4th European Innovation Summit 2012


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Slideshow from the 4th European Innovation Summit | 9-10 October 2012 | European Parliament, Brussels

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4th European Innovation Summit 2012

  1. 1. This year’s Summit is fuelled by an “Innovative Europe Reality Check” with major challenges and ideas described by innovation practitioners, which may inspire policy makers in their decisions to be made.Together with representatives of the EU institutions, member states and regions, we look forward to discussing and analyzing the future of Innovation in Europe, continue to build bridges among the different actors and create synergies between the various programmes and policies.
  2. 2. Under the motto “Building Bridges – Creating Synergies” this year’s Summit willprovide an excellent opportunity for innovation stakeholders from the public, private and academic sectors to meet with Members of the European Parliament, Commissioners and other high-level EU-officials.The Knowledge4Innovation Forum will continue the success story of the last threeyears, when more than 250 speakers, including the Presidents of the European Parliament, and the European Commission, and some 2 500 innovation stakeholders,discussed how Europe can successfully build and improve its Innovation Ecosystem.
  3. 3. Knowledge4InnovationK4I is a non-profit, independent multi-stakeholder platform with members fromthe European public, private and academic sectors.K4I is unique becauseit engages the relevant actors and sectorswith different backgrounds and expertise,mobilising know-how and resources andengaging in a permanent dialogue underthe framework of the K4I Forum of theEuropean Parliament. K4I Membership in Percentage per Sector
  4. 4. Knowledge4Innovation K4I Membership Benefits Communicate your innovation ideas and challenges to Members of the European Parliament by organising your own K4I Forum Event in the European Parliament Raise your company’s profile and improve your business and innovation performance by sharing ideas and resources, exchanging best practices and critical knowledge with all EU Innovation stakeholders. Benefit from a broad network of political decision makers and business contacts established by K4I over the past years. Present your ideas about the future of EU’s Innovation policy through K4I MEP Policy Briefs- an unparalleled chance to contribute to decision-making and shape EU policy. Raise your organisation’s visibility by displaying your profile, innovation event and website on the K4I Website and all influential social media channels. Participate in Press Conferences and Interviews hosted by K4I on innovation-related topics, throughout the year.
  5. 5. Partners for Innovation• EUREKA • Regione Puglia• JIIP - Joint Institute for Innovation Policy • CEFIC - European Chemical Industry Council• GERG - European Gas Research Group • European Crop Protection• ARCHES - Advanced Research Centre for Health, Environment & Space • Technology Partners Foundation• IEEE • COST - European Cooperation in Science & Technology• Photonics21 • ANKARA• Novitech • CREAX• Enterprise Europe Network • EurActiv
  6. 6. EUREKA Doing business through technology EUREKA believes that business knows best: Industry-led projects, with tangible results and visible benefits Bottom-up: businesses and other participants in a EUREKA project consortium decide the way the project comes together and evolves, its duration and outcome. Fast and flexible: EUREKA believes this ‘bottom-up’ approach is the most effective way for an innovation to reach the market before the competition. 27 years of success stories: Established in 1985, R&D projects conducted under the auspices of EUREKA continue to develop innovative technologies that are benefiting European competitiveness, growth and jobs
  7. 7. EUREKA Doing business through technology EUREKA is a reality!Market-oriented research and innovation that touch our daily livesResults stemming from EUREKA projects are everywhere: Gsm mobile telephone technology MP3 format Navigation systems Smartcards to support mobile and electronic commerce Film special effects Clean energy generation State-of-the-art medical devices Technologies to monitor and limit environmental pollution helping businesses develop and exploit innovative technologies that are benefiting European competitiveness, growth and jobs
  8. 8. EUREKA Doing business through technology EUREKA is a European network: Experts in over 40 countries, dedicated to promoting, supporting and stimulating industrial R&D and innovation in Europe. EUREKA’s diverse portfolio comprises: EUREKA individual projects: the generation and coordination of these R&D projects conducted by two or more partners in international collaboration forms the core activity of the EUREKA national project coordinator network. EUREKA Clusters : long-term, strategically significant industrial initiatives . Many of Europe’s leading companies participate, developing generic technologies of key importance for European competitiveness. The Eurostars Programme: the first European funding and support programme to be specifically dedicated to research-performing SMEs. The Eurostars mission is: ‘To support R&D-performing entrepreneurs, by funding their research activities, enabling them to compete internationally and become leaders in their sector.’
  9. 9. EUREKA Doing business through technology EUREKA believes that business knows best: Industry-led projects, with tangible results and visible benefits Bottom-up: businesses and other participants in a EUREKA project consortium decide the way the project comes together and evolves, its duration and outcome. Fast and flexible: EUREKA believes this ‘bottom-up’ approach is the most effective way for an innovation to reach the market before the competition. 27 years of success stories: Established in 1985, R&D projects conducted under the auspices of EUREKA continue to develop innovative technologies that are benefiting European competitiveness, growth and jobs
  10. 10. Regione Puglia  Living Labs  Pre-commercial procurement  Broadband  E-gov  Smart citiesInitiative co-financed by the E.U. in accordance with Apulia, a Smart Regionthe Operational Programme E.R.D.F. Apulia 2007 –2013, Line 6.3., Action 6.3.2.“Initiatives in support of the international businessdevelopment of local business clusters”
  11. 11. Regione Puglia  Start ups and spin offs  Industrial Liaison Offices  Business Clusters  Technological Clusters Apulia, an ecosystemInitiative co-financed by the E.U. in accordance for innovationwith the Operational Programme E.R.D.F. Apulia2007 – 2013, Line 6.3., Action 6.3.2.“Initiatives in support of the international businessdevelopment of local business clusters”
  12. 12. Regione Puglia The Apulia regional government promotes innovation and international business development, fostering the growth and the competitiveness of SME’s in the gloval marketplace
  13. 13. JIIP Joint Institute for Innovation Policy Established in April 2008 Joint venture of four Research and Technology Organisations TNO (The Netherlands), VTT (Finland), Joanneum Research (Austria) and Tecnalia (Spain)JIIP provides intelligence to support policy-making > 170 researchers with a focus on research and innovation policy
  14. 14. JIIP Joint Institute for Innovation Policy Policy analysisCompetences and services Evaluation of policy initiatives and programmes; impact assessments; policy monitoring; policy development Analysis of innovation dynamics and systems Sectoral innovation dynamics; national/regional innovation systems; innovation-related economic analyses Forward-looking activities Foresight; forecast; technology assessment; horizon scanning Data and indicators Data collection; data analysis; research on indicators
  15. 15. JIIP Joint Institute for Innovation Policy R&D Policies The primary clients are the different Directorates-General (DGs) Industrial Innovation of the European Commission, other clients such as the OECDThematic areas Information Society as well as national ministries and funding agencies, etc. Urban Innovation
  16. 16. CEFIC European Chemical Industry Council CEFIC is the forum and the voiceof the chemical industry in EuropeSpeeding up innovation through partnership
  17. 17. CEFIC European Chemical Industry CouncilCefic is a committed partner to EU policymakers,facilitating dialogue with industry and sharing our broad-based expertise.We represent 29 000 large, medium and small chemical companies in Europe,providing 1.2 million jobs and account for 21% of world chemical production.
  18. 18. GERG European Gas Research Group GERG was founded in 1961to strengthen the Gas Industry within the European Community by promoting effective, gas-related R&D. Membership reflects natural gas R&D activity across Europe. GERG members are actively conducting natural gas research and technical development within the European Community.
  19. 19. GERG European Gas Research Group GERG members serve a European Gas Industry which has the responsibility of supplying some 80 milliondomestic, commercial, industrial and power station gas customers GERG members have developed a large European reservoir of specialist knowledge, and currently support a high quality research resource, numbering in excess of 2000 staff Priorities are technical information exchange and collaborative R&D, with projects carried out by dedicated, multi-disciplinary Project Teams, which can include academics, manufacturers and other non-member organisations
  20. 20. GERG European Gas Research Group Encourages and supports the development of high quality R&D projects and assists in the development of a sound framewor for European gas research by:- providing the appropriate forum for discussion, technological exchange and dissemination.- identifying the key issues in each major sector of the gas business.- ensuring that relevant topics are adequately covered by R&D.- maximising the value of such research carried out in Europe and the use of specialist facilities.- avoiding wasteful duplication of effort.- identifying appropriate funding mechanisms
  21. 21. European Crop Protection ECPA acts as the ambassador of the crop protection industry in Europe and represents the industrys European regional networkWe promote modern agricultural technologyin the context of sustainable development,seeking to build understanding of the needfor pesticides,communicating our contribution to affordablehealthy diets and a high quality of life,and maintaining an informed dialogue onour views, values and beliefs.
  22. 22. European Crop Protection Our Vision:Openness We promote and value dialogue with all stakeholders Proactivity We take the initiative on issues of concern to SocietyCooperation We work with stakeholders as partners Responsibility We take responsibility for the safe and sustainable use of our industry’s products through farmer education and trainingTransparency We are open and transparent about our aims and policies
  23. 23. European Crop Protection Our Priorities:• Protecting and conserving water resources by introducing innovative cropprotection solutions and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. • Contributing significantly to a healthy, high quality, affordable food supply for all by maintaining plant health, increasing plant productivity and improving farm practices..• Enhancing biodiversity and natural habitats within farminglandscapes, by using our expertise in plant protection and agriculturalpractices to promote local harmony between nature and agriculture. • Safe-guarding the health of farmers and the public by introducing innovative technologies and promoting best safe-use practices.• Earning public trust in our industry and in the regulatory process, byincreasing transparency and setting industry standards that align to currentscientific norms to address societal concerns.
  24. 24. ARCHES Advanced Research Centre for Health, Environment & SpaceARCHES is a private, non-profit organisation specialised inknowledge management and multi-stakeholder networking. Our mission is to actively contribute to the advancement of knowledge, and provide support for the development and implementation of EU policies for research and innovation. Our Centre aims above all at the creation of knowledge by establishing collaborations with universities and research organisations and by supporting the training of young scientists. ARCHES also acts as an intelligent interface able to connect the global research community with industry and with policy makers at all levels.
  25. 25. ARCHES Advanced Research Centre for Health, Environment & SpaceActing as a boundaryless organisationalong the entire research and innovation chain,ARCHES creates the conditionsto achieve the speed, flexibility and integrationneeded to survive and thrive in today’s globally competitive environment. Regional development Internationalisation of European SMEs Fostering regional cooperation for a sustainable and competitive future
  26. 26. Technology Partners Foundation From innovative ideas to implemented technological solutions The Foundation cooperates with national and international partners from the public and private sector in knowledge and experience exchange, as well as in joint performance of interdiciplinary research projects900 R&D projects / year 1500 researchers Annual turnover app. € 100 million
  27. 27. Technology Partners Foundation From innovative ideas to implemented technological solutionsCentral Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institutelabor safety, environmental engineering, ergonomicsInstitute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologycutting technologies, tools and machinesInstitute of Applied Opticsapplied optics, laser technologiesInstitute of Aviationaircraft and engine industry, space researchInstitute of Ceramics and Building Materialsceramics, glass and building materialsInstitute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plantsfibre materials processing, molecular biology
  28. 28. Technology Partners Foundation From innovative ideas to implemented technological solutionsInstitute of Non-Ferrous Metalsnon-ferrous metals and alloys processingInstitute of Precision Mechanicsmetal products improvement, heat treatment, electroplatingPolish Packaging Research and Development Centrepackaging, packaging materials, food and transportation industryRoad and Bridge Research Instituteroad and airport design and construction, traffic safetyState School of Higher Educationmathematics, information technology, technical sciences, aviation…TMBK Partnersresearch and innovation management
  29. 29. Technology Partners Foundation From innovative ideas to implemented technological solutionsLabour safety, environmental engineering and ergonomics ElectronicsEnvironmental engineering and protection Materials and surface engineeringPlastic forming, cutting and cutting technologyMachine and tool design and construction R&D Applied optics and laser technology Engine, aeronautic and automotive industryPackaging, food and transportation industry Metals and plastics processingSoftware technology, systems and products Textile, wood and chemical industry
  30. 30. IEEE The world’s largest professional organisation dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.IEEE and its members inspire a global community through: - IEEEs highly cited publications, - conferences, - technology standards, - professional and educational activities.
  31. 31. IEEE> 400,000 members in >160 countries; > 50 percent are from outside the USA, including > 48500 in the EU>107,000 student members, including > 3,500 in the EU2,173 student branches at colleges and universities in 80 countries585 student branch chapters of IEEE technical societies
  32. 32. IEEE38 societies and 7 technical councils> 3.25 million documents with > eight million downloads each month> 1,500 standards and projects under developmentpublishes > 148 transactions, journals and magazinessponsors > 1,300 conferences in 81 countries while: partnering with >1,100 non-IEEE entities globally; attracting > 387,000 conference attendees; publishing >1,300 conference
  33. 33. COST European Cooperation in Science & TechnologyCOST is Europe’s longest-running intergovernmental frameworkfor cooperation in science and technology funding cooperativescientific projects, called COST Actions.With a successful history of implementingscientific networking projects for over 40 years.COST offers scientists the opportunity to embark upon bottom-up,multidisciplinary and collaborative networks across all science andtechnology domains.
  34. 34. COST European Cooperation in Science & Technology COST is a unique means for European researchers to jointly develop their own ideas and new initiatives across all scientific discipline. 35 member countries + 1 cooperating state. 40 000 researchers involved in over 200 ActionsKey features: - building capacity by connecting high-quality scientific communities; - providing networking opportunities for early career investigators; - increasing the impact of research on policy makers, regulatory bodies and national decision makers as well as the private sector.
  35. 35. Photonics21 A Key Enabling Technology of EuropeThe European Technology Platform was set up in 2005 as anindustry driven platform to unify the community in the area of photonics.> 2000 representatives of industry and science have joined together tofurther advance Europe’s position in photonics the Horizon 2020 programme. In 2009, the European Commission defined “Photonics” as one of five European Key Enabling Technologies (KET’s) and proposed to establish a Photonics-PPP within the Horizon 2020 programme.
  36. 36. Photonics21 A Key Enabling Technology of Europe harnessing Light to Impact Most Areas of our LivesHealthcare - Early diagnosis through new detection methods - Minimal invasive surgeryEnergy Efficiency - LEDs, OLEDs and intelligent networks can save 2/3 of electricity for lightingSafety & Security - Smart sensors for automotive safety; IR detection systemsManufacturing - Lasers enable new lightweight structures - Laser drilling: 25,000 holes per second for efficient solar cellsInclusion - High speed fiber networks with multi-terabit capacity are backbone for web 2.0 & 3.0 products & internet of things
  37. 37. Photonics21 A Key Enabling Technology with Enormous Economic Potential Total Direct Photonics market ~ € 300 bn • even larger leverage effect along the value chain European Photonics market ~ € 60 bn Estimated annual growth rate ~ 8-10% Estimated market size in 2015 ~ € 480 bn Many market-leading industrial players > 5000 SMEs / > 1000 research institutes Leading market shares of European companies • Lighting 40% • Production technology 45% • Optical communication 24% ~ 300,000 employees directly
  38. 38. ANKARA Regional Development Agency of Turkey’s capital city, AnkaraANKARA provides technical and financial assistanceto start-ups, SMEs and seasoned investors alike;Its main sectors of interest are IT, health and tourism. It is fully funded by the Turkish Government and works under the coordination of Ministry of Development in Turkey. Presenting a high quality of life and competing with the world, the capital of knowledge and innovation: Ankara
  39. 39. ANKARA Regional Development Agency of Turkey’s capital city, Ankara Capital Regional plan Infrastructure Staff size: 47 persons Annual budget: Around €20 M Tourism President: Alaaddin Yuksel, Governor of Ankara Secretariat-General: Assoc.Prof. Asim Balci High-TechDevelopment Medical Regional development Agency
  40. 40. NOVITECH Since 1989, it is active in the fields of development and implementation of large scale information systems and the provision of project management services. The company covers the entire information system life cycle from system design to implementation and maintenance services for medium and large enterprises.Objectives:- Transfer of the latest information technologies- Know-how from the most developed industrial countries- Assist in the creation of a strong information technology industry in Slovakia.
  41. 41. NOVITECHServices:- Information systems project management- Process engineering- Workflow and document management systems- Application software development using CASE systems- Intelligent portal solutions- e-Learning systems and solutions- Consulting related to establishing process-driven organisations
  42. 42. CREAX Creativity for InnovationThe CREAX chemistry builds on the unique combination of three ingredients:the creative power of our team, the analytical strength of our software andthe systematic approach of our methodology.• Our clever methodology offers astructured framework for systematic innovation.• Our in-house developed software tooloffers intelligent visualisations of the world’s knowledge.• Our team of talented engineers unites creativitywith profound technological knowledge
  43. 43. CREAX Creativity for Innovation is a worldwide reference in innovation consulting. We bring a systematic approach to the black box of innovation. We unite accomplished innovation experts with cross-industry learning and a unique methodology to provide breakthrough solutions for our clients.The CREAX team is a mix of Engineers, Product Developers and Science PhDs. This exceptional brew of different knowledge backgrounds andexperiences results in a powerful synergy of skills. Our team unites creativity, technological knowledge anda thorough understanding of intellectual property. Apart from that, we are also simply die-hard technology loversand fools for innovation.
  44. 44. Enterprise Europe Network The Enterprise Europe Network helps small business to make the most of the European marketplace.Working through 600 local business organisations in 51 countries,we help to: - Develop your business in new markets - Source or license innovative technologies - Access EU finance and funding
  45. 45. Enterprise Europe Network Global reach for local companies Business support on your doorstep One network... endless opportunities Since 2008, EEN has provided services to > 3 million businesses, answered 375000 questions on EU related topics and helped 5000 companies sign partnership agreements. Think you are too small to deal internationally... Think again !Connect - Innovate - Grow Expertise - Innovation - Trade
  46. 46. EurActiv EU news & policy debates - across languages - Fondation EurActiv PoliTech is a public service foundation, dedicated to hosting and training independent media.The Foundation acts primarily to bring together individuals andorganisations seeking to shape or influence European Union policies.Its aim is "faciliter l’efficacité et la transparence de la Communauté des Acteurs Européens".
  47. 47. EurActiv EU news & policy debates - across languages - What does Fondation do?- Hosting media & Supporting media independence. Around 20 workshops on topical EU policy issues are organised annually. An advisory Group of over 20 people is regularly consulted on issues of media independence.- Training journalists.- Social Media, Political Technologies and EU stakeholders projects division. Aims to reinvent politics and governance in cyberspace. Includes an EU stakeholders and European affairs blogging platform.