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Healthcare Coalition Governance, Third-Party Fiduciary Agent, Caucus-Model


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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) is transitioning the Hospital Preparedness Program to the National Healthcare Preparedness Program. The change moves the emphasis from facility preparedness to healthcare system preparedness, which requires the establishment of independent regional healthcare coalitions outside the competitive space.

Effective, sustainable healthcare coalitions, whether independent nonprofit corporations or operating under the authority of a third-party fiduciary agent, require a business infrastructure that includes inclusive governance. The caucus governance model can be implemented through the healthcare coalition's bylaws. It allows most decisions to be made at the Executive Council level, reducing bureaucratic delays.

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Healthcare Coalition Governance, Third-Party Fiduciary Agent, Caucus-Model

  1. 1. Eligible organizations, as defined in the coalition’s bylaws, are invited to join the coalition as a voting member each Representative is assigned to a caucus based on the Discipline of the member organization they represent The members of Each Caucus vote to elect A chair to lead the caucus’ meetings and carry the caucus’ vote on the board of Directors The four executive officers are elected at-large by The full body The elected Chair of each caucus serves as a voting representative on the boaRD OF DIRECTORS governanace got you feeling a little beat up? we’ll facilitate All bParati, LLC content may be used for the common public good as licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Attribution must be made to Karl Schmitt with a link to Healthcare coalition governancE third-party Fiduciary Agent: caucus model discipline caucuses A third-party fiduciary agent is a stand-alone legal entity that can accept and manage a grant on behalf of the healthcare coalition executive council member organizations Assign a Representative to to attend coalition meetings and carry their vote potential member organizations member organization Representatives Board of Directors A healthcare coalition using a third-party fiduciary is not a legally defined entity in state statutes it cannot directly apply for a grant It may be either a nonprofit corporation, such as a hospital, a regional planning council or a charitable foundation, or a governmental agency, such as a Local health department or EMS authority it’s kinda like a committee with earmaked grant funding