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International Floriculture Expo Keynote Presentation - 2013


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I provided a brief "State of the Industry" from the domestic flower farming communities' standpoint at the International Floriculture Expo in Miami on Wednesday June 19th in Miami, FL. The presentation included the latest consumer research done by the California Cut Flower Commission and the Buy California Marketing Agreement. The presentation highlights the disparity between imports and domestic flower farming in today's U.S. marketplace and encourages retailers to consider the consumer research that supports promoting U.S. Grown flowers to consumers seeking more locally grown blooms.

The top three reasons consumers support U.S. Grown flowers included:
1. The Economy
2. Standards
3. Freshness

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International Floriculture Expo Keynote Presentation - 2013

  1. 1. Heart & Soil
  2. 2. State of CaliforniaThe State of California
  3. 3. Farms 225Size < 77%> 18%Value $278mImpact $10.3bJobs15,000Impact 122,000
  4. 4. Cut Flower Wholesale Value (in million dollars)
  5. 5. What Do They Want?
  6. 6. 75% 77%25% 23%National CaliforniaYes, prefer U.S. grown No, it doesnt matterPreference for U.S. GrownAgricultural Products18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+67% 70% 72% 76% 82%California• Residents in San Joaquin Valley arethe most likely to have a preferencefor U.S. grown products (86%) whilethose in San Diego are the least likelyto have a preference for U.S.products (72%).National• As consumers age they are morelikely to prefer that their agriculturalproducts are grown in the U.S.Q.2 Do you prefer agricultural products grown in the United States to products grown in andthen imported from other countries?
  7. 7. About three-fourths(74%)of American’s don’t know where the flowersthey purchased or received are from.
  8. 8. However, if giventhe choice, morethan half(58%)would prefer tobuy California-grown flowers.
  9. 9. #1 The Economy• Your Neighbors• Jobs• Local Taxes• Schools#2 Standards• Regulations• Safety• Enviromental#3 Freshness• Quality• Vase Life
  10. 10. Eighty Five percent (85%)of consumers surveyed strongly agree or agreethat when they see the blue license plate on theirproduce or flowers, they are more likely topurchase that product over one not grown inCalifornia
  11. 11. Eight six percent (86%)of consumers strongly agree or agreethat it is important for them to feelconnected to the people and place wheretheir food comes from.
  12. 12. The Morrison Group ResearchBuyer Interviews:• “Buy local/USA” drew little interest from largebuyersbut enthusiasm from retail florists.
  13. 13. The Opportunities Ahead
  14. 14. Be Who You Are!
  15. 15. "Ten or 15 years ago, the organic labelwas more important to ourcustomers, but we started to feel, overthe last five to seven years, that ourcustomers were more interested inbuying produce thats local."A.C. Gallo, President & COO
  16. 16. How Local Can You Get?
  17. 17. "Consumers are also starting to consider the distancetheir flowers travel. Jennifer Juhos Grey, owner of FioreDesigns in Venice, CA, has seen an increasing amountof her high end clients demanding locally sourcedflowers to minimize the ecological footprint for theirweddings and events. A real opportunity exists now torestart local flower production without the use ofpesticides and urban rooftops may be the ideal spot."- Trey Sheltonpsfk.comon June 16, 2013.
  18. 18. Come to California!
  19. 19. T H A N K Y O U