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Withholding tax certificates for vendor tax item


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withholding tax certificate printing

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Withholding tax certificates for vendor tax item

  1. 1. Withholding Tax Certificates for Vendor tax item 1. F-43 – Vendor invoiceGive document date, posting date, account no of vendor and press Enter.
  2. 2. Give amount, Business place/Section, account and posting key.Give amount, cost center, and simulate from file menu.
  3. 3. Double click on blue line item, and give text and click on overview icon and save the document. 2. T-code: J1INCHLN Create Remittance Challan
  4. 4. Give all the detail required related to invoice document generated to vendor as per shown in abovescreen and execute.On next screen remove value date from the bank details.Press enter.Press enter.Click on
  5. 5. Double click on the line item.Remove amount 1 by *and simulate the document and save.
  6. 6. 3. J1INBANK – Enter Bank ChallanFill the detail of the remittance Challan here. Give the Challan clearing number and other relevantfields and Execute.
  7. 7. 4. /J1INCERT – CertificatesFill all the detail as per required to generate withholding certificate for the vendor and execute.
  8. 8. Define printer name and Page 57 of 577. Go live checks when uploading Vendor Master Data andVendor open items1. Vendor master must be first uploaded in to the Production systemwithout the withholding tax master data. The reason being whenVendor open items are uploaded into the production system ifwithholding tax information exists on the vendor master, system willcalculate withholding tax for each and every item uploaded into thesystem.2. Upload Vendor open items into the Production system.3. After completely uploading vendor open items upload the withholdingtax information on the vendor master in the change mode.4. Execute report RFWT0010 using transaction code SA38 to adjust thewithholding tax information on the vendor open items