How to get your e-commerce site noticed by bloggers


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Promoting an E-commerce site is a challenging business. Get tips from Kartrocket on how to get noticed by bloggers.

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How to get your e-commerce site noticed by bloggers

  1. 1. Wily Tips to Get Your e-Store Noticed by Bloggers When you start your e-store with hopes of making it a big success, the imagination often overlooks the roadblock of advertising. Our planning is all about how everything will be displayed in the store, how the embedded links will function, how the inbuilt SEO will performand so on so forth. Whilst planning we just assume there will be customers to cater to. But really the biggest hurdle is not proper feature implementation in your site, but it is getting customers to know about your site in the first place. And it is not as easy as it may sound, because marketing is a very serious business in itself.
  2. 2. Bloggers: Trustworthy Sources Now you may post a million ads (you might even have to buy most of those) on all possible social networking or shopping promotion sites. But research shows that less than 45% of the seen ads are even taken into consideration. The conscious mind avoids reading them altogether. And even if you do manage to secure a very particular place for your ad, the subconscious mind simply walks right over it without even giving it another thought. Ads are hardly ever trusted much less from unknown companies with no prior accomplishment or standing in the market. This is where bloggers come into play. And I am talking about 2k+ followers kind of bloggers who have a knack of writing; but more importantly they have the gift of being read. They are loved for their writing on the internet which basically implies their opinion matters. A lot.People like their opinions and obviously relate to them too. And people rely on them blindly. Well grabbing the bloggers’ attention would definitely be a master card in winning the hearts of prospective buyers.So, only do you have to be diligent and stay on top of updates for your ecommerce sites, but you also need to know the right people. Here's how you can
  3. 3. improve marketing for your ecommerce site and be more successful through third parties. 1. Know the Right Blogs To Contact With so many blogs and online sites today it’s rather tough to pinpoint one person who can satisfy all your needs for promotion. There are quite a few people available who can act as perfect messengers to prospective shoppers for your store. These people can be recognized by generally searching for keywords that relate best to your business. People who focus on stuff related to the Internet, applications, software and the newly upcoming goods on the Web. But not only this, they also should be involved with products that you sell. People who know about what you deal with are who you should ask to write for you. This gives you the benefit of credibility amidst readers. Since the blogger is supposedly knowledgeable in the field readers will believe and adore every word of the blog. And if you manage to get compliments from such reliable sources, your site is bound to be accessed more than before. But in the beginning it is not that easy to be noticed and acknowledged by wellrenowned business site and ask them to publish your ecommerce site articles or talk about your company.These sorts of sites get thousands of requests a day, and the competition will make it difficult to get in the spotlight - especially if you are a small company. Even if you do receive a write-up, there's no guarantee that it'll benefit you in the long run. So make sure you start with smaller, niche sites that cater to your industry. The people who visit these sites are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. 2. Grab Attention, Act Smart One way to get noticed is to make your presence felt online. Maintain your own accounts and make yourself present and known within the community. Make relevant posts on websites and forums, write blogs for your own accounts. Additionally, you should put your expertise to use and be helpful on forums; answer questions, offer suggestions, and make contacts in your field. Make sure
  4. 4. you showcase your expertise with finesse, because that will surely put you forth as a person worth checking. Leave intelligible comments under blogs relating to your genre. This point is all about being “slow and steady to win the race”. Do whatever it takes to remain updated; however, don't post just for the sake of posting. Make sure that what you have to say has substance and value, or you'll lose people's attention. It’s probable that some of your initial attempts will go unnoticed. But do not let that dishearten you.Do not give up easily because your buyers’ flow will grow quite slowly. Once they start reading your intellectual daily updates your reputation will develop, and gradually you can emphasize on your e-store too. 3. NOT TO DO: Grotesque Generic Commenting You might have noticed comments like “Wow. That was a great article on Ideal Ways to PR. Please check out my e-store website Thanks. ” Well that was outrageously the most sickening type of comment I have ever read. They are really cheap marketing technique because it looks like you are desperate to get customers irrespective of whether they even wish to buy stuff from your site. Not only this, but such comments fall under spam category for most sites. And even if this manages to escape the spam pointer it is just downright ineffective. People do not want to visit some random site about which they hear just once and that too vaguely in a comment from some amateur writer. Frankly writing comments like that is like making a fool of yourself for no apparent gain or reason. Apart from this there is also the “making grammatical errors” thing. It’s everyone’s nature to correct people, and some marketing people try to use that to their advantage. By writing casual comments with obvious errors, to gain attention is like screaming you don’t want chocolate in front of a lot of people to actually get chocolate! The point is, in the professional world such childish strategies are annoying and sometimes attract really negative response from users. Avoid them. If you want to comment look at the point before this. Write smart and do not act desperate for attention.
  5. 5. 4. Make Direct Contact The Bloggers This is the most direct way to get the job done. First, do your research andfind out who's in charge of writing articles for topics relating to your business.With no hassle about being noticed, or grabbing attention this is the most classic way to interact with people you want help from. Yes. Just go and contact them direct and simple. This could be online: by mailing to them or just leaving them a message on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn. Or whichever site suits you. Or you could do it offline too. Give them a call and just directly talk to them about writing something including your business. Yep it’s simple as that. But don’t do it just like that. You don’t own these bloggers; you simply want their help. So ask like it’s a favour, be polite, friendly, and courteous throughout the interaction. Give them valid reasons to bestow you with this favour. Send them snapshots or links to your sites. Also offer them some discounts or free sampling. But make sure it doesn’t look like you are bribing them either. Be cool and charming. Even if doesn’t work right away, thank them regardless for their time. Do not end on sour terms. You might also need that contact again someday because publicity is not a one time investment. Keep a list of contacts; it will benefit you should you ever need it. Although just because it is direct and easy does not imply you cannot be turned down. Don’t feel to offended or broken because this rejection will come a little too many times. Don’t be too persistent. People have faced bitter cases of public mocking in such scenarios.And even if they say they can't feature you at this time, you never know what the future holds.
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