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Kaseya Connect 2013: Integration and Extensibility


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Overview session of the types of third party solutions available and how third parties are integrating with Kaseya. This will be a WOW Session not to miss and include live demos.

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Kaseya Connect 2013: Integration and Extensibility

  1. 1. Integration and ExtensibilityJim Alves, EVP, OEM & StrategyBen Lavalley, Sr. Mgr, OEM & Strategy
  2. 2. Integration Types• Content• Monitoring and Remediation• Data Exchange• Plug-In Module
  3. 3. Content• Reports• Views• Agent Procedures• Monitors• Policies• Profiles• Desks
  4. 4. Monitor and Remediate• Content for Monitors• Desk and Procedures– Triage, Escalation, De-Duplication– Remediation– Data Collection• Agent Procedures– Remediation– Data Collection
  5. 5. Data Exchange• Autotask / ConnectWise Types• Data Flows / Sync Between Systems• Workflow with Automation andProcedures
  6. 6. Plug-In• Fully Functional• May or May Not Look and Feel LikeKaseya• Utilizes Kaseya Platform Model• On-Premises today– Cloud planned for future
  7. 7. Kaseya Platform SDK• Extensibility• “Glue” for Centralized Management• Web Service API’s– Security Layer• Sign-On, Data Access, Users, Endpoint Interaction– Actions and Events• Endpoint Level• Deployment, Verification, Configuration, Log, Monitor, Remediate, Update, Report, Remove– Data Access and Exchange• Database Level– UI Styles and Components• Selectors• Schedules
  8. 8. Plug-In List– Scorpion Software• AuthAnvil, Password Manager– Symantec• Backup Exec & SEP– Xerox• Managed Print– Heroware• Backup/Replication– KPSA (by DevIO)• Connectwise/Autotask Integration– Elementra• ESET Endpoint Protection– Datto• Backup– Appassure• Backup
  9. 9. Remote Dashboards/Analytics– Brightgauge• Web Based with PSA Integration– Customer oriented– ConnectSmart• Internal operations oriented (We use it!)– MGMobile• Mobile Device dashboard and management
  10. 10. PSA Integration– Autotask– Connectwise– QoS-IT Kaseya-Sync• Integration of Kaseya and MS CRM
  11. 11. Recent Content– Eaton• Battery Backup/ePDU Monitor set– OpenDNS Umbrella• Agent Procedure for Deployment– Ecessa• WAN Failover/Router/VPN/Firewall appliance– ABS• Backup Appliance, supports naturally throughexisting Storagecraft module– Trend Micro• Deployment/Monitoring/Remote Licenseintegration
  12. 12. Compatibility–As of today, all integrationsare Kaseya 6.3 compatible!–Community status page––Direct link:–
  13. 13. Leaving PPT Land,Interactive Demo
  14. 14. Future integrations?–Talk to your vendors!–
  15. 15. Q&A