Kaseya Connect 2012 - Kaseya Security Solutions Update


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This technical session will review the recent enhancements and best practices of Kaseya's security solutions including Antivirus, Antimalware and Endpoint Security in addition to highlights of upcoming releases.
Presented By: Jeff Keyes, Product Marketing Manager & Jason Dettbarn, Sr. Product Specialist

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Kaseya Connect 2012 - Kaseya Security Solutions Update

  1. 1. Security SolutionsJeff KeyesJason Dettbarn
  2. 2. Meet the first virus(Source: Engadget.com))* Source - Gartner
  3. 3. Malware Is Here…(Local Infections Worldwide March 2012 – SecureNet.com)* Source - Gartner
  4. 4. …And It’s Not Leaving.(Online Threats Worldwide March 2012 – SecureNet.com)* Source - Gartner
  5. 5. Kaseya’s Security Solution• Blended Protection / Unified Platform / Remediation / Partners Anti- Partners / Patching Anti-Virus Malware Remediation Partners Operating System Kaseya Antivirus Agent MS Office Procedures Kaseya Monitoring & AntiMalware Mobile Kaseya Service Desk & 3rd Party * Endpoint Reporting Software Security Deployment Scheduling & Management 5
  6. 6. Kaseya Anti-Malware• KAM 1.1 Released• KAM 1.2 Controlled Release ~June 2012 – MalwareBytes 1.60.1 – Manageability / Profile Options • Trusted Applications • Complete control
  7. 7. Kaseya Endpoint Security• KES 2.2 Released• KES 2.3 Controlled Release May 2012 – AVG 2012 – Revamped API / management – Update on license tracking – Profile Enhancements• What is next?
  8. 8. Kaseya Antivirus• Real-time antivirus protection and on-demand scanning• Quick scanning of critical system areas• Prevention of malware epidemics• Automatic isolating infected computers• System recovery after infection• iSwift and iChecker technologies limit scanning to new and modified files only• Files shared on a file server are checked on the file server and not on the workstation increasing workstation performance• Selection of trusted processes• Load balancing and performance configuration• Compact updates
  9. 9. Kaseya Antivirus 1.3• Device Control disabling and controlling external devices such as USB drives• Anti-Spam• Anti-Spyware features that block phishing attacks• Kaspersky Enterprise Workstation• Upgrade Client Version• Upgrade Ready Column Set• Supports Anti-Spam Protection• Supports Anti-Spy Protection• Supports Access Control• Enables Password Protection
  10. 10. Kaseya Antivirus 1.41. LanCache update location (6.3 only)2. Threats page – ability to delete/restore quarantine items3. Threats page – ability to add exclusions to profile/all4. Threats page – ability to filter based on type of threat and time of threat (canned filtering buttons)5. Threats page – new button to expose the threat details feature6. Threats handling – check for threats handled manually by users7. New Monitoring/alerts page8. Profiles page – added # of machines and user created by columns9. Profiles Page – new button now has drop-down for Server/Workstation10. Profiles – added support for Quick Scan settings11. Profiles – Full and Quick Scan – added more scheduling options12. Profiles – Full and Quick Scan – added do not prompt for action options13. Profiles – Full and Quick Scan – added prompt options14. Profiles – Full and Quick Scan – added screensaver option15. Profiles – added interactive options16. Profiles – added options for File protection17. Profiles – added options for Mail protection18. Profiles – added options for Web protection19. Profiles – added options for proactive defense20. Profiles – added options for Anti-Spam21. Profiles – added options for Anti Spy22. Profiles – added options for Access Control23. Profiles – added update proxy options24. Profiles – added more scheduling options for update25. Profiles – added trusted URLs to exclusions26. Profiles – update options added the “run task if skipped” option27. Profile by admin/user. Will only show profile (on all pages) if you created it or it’s assigned to a machine that’s in scope for you28. Machines page – exposing Column Sets better29. 3 new column sets for filtering flag issues (machines that have out of date db, machines that require reboot and machines that are not in compliance with profile)30. “Advanced” Install options – added uninstall password31. “Advanced” Install options – added skip if machine offline32. “Advanced” Install options – added polite install33. Do not show flags for offline machines34. New flag ( )for machine that has an expired license35. New flag ( ) for machine that is out of compliance with profile36. New flag ( )for machine that is currently running a scan37. Remove “New Window” action38. Added new “Expiring in 30/60/90” counts to license page39. Machine page - Remember sizing of columns
  11. 11. Kaseya Antivirus• KAV 1.3 Released• KAV 1.4 Manageability May 2012 – Local file source for updates / install – Network scanning – Actions on detections – Explosion of control options – Exchange?• KAV 1.5 ~Q3 – Endpoint Security V8• KAV 1.6 – Mac? – Integration of AVG
  12. 12. Licensing• Non-expiring 1 year Subscription – License doesn’t start to expire until installed – 1 year from date of 1st install – Transferrable – Continue to expire regardless of install state• Maximum flexibility – Breadth of machines – Depth of time• Tiered pricing – Encourage bulk purchases
  13. 13. Common Questions• Does KAV support servers?• How do I upgrade from KES to KAV?• What is the system impact of KAV?• Do I need KAM and KAV / KES?
  14. 14. Next StepsKaseya Security Products:www.kaseya.com/features.aspxKaseya Educationhttp://lms.kaseya.com/kedu/Questions, comments, suggestions: jeff.keyes@kaseya.com