Why B2B content marketing is so important!


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B2B marketing is transforming. The old methods simply don’t work. Business buyers don’t respond to cold calls and banner ads don’t work. Customers want to look in to things themselves, explore their options and shortlist the finest.

Thus a new approach is needed – that is content marketing. This Slideshare gives the B2B marketer all the knowledge that is needed to update the mind-set to the modern world.

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Why B2B content marketing is so important!

  1. 1. WHY   B2B  CONTENT     MARKETING  IS   SO  IMPORTANT It’s a new dawn of marketing@karlfiltness
  2. 2. B2B     MARKETING   MUST  CHANGE   The buyer process is transforming!@karlfiltness
  3. 3. Business  buyers  do  not  contact   suppliers  directly  until  57  %  of  the   purchase  process  is  complete. How much?@karlfiltness
  4. 4. <- This much! 0% 100%57% When  you  see  me,     click  me  to  tweet. Business  buyers  do  not  contact   suppliers  directly  until  57  %  of  the   purchase  process  is  complete. @karlfiltness
  5. 5. By  2020,  customers  will  manage   85%  of  their  relationships  without   talking  to  a  human. Is your business ready?@karlfiltness
  6. 6. 94  %  start  the  purchase  process   from  Google Will they find YOU?@karlfiltness
  7. 7. 80  %  B2B  purchasing  starts  by  the   BUYER  contacting  the  seller. Are you pushing or pulling?@karlfiltness
  8. 8. WHAT  ABOUT   BANNER  ADS? They help with this, right?@karlfiltness
  9. 9. WRONG! They just don’t work@karlfiltness
  10. 10. How many do you remember? Every  month,     you  see  1700  banners! @karlfiltness
  11. 11. A fax would probably be more effective The  average  CTR  of  a   banner  is    0,1  % @karlfiltness
  12. 12. Display ads suck! Up  to  50%  of  the  clicks  on  a  mobile   banner  ad  are  accidental @karlfiltness
  13. 13. Scott Sorokin (and a hint of Jay-Z) “Banners  have  99  problems  and  a   click  ain’t  one.” @karlfiltness
  14. 14. THIS  IS  WHY     CONTENT     MARKETING  IS   SO  IMPORTANT! Without it you won’t survive!@karlfiltness
  15. 15. STILL  NOT     CONVINCED? Get on board and see what lies ahead ->@karlfiltness
  16. 16. 9                              REASONS     TO  USE     CONTENT     MARKETING They will blow you away@karlfiltness
  17. 17. Lets take a closer look -> 1.  It’s  effective   2.  It  beats  ad  immunity   3.  It  drives  engagement   4.  It  can  be  storytelling   5.  It  aids  customers   6.  It  raises  brand  awareness   7.  It  provides  share  of  mind   8.  It  drives  traffic   9.  It  improves  SEO @karlfiltness
  18. 18. Real results 1 EFFECTIVE   Using  content-­‐driven   tactics  saves  an  average  of   13%  in  overall  cost  per  lead. @karlfiltness
  19. 19. Become a stealth promoter 2 Companies  that  excel  at   lead  nurturing  generate   50  %  more  sales-­‐ready   leads  at  33  %  lower  cost. AD  IMMUNITY @karlfiltness
  20. 20. What is on your website? 3 ENGAGEMENT 73%  of  online  consumers  get   frustrated  with  websites  with   content  that  has  nothing  to  do   with  their  interests. @karlfiltness
  21. 21. Tell your own story 4 STORYTELLING 82%  of  marketers  who  blog   see  positive  ROI  for  their   content-­‐driven  marketing. @karlfiltness
  22. 22. Feel the love! 5 AID  CONSUMERS   90%  of  consumers  find  custom   content  useful  and  78%  believe   that  organisations  providing  it  are   interested  in  building  good   relationships  with  them. @karlfiltness
  23. 23. If they know you, they’ll like you 6 BRAND  AWARENESS   B2B  marketers  who  use   blogs  generate  67%  more   leads  than  those  who  do  not. @karlfiltness
  24. 24. Hard work pays off 7 SHARE  OF  MIND Brands  that  create  15  blog   posts  per  month  average     1200  new  leads  per  month. @karlfiltness
  25. 25. You need those eyeballs 8 TRAFFIC   Companies  publishing  at  least   15  blog  posts  per  month  get     5X  more  traffic  than  those  that   don’t  blog  at  all @karlfiltness
  26. 26. Start creating now! 9 SEO   Companies  with  51-­‐100  pages   on  their  website  generate     48  %  more  traffic  than  those   with  1-­‐50  pages. @karlfiltness
  27. 27. START  THE     ASCEND  TO   BETTER  MARKETING   TODAY It’s not that steep. You can do it!@karlfiltness
  28. 28. LIKE  THIS? Share  it  with  your  marketing   friends  who  are  alone  in  the  dark   and  bring  a  glimpse  of  light. Questions? Hit me with a tweet: @karlfiltness
  29. 29. CHECK  THE  FACTS Slide  3&4:  http://www.avanade.com/Documents/Resources/the-­‐new-­‐customer-­‐journey-­‐global-­‐study.pdf     Slide  5:    http://mktimages.gartner.com/pv_obj_cache/pv_obj_id_92DB197B681D1A1003F701CB30B626FF3B111B00/filename/     Slide  10:  http://www.newmediaandmarketing.com/the-­‐average-­‐person-­‐is-­‐served-­‐over-­‐1700-­‐banner-­‐ads-­‐per-­‐month/     Slide  11:  http://www.smartinsights.com/internet-­‐advertising/internet-­‐advertising-­‐analytics/display-­‐advertising-­‐clickthrough-­‐rates/     Slide  12:  http://www.businessinsider.com/error-­‐rate-­‐for-­‐mobile-­‐ad-­‐fat-­‐finger-­‐clicks-­‐2012-­‐10     Slide  15:  http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/     Slide  23:  http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/2013-­‐inbound-­‐marketing-­‐stats-­‐charts     Slide  24:  http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/30901/30-­‐Thought-­‐Provoking-­‐Lead-­‐Nurturing-­‐Stats-­‐You-­‐Can-­‐t-­‐Ignore.aspx     Slide  25:  http://offers.hubspot.com/scare-­‐your-­‐boss-­‐into-­‐better-­‐marketing   Slide  26:  http://www.stateofinboundmarketing.com/       Slide  27:  http://www.cmocouncil.org/content-­‐roi-­‐program-­‐details.php     Slide  28:  http://marketeer.kapost.com/blog-­‐post-­‐template/#ixzz3JPYBAeWW     Slide  29:  http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/2013-­‐inbound-­‐marketing-­‐stats-­‐charts     Slide  30:  http://marketeer.kapost.com/blog-­‐post-­‐template/#ixzz3JPZCN4bl     Slide  31:  http://scottmckelvey.com/the-­‐stats-­‐that-­‐make-­‐a-­‐bulletproof-­‐case-­‐for-­‐business-­‐blogging/ That’s a long list now, isn’t it?@karlfiltness