA single Kaseya user can proactively manage 1,000s of automatedIT systems and network tasks in the same amount of timerequired by a team of technicians using other techniquesIt’s the industry’s only patented single-server-single-agentarchitecture; MSPs get enterprise-class capability that is easy touse and easy to affordWith 60+% of top MSPs worldwide using Kaseya, they get accessto the most robust community availableAnd with so many ISVs plugging in to Kaseya via a seamlessintegration process, they get an easy way to leverage theirexisting strategic technology partnerships
    5. 5. How would you grade yourMARKETING efforts in your ability togenerate new business?A. I get an “A” and have no complaintsB. I get a “B” and want to get betterC. I get a “C” and I’m tired of being just averageD. I get a “D” and want to avoid failingE. Um, I need lots of help, NOW
    6. 6. The How To Double Or Triple The Number Of High-QualityManaged Services Clients You’re Getting Every Month Robin Robins, Author And Founder, Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc.
    7. 7. I’m Going To Show You A Highly Effective Way To Solve The #1 Marketing Problem For All IT Service Companies: Getting More NEW Clients FAST!(But More Specifically, You Want More High-Quality Clients Who Appreciate The Services You Sell And Are Willing To Pay For Them!)
    8. 8. And Ultimately What I Want To Show You Is:• How To Focus On Results For Your Clients So You Deliver Even MORE Value.• How To Get Paid What You’re Worth, Working With Clients Who Actually Appreciate You.• How To Massively Differentiate Your Company From The Competition In A Relevant And Truthful Way.• A Much Easier And Faster Way To Sell Your Services Than Anything You’ve Tried Before.
    9. 9. Bonus!Hang On Until The End And Get This FREE! How To Get A Copy Of The Recording Of This Webinar And This Brand-New Free Report I Created
    10. 10. Here’s Our Plan For This Session:• Part 1: Why Is It SO Difficult To Attract New Clients? We’ll Talk About What Most MSPs Do That Invite Price Shoppers, Sales Objections And Low To No Response Rates When Marketing Their Services• Part 2: The 3 Critical Components You MUST Get Right To Be Successful At Attracting More And Better Quality Clients• Part 3: Exhibits And Examples Of Highly Effective Campaigns From Other MSPs• Part 4: Q&A
    11. 11. Who The Heck Is Robin Robins?“I am a veteran IT marketing strategist whospecializes in developing highly effectivemarketing and sales systems for companiesthat sell outsourced IT services.” • Been Working With Kaseya And Their Clients For Over 8 Years • 5,000+ Clients All Over The World • More Documented Client Success Stories Than Any Other Marketing Consultant In This Industry, Period
    12. 12. Now, Let’s Dive In…
    13. 13. #1 Reason Why MSPs Don’t Grow: No Sales Funnel (Recent Survey Of 390 MSPs) 78%!
    14. 14. Why This Is A BIGGER Problem Than You Might Think Your sales skills suffer GREATLY because you don’t get sufficient practice presenting to clients (the average close rate is 25%). You can’t confidently hire new techs or reinvest in your business growth. You become DESPERATE and end up taking on clients and opportunities you should say “NO” to, which suck up precious time and resources. This economy is STILL sluggish, which is making it MORE difficult because businesses are NOT upgrading as often and are holding onto IT assets longer.
    15. 15. Why Is It SO Difficult To Attract More And Better Quality Clients? 5 Important Truths You Must Embrace About Selling IT Services If You Want To BeSuccessful In Attracting More And Better Quality Clients
    16. 16. Truth #1: There Will Always Be Someone CheaperA customer won on price will always be lost on price.
    17. 17. Truth #2: People Will Pay For Competence Question: What are YOU doing consistently on your web site, in yourmarketing and in your sales presentations to convince your prospect that YOU aremore competent than your competition?
    18. 18. Truth #3: People Can’t BuyWhat They Don’t Know About, And WON’T Buy What They Don’t Understand“If I were in the market for whatyou sell, would I think of youfirst? Second? Would I think ofyou at all?” - Nido Qubein
    19. 19. Truth #4: No CEO Wakes Up In TheMorning Wanting To Buy IT SupportClients Want Their Problems To Go Away Or RESULTS.With That In Mind, Let’s Think Like A Client For A Minute…
    20. 20. Think About The Last Few Prospects You Met With…• What’s typically going on in their business that would put them in the market to buy what you sell?• What types of problems or frustrations might they be experiencing with their current provider/solution?• What are some of the questions they might be thinking to themselves?• Would they be a savvy and experienced buyer, or would they largely be confused about what to look for, what they need, how much they should be paying and what to ask?
    21. 21. Top Complaints Business Owners Have About Their Current IT Guy:• Poor response to support requests (not responsive).• Technical problems constantly crop up (they feel like they’ve “outgrown” them).• The technician is rude, doesn’t own the problem and talks over their head (geek speak).• Poor customer service overall (things fall through the cracks, they don’t follow up on requests, they don’t return calls promptly).
    22. 22. Quick Exercise:• Does this address ANY of the most common concerns, problems or anxieties your clients have?• Is this message client focused or company focused?• Does this copy grab and keep your attention, compelling you to read more and take action?• Are there any benefits mentioned?• Does this build trust or differentiate this company from other IT firms?
    23. 23. How AboutThis Site?
    24. 24. How AboutThis Site?
    25. 25. MOST Important Question… “How About YOUR Site?” Important!This Is NOT Just About Your Web Site But ALL MarketingCollateral And Communications, Including Your Face-To-Face Sales Presentation, Brochures, And Other Media
    26. 26. Good Example:  Compelling headline  Valuable offer  Written from the prospects’ perspective  Testimonials  Clear instructions on how to respond  Why NECG  Social media tie in Conclusion: “Clearly these guys understand our problems better than most IT companies.”Copyright Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc.
    27. 27. Case Study: Frank Ballatore,The New England Computer Group, Inc. “I’m blown away by the results generated from our new web site. We’ve been in business for 19 years and have never generated good, qualified leads like we are now. After implementing Robin’s suggestions, we generated 7 leads (appointments) in 3 months and closed $65,600 in new sales so far.”
    28. 28. Truth #5: The MOST Effective And Efficient Way To Secure More New Clients Is To Get Them To Seek YOU Out First“Be The Flame, Not The Moth”- Casanova
    29. 29. How To “Be The Flame” How To Build The Perfect“Auto-Pilot” Marketing Machine For Your IT Services Business Using Educational Direct Response Marketing
    30. 30. Use Educational DirectResponse Marketing To BringThem Into The Sales Funnel:• Referrals• JV marketing (partnering)• Direct sales• Direct mail• Google AdWords• Telemarketing• Web site and SEO• Networking events• PR• Yellow pages and newspaper ads• Trade shows•Writing articles• Public speaking• Teleseminars, seminars, webinars• Newsletter marketingNOTE: This is also how you builda list of prospect to market to!
    31. 31. The information (freereport, audio CD, video,etc.) is automatically andinstantly delivered to them.These people are clearlyinterested, but may or maynot be qualified or ready tobuy now.
    32. 32. The Free Report:• Establishes you as the authority on the subject• Educates the prospect about their options, what to expect and the benefits• Answers FAQs• Overcomes common objections• Provides case studies and testimonials to validate your claims and establish your credibility• Offers a “next step” of a Network Audit, Health Check, Assessment, etc.
    33. 33. When they respond to thenext step, they areconsidered a “HotProspect.” If qualified, ashock-n-awe box is sent.
    34. 34. Shock-N-Awe Box Example Key Point: If they don’t TRUST you, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling – they won’t buy!
    35. 35. These people are now pre-sold, pre-qualified and pre-disposed to doing businesswith you.
    36. 36. A well-planned, scriptedsales process uncovers moreopportunity and closes thesale.
    37. 37. Ongoing promotionsbuild loyalty, cross-sellother solutions andgenerate referrals.
    38. 38. KEY POINT:Here’s Where YOU Get Involved!
    39. 39. Client Case Studies And Exhibits
    40. 40. Case Study: CMIT Solutions Challenge: • Struggling to sell their managed services program they called “Marathon” • Had tried multiple marketing campaigns with very little success • Franchisees were losing faith in corporate marketingEven tried giving away an all-expenses paid trip to generatequalified leads
    41. 41. Case Study: CMIT SolutionsProblems With TheirMarketing Message:• No headline• Wrong offer• Weak benefits• No guarantees• No testimonials• No USP• No urgency to respond
    42. 42. Case Study: CMIT SolutionsSolution:• Improved their headlines, offer and overall message. Results Of The FIRST Campaign:• Captured testimonials from 7,467 Prospects Targeted existing Marathon clients and used them in all marketing 98 Leads (1.31%Response) Generated campaigns. One Time Revenue: $17,349.95 Annual Recurring Revenue: $90,420.00• Implemented multi-step, multi- Total Revenue: $107,769.95 sequence campaigns that included direct mail, e-mail and Campaign Cost of $29,078.75 telephone follow up.• 371% ROI Refined the mailing to a smaller, more targeted list.
    43. 43. Case Study:MJ Shoer, Jenaly Technology Group Turned A $1,800 Marketing Campaign Into A Cool Quarter Of A Million In Recurring IT Sales  Just starting out as an MSP  No marketing experience, no sales team and no marketing manager to help  Was on a very tight budget  Had happy customers, but wanted to grow beyond a referral-based business
    44. 44. Case Study:MJ Shoer, Jenaly Technology Group  Created the book, “Hassle-Free Computer Support” based on the free report I showed you earlier and self-published it  Mailed it out to all his clients as a gift around Thanksgiving  Mailed it to the media and key influencers in his market area
    45. 45. Case Study:MJ Shoer, Jenaly Technology Group “I can easily attribute over a quarter of a MILLION dollars in new revenue just to this one campaign.” Not only did we generate a spike in referrals, but our local newspaper ran a story about us, which brought in even more new clients. But best of all, a local association PURCHASED 1,000 copies of the book at $3.25 each to send to their members (which generated a $1,450 PROFIT for us) and gave us free advertising and a huge endorsement.
    46. 46. Case Study:Diana Spurgus, Business Systems Solutions How Diana Went From Working Her BUTT Off Selling Billable Hours To A 110% Increase In Recurring IT Services Totaling $1.3 Million  Wasn’t seeing her family, and her health was deteriorating because of the crushing workload  Was using very corporate, “professional” brochures and collateral – but getting zero results  Didn’t feel comfortable marketing so was constantly procrastinating by staying busy with technical work and other “easier” work
    47. 47. Case Study: Diana Spurgus,Business Systems Solutions The Marketing Plan: Implemented a much stronger marketing message detailing WHY a business owner should outsource their IT support to them over the competition
    48. 48. Case Study: Diana Spurgus,Business Systems Solutions The Marketing Plan:  Created her own book, “IT 101,” and used it to position herself as a trusted advisor to CEOs
    49. 49. Case Study: Diana Spurgus,Business Systems Solutions The Marketing Plan: Started using a canvassing campaign to introduce themselves to local businesses and build their list. Followed up with direct mail and telemarketing
    50. 50. Case Study: Diana Spurgus,Business Systems Solutions The Marketing Plan: Started sending a monthly newsletter and writing articles for a local newsletter
    51. 51. Case Study:Diana Spurgus, Business Systems Solutions Like many of my peers, I started my business because I love the technical side and gave little to no thought about the other areas of my business – and marketing and selling were certainly not in my comfort zone. But thanks to Robin’s marketing and business advice, I’ve been able to step into the role of being a TRUE business owner and was able to generate an increase of 110% in new contracts, which will return $1.3 million over the lifetime of those clients!
    52. 52. Case Study:John Motazedi, SNC Squared One Seminar = $236,000 In Sales  MSP in Joplin, MO  Wanted to focus on the medical niche, but didn’t have a big list  Decided to hold a lunch and learn seminar on backup and disaster recovery
    53. 53. Campaign Strategy: John ASKED his clients (physicians) “Where do you go to get information?” Discovered they belonged to an industry association called the Medical Group Management Assoc., whose purpose is to provide education, research and resources to medical practices. Their goal? To get more members! Offered to do a lunch and learn on security and backups to their members and offered to PAY the attendee’s membership fees to the MGMA if they attended the workshop They agreed and sent e-mail invites to every doctor’s office within a 40-mile radius (approx. 300)
    54. 54. Drove Prospects To This WebRegistration Form
    55. 55. Case Study:John Motazedi, SNC SquaredThe Results: • 19 people attended • 3 bought his managed firewall solution which represents $13,932 in revenue (3,096% ROI) • 2 upgraded to a bigger managed services agreements for a total of $237,000 in sales over a 3 year term (52,667% ROI) • An awesome JV partnership was formed for future opportunities.
    56. 56. Unfortunately, MOST Of You Will Never Really Learn How To SystematicallyAttract More And Better Quality Clients, Get Out Of The Daily Struggle Or See These Kinds Of Results; Here’s Why…
    57. 57. Good Idea Graveyard: Where all the procrastinator’s greatbusiness ideas and good intentions go to die.
    58. 58. 3 Big Problems Standing In Your Way:1. You aren’t an experienced marketer and therefore need detailed instructions on how to implement a marketing system that are specific to your business.2. You’re a great technician, but absolutely terrible at writing sales letters and marketing communications.3. You don’t have a lot of time to spend figuring out what works and what doesn’t.
    59. 59. Million-Dollar Managed Services Marketing BlueprintA Complete “Paint-By-The-Numbers”Marketing SystemGUARANTEED ToDeliver All TheHigh-QualityManaged ServicesClients You Want
    60. 60. Million-Dollar Managed Services Marketing BlueprintThree Main Components:1. Step-by-step process for developing and implementing a POWERFUL client-attraction marketing system that takes all the guesswork out of marketing. It also includes a step-by-step sales process for closing a managed services sale that will give you the confidence to close 80% or more of the prospects you meet with. Over A Decade2. Over $250,000 worth of done-for-you marketing Of R&D templates you can cut-and-paste to fast-track your success.3. LIVE coaching and support to hold you accountable and to help you IMPLEMENT.
    61. 61. Fast-Track Support Package: Quick Start Guide To Fast Cash: Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Increase Sales Quickly And Get Started ($397.00) FREE 6-Month Pass Into My Apprentice Club Coaching Program ($1,182) 4-Years Of “TechTip” Newsletter Templates For Drip Marketing To Your Prospects LIVE Monthly “Marketing Super Star” Interviews With Other MSPs So You Can See What’s Working LIFETIME Support From My Team
    62. 62. Program Summary:Managed Services Marketing Blueprint……..…….…………………...….$2,997.00Managed Services Survey……………………...………………………………..….$197.00Selling To Larger Accounts Marketing System……….…….......………$1,500.0025 Easy & Inexpensive Ways To Increase IT Sales…....………….….…..$397.00 $1,997Managed Services Contract Template….……..……….….………..……....…$197.006-Month Free Pass to the Master Mind Group...……….…..……. … …$1,182.00 (6 Payments of $337)Done-for-You TechTip Library…………………..………...………………..…$3,492.00Marketing Campaign Review…………………………………………………….$997.00Shipping and Handling.…………………………………….……………………....….$37.50 Pay In Full (SAVE $25)Access to our Member Dashboard…………………………………..….…….….???????Lifetime Support From My Staff……………………………...……………………???????Instant Access To All The Materials Online…………………………….....…..??????? Total: $10,996.50 Kaseya Sponsored Discount; Go To:
    63. 63. My 100% No-Risk, 2-Year Guarantee:Guarantee #1: 365-Day 100% Money-Back GuaranteeIf you are not completely thrilled, return the system for a full,no-questions asked refund. No hassle, No problems.Guarantee #2: 10X Your Investment 2 Year GuaranteeYou have another full year to use the materials and strategies.If you don’t make back 10 times your investment afterimplementing the tools and strategies I’ve outlined, I’ll issueyou a full and complete refund. All I ask is that you show meproof that you actually implemented 3-5 strategies outlined inthe program.
    64. 64. Fast Action Bonus: 7 Weeks Of Live Implementation Coaching I can only accept 25. Every single week you’ll get access to a LIVE coaching call to answer any question and give you any support you need. We will NOT be your roadblock!!!
    65. 65. Deadline To Get The LIVE Coaching For Free: The First 25, Or November 21, 12:00 Noon (Whichever Comes First) To Enroll Now, Go You Can Also Download The Free Report I Mentioned Earlier At This Site For Free
    66. 66. Questions? While Here You Can:1. Request a copy of this webinar recording2. Instantly download the free report promised3. Learn more about the Managed Services Blueprint
    67. 67. Next Steps • Learn more about Technology Marketing Toolkit • Learn more about Kaseya for MSPs • For a free live product demo Kaseya Foundation for MSPs Starting at $199/mo or • For a free trial $1,495/yr/Admin • To speak with us /KaseyaFan /company/kaseya @kaseyacorp