Polytechnic West Overview


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Polytechnic West Overview

  1. 1. Polytechnic WestThe Polytechnic of Western Australia
  2. 2. The Polytechnic of Western Australia Our Vision Your future. Our business. Inspiring individuals and business to create their future today.
  3. 3. Trends and Strategic Planning Council of Australian Review of Governments Training WA Australian Higher (COAG) Reform 2009 - 2018 Education Report : Agenda “Bradley Review” Skills Australia: Foundations for the Future State Training Plan 2010 - 2012 • College Strategic • Training Council • DTWD Plans Plan Business Plans • Performance • College Business • Industry Agreements Plans Workforce • MD’s Performance Development Agreements PlansNational Context Western Australian ContextThere are a number of national agendas influencing the Building on research by the State Training Board and thetraining environment in Western Australia. These currently Department of Education and Training, TrainingWA outlinesinclude the COAG reform agenda, the Bradley Review and the direction for the WA training system for the yearsthe Skills Australia position on Foundations for the Future. 2009 – 2018.
  4. 4. Our Stakeholders• Students • Secondary Schools• Staff • Training Institutions• Individual businesses • Colleges• Industry • Universities• Community • Industry Training Council‟s• Local Government • Industry Skill Council‟s• State/Provincial Government• Federal/National Government
  5. 5. WA Resource Sector Growth• A$93 billion of advanced major projects• 82% of Australia‟s advanced projects• A$71.3 billion of minerals and petroleum output• 46% of national minerals and petroleum output• 38% of Australian merchandise exports• 64% of Australian mining industry investment• Construction workforce required to double (approx 22,000) by 2012• Mining industry employment to grow by 26.5% to 2017 (18,400 jobs)• “High Shortage” predicted for Welders, Fitters, Electricians & Plant Operators Western Australia will require 240,000 new jobs by 2017 Source: Department of Minerals and Petroleum (WA), ABS & ABARE 2009.
  6. 6. State-wide Industry Partnerships
  7. 7. Overview of PWA• Polytechnic West officially launched in November 2009 – Swan TAFE was established in January 2003 following the amalgamation of SEMC TAFE, Midland TAFE and Balga campus of West Coast TAFE• 35,000 students (full-time and part-time)• Annual operating budget of A$105 million• 1056 permanent and 650 part-time and casual staff• Delivers over 10 million Student Curriculum Hours (SCH)• Offers over 300 qualifications at seven major campuses (Armadale, Balga, Bentley, Carlisle, Jandakot, Midland and Thornlie) and the specialist Equine Training Centre
  8. 8. Overview of PWA• Western Australia‟s largest training provider of apprenticeships and traineeships• Over 11,500 in training or 33% of the State‟s total and 70% of public funded training• Major growth areas include - Automotive trades +12% - Building and Construction +33% - Metals and Engineering +20%
  9. 9. The Premier’s Awards for Excellence 2010 Winner: Polytechnic West Transforming Trade Training (TTT) Program• A groundbreaking project aimed at improving the relevance, convenience and flexibility of apprenticeships.• Learning in the workplace is formally recognised, meaning the time an apprentice takes to complete their qualification can be reduced.
  10. 10. Our campusesStudy Areas• Animal Care and Equine• Art• Aviation• Building and Construction• Business, Finance & Management• Children‟s Services• Community Services• Computing, IT and Multimedia• Education• Electrical & Electrotechnology• Fashion and Hairdressing• Food and Hospitality• Health Science and Fitness• Landcare and Horticulture• Metals and Engineering• Occupational Health and Safety• Refrigeration and Air Conditioning• Science• Transport
  11. 11. Organisational Structure
  12. 12. Academic Delivery AreasSix major delivery divisions:1. Access and Community Services2. Commerce and Social Services3. Building and Construction4. Engineering and Transport Solutions5. Centre for Aerospace Training
  13. 13. Commerce and Social Services• Hospitality • Business – Cookery – Administration – Baking – Management – Meat Retailing – Marketing – Food Processing – Human Resource Management – Small business• Animal Care – Equine Management • Information Technology – Veterinary Nursing – Hardware – Software• Fashion – Web Design – Laundry and Dry Cleaning – Networking Operations – Clothing Production• Accounting and Finance• Teachers Assistant
  14. 14. Hospitality Winner: 2008 & 2009 Gold Plate for Best Restaurant within aBusiness and Training Establishment Accounting Animal Care Vet Studies Equine
  15. 15. Access & Community• Community Services Work • General Education for Adults • Certificates in Spoken and Written• Fitness English • Certificates in ESL Framework• Education • Gaining Access to Training and • Childcare Employment • Out of School Hours Care • Wider Opportunities for Work • Teacher Assistant • New Opportunities for Women • Teacher Assistant (Indigenous) • New Opportunities for Migrant Women• Aboriginal School Based Traineeships • Course in Applied Vocational Study Skills (CAVSS)• English • Workplace English Language and • Course in Underpinning Skills for Literacy (WELL) Industry Qualifications • AMEP • ELICOS: English Language
  16. 16. New Opportunities for Migrant WomenAged Care andCommunity Welfare Children’s Services
  17. 17. Centre for Aerospace Training• Certificate II in Aeroskills • Certificate IV Aeronautics• Certificate IV Aeroskills • Diploma in Aeronautics (Mechanical) • Diploma in Airport• Certificate IV Aeroskills Management (Avionics) • Associate Degree in Aviation• Certificate IV in Transport & (Aeronautics) Distribution (Ground • Associate Degree in Aviation Operations & Service) (Management)
  18. 18. Aerospace TrainingCareer Opportunities- Airline/General Aviation Pilots - Aircraft Maintenance Engineers- Airport Management (Mechanical or Avionics)- Airline Customer Service - Airline Operations ManagersPolytechnic West madeAustralian aviation historyon April 24 2010, when itsBoeing 737 twin-jetarrived at Jandakot airport
  19. 19. Building and Construction• Bricklaying & Blocklaying • Electrical• Builders Registration • Security systems• Carpentry & Joinery • Wall and Floor Tiling• Cabinet Making & Furniture Making • Wall and Ceiling Fixing• Upholstery • Plastering• Polishing • Signcraft• Machine Woodworking • Painting & Decorating• Plumbing & Gas Fitting • Stonemasonry• Roof Plumbing Glazing • Floor Coverings• Vehicle Trimming • Horticulture & Land Management• Textile Fabrication • Art & Design• Soft Furnishing • Hairdressing
  20. 20. Building & Construction Electrical WorksHorticulture Signcrafts
  21. 21. Transport and Engineering Solutions• Autobody Refinishing • Light & Heavy Vehicle Maintenance• Asset Maintenance • Machining• Autobody Repair • Mechanical Fitting• Automotive Mechanical • Mining - Extractive and Metalliferous• Boiler making • Mining Law exam preparation• CNC Machining CNC • Motor Cycles• Coded Welding • Occupational Health and Safety• Computer Engineering • Process Control and Instrumentation• Electrical/Electronic • Renewable Energy• Energy Systems • Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning• Engine Reconditioning • Sheetmetal• Electronic Engineering • Shotfiring/Blasting Small Engines• Electronic Servicing • Steel Fabrication• Fitting/Machining • Telecommunications• Fluid Power • Vehicle Body Building• Heavy Duty Plant • Warehousing• Industrial Automation/Robotics • Water Pumping• Industrial Gas • Welding• Laboratory Science • Welding Inspection
  22. 22. DEGEM Training
  23. 23. Successful Student Outcomes World Skills 2008-2010• 92 medals in West Australian competitions – 30 Gold – 28 Silver – 34 Bronze• 7 medals in National competitions – 1 Gold – 2 Silver – 3 Bronze Matthew Mitchell National Gold Medal Winner Retail Baking - Bread
  24. 24. Associate Degrees• Hospitality Management• Business• Aviation (Aeronautics)• Aviation (Management)• Aviation (Maintenance Engineering)New courses being explored for future delivery• Early Childhood Studies• Computer Systems (Networking)• Building Management• Occupational Health and Safety• Mechanical Engineering
  25. 25. Worldwide Partnership &Student Source Countries Students from 63 Countries (2010)
  26. 26. Australian Education Framework 
  27. 27. Associate Degrees Higher Education• New sub-degree accredited against higher education requirements• Two years in duration following Year 12, Cert IV or equivalent• University Pathways • Provides students with a pathway into a Bachelor Degree • Typically articulates with full credit into the third year of a University Bachelor Degree in the same field • Provides a point of entry into professional employment opportunities Certificate IV in Hospitality Associate Degree in University Bachelor of (Supervision) Food & Hospitality (Management) Commerce Beverage Duration: 2 years Duration: 1 year Duration: 2 semesters First and only TrainingWA institute accredited and delivering Associate Degree courses
  28. 28. Engaging IndustryExamples:• Implementation of Industry Advisory Committees• Membership of Business Organisations – Chung Wah Association• Innovative delivery e.g. „The Shed at Brighton‟• Access & Community Services Programs – Swan City Youth Service• Building Construction & Furniture – Dale Alcock Homes• Business, Finance & Computing – Computer Associates Anthony Friday• Hospitality, Manufacturing & Allied Industries – Compass Group• Metals Engineering & Refrigeration – RCR Tomlinsons• Transport – Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd
  29. 29. Industry Skill Council’s• Engineering and Automotive• Construction Training Council• Community Services, Health & Education• Financial, Administrative & Professional• Primary, Food and Beverage, Furnishing and Textiles• Creative and Leisure• Resources Industry• Logistics Training Council• Electrical, Utilities and Public Administration• Retail and Personal
  30. 30. Working with the CommunityExamples:• Indigenous Education Strategic Initiative Programs – Aboriginal Education Employment & Training Committee – Culturally appropriate short courses through TAFEWORKS, ABMUSIC, Clontarf College and Mooditjch School• Re-development Authorities in Midland, Armadale and Maddington - Kenwick• Adult and Community Education (ACE)• „The Dream Factory‟• Castledare Miniature Railway Project
  31. 31. Workforce planning
  32. 32. Delivery andPerformance Agreement
  33. 33. Sustainability Framework 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012State Revenue 85% 70% 65% 60% 55%Fee for Service 5% 17.5% 20% 22.5% 25%(includes ContestableFunding from State andCommonwealth)International 5% 7.5% 10% 12.5% 15%Student Fees 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
  34. 34. Governing CouncilRole:The Governing Council is the highest level of decision making in Colleges andoversee the College‟s operations and affairs.Membership:-Chairperson;-Deputy Chairperson;-Managing Director of the College; and-Not less than 6 or more than 10 other Members.Appointed by the Minister for Training for their experience and expertise ineducation, training industry or community affairs, and for their ability tocontribute to the strategic direction of the College.Appointed for a term of three years. Eligible for re-appointment at the approvalof the Minister.
  35. 35. Polytechnic West Governance StructureThe Finance Sub-Committee meetsas the:The Polytechnic West Audit powers to review The Council delegates its Committee overseesCollege financials Plan and and makethe College Audit in detail reports back to the 1)Employing Authority; andrecommendations to the Council on financialCouncil on matters of concern or continuous 2)Managermanagement mattersimprovement to the Managing Director
  36. 36. Trends and Strategic PlanningNational Context:Western Australian Context:There are a number of national agendas influencing the trainingenvironment in Western Australia. These currently include the COAGBuilding on research by the State Training Board and the Department ofreform agenda, the Bradley Review and the Skills Australia position onEducation and Training, Training WA, outlines the direction for the WA trainingFoundations2009the Future.system from for – 2018.
  37. 37. Our CultureProviding a dynamic environment through aframework of „Good Communication‟ and„Shared Decision Making‟.
  38. 38. Our Teams Portfolio Teams Professional TeamsStanding Committees Corporate Executive Governing Council
  39. 39. Standing Committees• Board of Studies• Client Services• ICT Committee• Higher Education• Enterprise and Business Development• Occupational Health and Safety• Professional and Career Development• Resources• Teaching and Learning• Strategic Business Planning and Performance• Workforce Development
  40. 40. “leadership is like a grindstone –whether it grinds you down orpolishes you up depends upon whatyou are made of”.