Jumping in to Foursquare Reviewing Location-Based Games for Business


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Jumping in to Foursquare:Reviewing Location-Based Games for Business

From Harvard to Zagats, and Tasti D Lite to Starbucks, the world's most familiar brands are experimenting with location-based platforms to develop deeper customer relationships. What new experiences will we learn about from yours?

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Jumping in to Foursquare Reviewing Location-Based Games for Business

  1. Jumping in to Foursquare<br />Reviewing Location-Based Platforms for Business<br />
  2. What IS Foursquare?<br />“. . .a service that mixes social, locative and gaming elements to encourage people to explore the cities in which they live.“ <br />
  3. User Data<br />Stats updated 3.14.10<br /><ul><li>Over 500,000 users 
  4. Over 1,000,000 badges have been awarded
  5. Over 1.4 million venues with 1200 offering specials
  6. Over 15.5 million check-ins
  7. March 5th its biggest day ever, weighing in at . . . 275,000 check-ins over the course of the day</li></li></ul><li>Checking in on Foursquare<br />It’s meant to be used on the go. <br />Download your phone’s appropriate app for free. <br />
  8. Arrive at your destination.<br />Click places. <br />Identify your correct location from populated list.<br />Earn points for frequent check-ins + adding new venues to the list.<br />Learn more about the location from other users.<br />Earn badges based on activity. <br />
  9. Who’s on first?<br />All about the game! <br />Checking in on foursquare<br />
  10. New Badges Released During SXSW 2010<br />
  11. Early Brand Adoption<br />Entertainment, Education, and Commerce<br />All are experimenting with engagement through gaming.<br />Discover new hand-selected experiences by brand names you already trust. <br />
  12. Building on Proven ModelsExisting Loyalty Programs are Evolving through Check-ins<br />Tasti D Liteoffers the opportunity to automatically update your status on Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook when using a loyalty card. <br />Followers see: “I just earned 5 TastiRewards points at Tasti D-Lite Columbus Circle, NYC! http://myTasti.com.”<br />
  13. SPIN Magazine turned SXSW 2010 into a musical scavenger hunt. <br />Requirements for minimum numbers of check-ins were established for venues, time frames, and city limits. <br />Specialty badges designed. <br />Winners awarded coveted pass to annual concert with must-see talent. <br />
  14. Not All Fun and Games<br />PayPal + Microsoft Partner at SXSW 2010<br />Stats dated 3.14.10<br />
  15. Cities Showing Their Unique Flavor <br />Tourism has a giant growth opportunity.<br />
  16. The Ivory Tower Becomes a Block Party<br />Could Tuition Credits be Earned Through Check-ins?<br />Returning Students Attend Select Lectures for Free?<br />
  17. Checking in on foursquare<br />Not all fun and games<br />Sxsw fundraiser – stats dated 3.14.10<br />
  18. The Challenge is ON!<br />Location-based social platforms open conversations <br />between peer-to-peer and brand-to-consumer in exciting new ways. A fantastic melding of offline and online activity.<br />Entertainment and information all rolled into one. <br />How will you use this new phenomenon?<br />Brands. Event planners. Conference producers. Non-profits. <br />What new experiences will the world learn <br />about from YOU?<br />
  19. KARYN COOKS <br />FLAIR MEDIA<br />Engage. Connect. Share.e flairmediainc@gmail.com  <br />www.FlairMinute.com<br />