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Kaseya Connect 2013: A Practical Perspective On Service Desk & Service Billing


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A practical look at Service Desk, Time Tracking and Service Billing from a business perspective. See how to use Kaseya as an end to end solution for managed service delivery, tracking and billing. Drive efficiency through Service Desk automated remediation with integrated tracking and billing.

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Kaseya Connect 2013: A Practical Perspective On Service Desk & Service Billing

  1. 1. A Practical Perspective OnService Desk & Service BillingBryan Greene, CISSPAdaptive Technology Group
  2. 2. www.kaseya.comOverview• Understanding YOUR Goals and Operations• Service Desk – “Taming the beast”• Understanding Your Process• Time Tracking and ROI• Integrated Billing and Profitability
  3. 3. www.kaseya.comWhat is YOUR goal as a Business?• Create perceived value– Instantiate value– Better serve your customers• Maximize efficiency– Instantiate Results– Create Consistency– Develop cyclical process• Accurate accounting for time
  4. 4. www.kaseya.comToday vs. TomorrowVs.Automation
  5. 5. Understanding your Objectives• Consistent Delivery– Methodical approach to resolution• Empower and Leverage your team– Wealth of Knowledge– Process based Roll outs• Define Goals– Eliminate X manual processes a month– Start Small, grow over time– Provide KPI’s for both Company and Clients
  6. 6. www.kaseya.comTaming the Beast – Service Desk• Service Desk is a FRAMEWORK, not a SOLUTION• The SOLUTION is the successful implementationof processes and best practices to create aspecific Service Delivery– How does your service differ from competition?• Success require:– Define and Understand Processes– Start Small, but Think Big
  7. 7. www.kaseya.comITIL & ITSM Lifecycle• A process oriented framework toprovide consistent, accountable,reliable and demonstratablevalue through:– Managing Systems around theircontribution to the business– Aligning the delivery of ITservices closely with the needsof the business– Driving focus past “patchmanagement” and “antivirus” todeliver a competitive advantageto your customers throughtechnology
  8. 8. www.kaseya.comAsk Yourself?• How many of you have memorized step by stepresolution to 5 common issues you see weekly?• How much time do you spend resolving these?• Does your Kaseya monitoring detect the issue?• Would you like to never have to do it again?• What would it mean to your business?
  9. 9. www.kaseya.comSo Where Do We Start?• Desk Definitions– Model your desks based on process and visibility– Leveraging the Knowledgebase(s)• Framework– Defining Stages, Entry and Exit Procedures– Implementing Actions on Ticket Change– Leveraging Agent and Sub Procedures– Implementing SLA’s and Escalation– Logging, Logging, Logging!– Test Instances• Automatic Remediation & Superfluous Ticket Elimination –Brian Dagan– Tuesday @ 2:00 in the Acacia Ballroom
  10. 10. www.kaseya.comWorkflow
  11. 11. www.kaseya.comStages/Assignment
  12. 12. www.kaseya.comAgent and Sub-Procedures
  13. 13. www.kaseya.comLoggingLogging
  14. 14. www.kaseya.comTesting by Machine Group
  15. 15. www.kaseya.comTime Tracking & ROI• THREE reasons to track time– Billing and Profitability• Ensure billable time is reaches invoices• Evaluate profitability on client by client basis– Accountability• Ensure employees are performing as expected– Automation ROI• Understand what your investment brings to thebottom line• Direct future automation priorities
  16. 16. www.kaseya.comWhy Track Automation ROI• Scenario:– Take an incident that occurs on average 4 times a month, and takes 30minutes of time on average per occurrence to resolve. This specific incidentcosts you 2 hour a month, or 24 hours a year in employee time.• Investment:– If you spent 3 hours developing and testing an automated solution, youwould have just saved your self 21 hours on this one issue in the first year.• Ok, but I’ve only solved 1 thing, now what?– Take the top 3 issues per month, automated their resolution. After 12months, you have 36 automated items, saving yourself over a week a month(540 Hrs), with an investment of 108 hours of development.• Automation ROI:– With new procedure code released a few weeks ago, you can now log timesavings without custom SQL code, enabling you to track your long termreturn on these development efforts, and substantiate the true return onyour investment!
  17. 17. www.kaseya.comAdding in Time
  18. 18. www.kaseya.comAutomation ROI Example
  19. 19. Making Time Tracking Easy• Engineers Hate Tracking Time!• Access Built in timers within any KaseyaInterface– Start directly from a Ticket– Search Machine and start– New timer button on any screen• Time Tracking Module• 3rd party utilities such as mgMobile
  20. 20. www.kaseya.comTime Entry and Rollup
  21. 21. www.kaseya.com3rd Party Utilities
  22. 22. www.kaseya.comIntegrated Service Billing• Monetize All Services Delivered– Billable Time and Recurring Service Billing– Tiered Billing Resource Types and individualoverrides– Integrated Sales, Work Order and ProcurementManagement– Accountability throughout all processes• Profitability Reviews and Reporting– Evaluate Actual Time vs. Revenue• Simplified Monthly Invoice Processing
  23. 23. www.kaseya.comAccounting Integration• QuickBooks Integration• New Account code and Class Override– True visibility into revenue streams• Invoice Delivery from either Kaseya orQuickBooks• Direct QuickBooks Account Creation fromKaseya
  24. 24. www.kaseya.comQ & A
  25. 25.