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Big data & Digital Marketing


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How Big Data is changing Digital Marketing

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Big data & Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Top Uses for Big Data in Digital Marketing A RECENT SURVEY BY 2ND WATCH The research reports that the top uses for Big Data in digital marketing include: • 29% To better understand customer insights • 18% To improve the supply chain • 16% To power campaigns and promotions
  2. 2. How to Target Consumers Digitally with Big Data • Online data is the fuel that drives success • Marketersmust: collect and integrate these online data & Analyze for useful insights Eg : $40 ROI for every dollar spent on email marketing.
  3. 3. Six Sources of Big Data Web Mining Search Information Social Media Crowd Sourcing Transactional Mobile
  4. 4. Why big data matters to Digital marketing • Customer engagement. • Customer retention and loyalty. • Marketing optimization/performance.
  5. 5. 1920 – Evil returns :Big data & Analytics
  6. 6. 1920 – Evil returns :Big data & Analytics • Social Media Analytics • Text Mining : Based on that Movie popularity & Reach is found out • Sentimental Analysis : Movie response • Data is collected through User responses ( Comments & Likes ) • Movie was a box office hit