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Evaluation question 3

Evaluation question 3

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Evaluation question 3

  1. 1. What kind of media institution wold distribute your product and why? Evaluation question 3
  2. 2. What is a film distributer and what do they do? • Distribution is:- the launching and sustaining films in a competitive market place. • There job is to identify the films audience, estimate revenue across various platforms, creating buzz around the product, persuading exhibitors to take interest and persuading the audience to follow up on that interest, and watch the film.
  3. 3. Various distributers • Conglomerate owned distributers (The big six) • Indie distributors
  4. 4. Our chosen distributer • They are an independent distributer, not owned by the big six. • Previous releases:-
  5. 5. Why they would distribute our film • Icon is an independent distributer, much like own film, as we of course, don’t work for the big six. • They’ve distributed a similar genre of films to ours in the past, so they would take a greater interest in our thriller in comparison to a family film.
  6. 6. Films Icon have distributed • Icon have distributed many films with similar genres to our own:
  7. 7. How would our film fit with their current slate of films. • They distribute a lot of horrors and thrillers, so our thriller would fit well with their current slate.
  8. 8. Expected release pattern • They would most likely use festivals to promote our thriller at first, then move on to a limited release in a small selection of cinemas once a buzz has been properly generated.
  9. 9. Services available • Distribution of our film • Marketing such as advertisements, partnerships, trailers, websites, and or small synergistic products. • Reaching to an international audience through international film festivals. • We’d also be able to use their reputation for thrillers and horrors to boost initial interest from potential audiences.
  10. 10. How they may create buzz for our film • They may create buzz through the services mentioned earlier, this includes showing our thriller at festivals, locally and internationally, also creating synergistic products for our thriller. They may also create small TV ad’s, or posters to be put up in cinema’s and or bus stops.

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Evaluation question 3


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