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Chatbots & AI Maarten Verschuere


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Cube Hype or Stay: Clever presentation about Chatbots & AI

Published in: Marketing
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Chatbots & AI Maarten Verschuere

  1. 1. AI & chatbots in Research # maartenforsure
  2. 2. 5 reasons why using AI & bots in research will FAIL / SUCCEED
  3. 3. Hype : the almighty Sophia
  4. 4. Be wary of the One Size Fits All. Use the right instruments for the research problem you want to solve.
  5. 5. Reduce the size of your survey using AI The first iteration allows us to identify the key concepts in the survey. Per concept we only need 4-5 items. The rest of the questions can be removed Good items in the survey are only correlated with one concept in the survey (and only one) Step 1 : Determine the number of factors Step 2: Select relevant items Step 3 : Select necessary items
  6. 6. DATA
  7. 7. AUDIENCE
  8. 8. Survey the visitors of your website without leading them away
  9. 9. Survey a young audience on Facebook
  10. 10. Chatbot surveys have the highest completion rate on smartphones
  11. 11. REPORTING
  12. 12. Use Natural Language Processing to automate text coding
  13. 13. #maartenforsure Keep in touch Maarten Verschuere