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The Myth Behind Engaging The Management Kettukari SPS London 1.6.2019


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The Myth Behind Engaging The Management / Karoliina Kettukari / SPS London 1.6.2019 / SharePoint Saturday Events

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The Myth Behind Engaging The Management Kettukari SPS London 1.6.2019

  1. 1. The myth behind engaging the management Karoliina Kettukari SharePoint Saturday London 1.6.2019
  2. 2. SPS London 1.6.2019 Sponsors
  3. 3. Story time! It was a dark and snowy night...
  4. 4. • Consultant at Digital Illustrated • Co-creating modern digital workplaces and changing the organizational culture • 7 years’ experience of improving internal communications and teamwork Karoliina Kettukari
  5. 5. 1) Setting the context 2) Engaging the management 3) The mythbuster Nice to see all of you here!
  6. 6. Setting the context 1
  7. 7. Cloud first Source:Eurostat2014 Microsoft first Mobile... Well, we’re getting to it. Finland is...
  8. 8. Office 365 is the dominant intranet and internal social media platform in Finland Source:Digitaalinentyöympäristö–kysely2018,NorthPatrol 64% 39%74%
  9. 9. 2 43 1 Small companies Vivid market Low hierarchy Independent working People are respected for abilities, not for the title Agile projects, PoCs Organisational structure and culture in Finland
  10. 10. Let’s learn Finnish! I T S E O H J A U T U V U U S Self governance / Self leadership Taking action, taking and giving responsibility, being open and honest, working for the common goal with no hierarchy or supervisors.
  11. 11. Engaging the management 2
  12. 12. Bonus driven rubber stamp? • Projects are owned by IT • Technical debt • Monetary rewards Something has to be done!
  13. 13. Who’s in charge? • Leading the change should be the manager’s job • A consultant can be the change that you wish to see in the world – but real change only comes from within Hopefully not the consultant!
  14. 14. resistance of change Call it fear Don’t call it
  15. 15. FOMO = FAIL
  16. 16. Diving deeper when applicable Cont- inuous support Modern ways of working – workshops Don’t forget the secretaries Technical trainings Working in the cloud -infos How do we overcome? Involve.
  17. 17. Who’s the best management sponsor?
  18. 18. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 0 1 000 Active users Licenced users Active users % Data-driven change: why should you care? Licenced users Active users Active users%
  19. 19. Let’s learn Finnish pt 2! K A L J A V Ä L E I S S Ä To be friends enough with the client that they invite you for a beer after work – and pay for it.
  20. 20. The mythbuster 3
  21. 21. Thank you! Questions, comments? Karoliina Kettukari Co-creating digital workplaces ❤ LinkedIn @kettukari