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Chatbots Dennis Peeters


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Cube Hype or Stay: House of Marketing presentation about Chatbots

Published in: Marketing
  • There are two complementary trends in conversational interaction that are taking hold in Marketing and Customer Service organizations. First, consumers expect to be able to interact with brands in their channel and modality of choice. Historically, this has been through web, mobile, and email, but new forms of interaction are becoming increasingly standard. We now expect conversational experiences – either by voice or chat – to be an avenue of engagement between consumers and brands. As consumers move to interactions over voice (i.e. Alexa, Google Home or Siri) and chat (i.e. Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and text), brands need to implement solutions that meet consumers in these modalities. Read more about it here:
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Chatbots Dennis Peeters

  1. 1. Chatbots: Hype or stay
  2. 2. Created by:
  3. 3. This is the story how we saw chatbots evolve during the last year
  4. 4. We started of with a simple chatbot for BD-Myshopi Learning by doing: Challenge accepted! 4 • Customer problem: Find the right Valentine gift for my (girl)friend • Solution: A bot that helps to find the right Valentine gift based on rules. • Extra: We made a link with their folder inventory so people can ask for the latest promo folder from any store. • Result: 3000 users and counting
  5. 5. We even created our own platform 5 - Analytics - Conversation flows management - Data storage - Account management - Version creation (for A/B testing) - API control managment API CONNECTOR BD-Myshopi API API.AI Natural Language Processing Facebook Messenger
  6. 6. Then we created some customer service bots
  7. 7. Remember this hype cycle? 7 This is how customer service chatbots are sold We tried: - Keywords - Different NLP engines - NLU technology - Hand-over rules This is the result
  8. 8. While falling down the slope of disillusionment we thought about the core of being a marketer.
  9. 9. Providing a great customer experience throughout the customer journey
  10. 10. And this changed our game plan of chatbots completely How we helped Ontex to improve brand consideration via a better conversational experience 11 • Customer problem: Patients have trouble finding the right product, but they don’t want to talk about it. • Solution: Conversational interface to help patients finding the right products. Available in multiple languages. • Next step: Launch in Germany!
  11. 11. 12 • Customer problem: They often don’t know what job would suit them. • Solution: Working with a machine learning algorithm we are able to find relevant jobs based on your profile (cv or natural language input) • Technical solution: Linking different technologies and platforms together Conversational commerce works in many different sectors chatbot – find a job based on your profile
  12. 12. 13 And the results became more & more promising • The chatbot became a top converting channel compared with other channels. • Not yet perfect but based on the data we know how to optimize the experience
  13. 13. 15 Mobile experiences are misunderstood What we think a mobile experience should look like What mobile users are actually doing
  14. 14. 16 This misunderstanding is heavily reflected in the commercial results Below a typical analytics report comparing desktop with mobile conversion rates • Mobile conversion rates on websites are around half of desktop conversion rates. • This combined with high cpc’s for desktop visitors compared with mobile visitors leaves open a large opportunity.
  15. 15. 17 How to optimize mobile conversion rates for leads & sales? Challenge accepted! Target: Facebook ads Original: From Facebook to a mobile optimized landing page Test: From Facebook to a Facebook messenger chatbot • Improve experience by offering a conversational experience • Reduce bounce-rate by staying on the facebook platform
  16. 16. 18 We went even one step further! The payment should happen on the platform To reduce friction we wanted the payment to happen directly in Facebook Messenger
  17. 17. 19 • General conversion rate x3 (300% increase!) for the first test • We also created a web chatbot, no significant improvement in the conversion rate • Lots of possibilities to optimize. (fe. Birth date issue) The result is great! And the official case for conversational commerce is born
  18. 18. The next step? 20 Do you need to have a website to do E-commerce?
  19. 19. 21 The future is omni-channel with lots of new channels arriving conversational interfaces will become an important part of the interaction method and most of them won’t need a website.
  20. 20. 22 The future is near, but not yet perfect 
  21. 21. 23 The most important lesson we learned: As long as we focus on the customer experience, the customer will reward us. A good place to start is by filling in the BotCanvas Get it here:
  22. 22. START THE CONVERSATION ON Dennis Peeters Conversational UX specialist Master botbaker Dennis De Cat Bot strategist Master botbaker