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Social Media Week Fashion and UGC


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Presentation compiled by @MatteoMontecchi Lecturer in Fashion Branding and Retail Strategy at London College of Fashion

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
  • Very nice collective presentation. Would have loved to hear the panel talk. Hope there is a video available. Will search around for it. Impressive and interesting.
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Social Media Week Fashion and UGC

  1. 1. How Fashion Brands can take advantage of user generated content: Instagram London, 24_09_2012
  2. 2. #smwfashioninstagram
  3. 3. AgendaWelcomeIntroduction of Presenters and Panelists: Matteo Montecchi, Lecturer at London College of Fashion Karinna Nobbs, Lecturer at London College of Fashion Jonathan Pryce, Digital Consultant & Independent Blogger Kat Duffy, Academic Researcher & Blogger Matthew Zorpas, Digital Consultant & Independent Blogger Charlotte Sutcliffe-Smith, Head of PR, Beyond RetroPresentationsPanel DiscussionAsk the AudienceVote of Thanks
  4. 4. Matteo Montecchi@matteomontecchi
  5. 5. Time, Person of the Year, Advertising Age, Agency of 2006 the Year, 2007
  6. 6. Technical shift in locus of activity from desktop to web Web 2.0 Creative Social Consumers Media UGC shift in the locus of power shift in locus of value away from the firm to the production from the firm consumer to the consumer Social Content CreatorsConceptual framework based on: Berthon, P. R., Pitt, L. F., Plangger, K., & Shapiro, D. (2012). Marketing meets Web 2.0, social media, and creative consumers: Implications for international marketing strategy. Business Horizons, 55(3), 261-271.
  7. 7. “If you make customersunhappy in the physical world,they might each tell sixfriends. If you make customersunhappy on the internet, theycan each tell 6,000 friends.”Jeff Bezos EMPOWERMENT
  8. 8. Fashion Influencers - a new scenario for fashion brands• Fashion consumers influence each other: • copy each other behaviours. • talk to each other informally; exchange information; seek and give opinions.• Growing importance of WOM (Word-of-Mouth) marketing: research shows that positive WOM influences brand perceptions (image), brand choice and ultimately sales (Bertrandias & Goldsmith, 2006).• Positive WOM as an antecedent and consequence of loyalty.• Social media “revolution”: consumers have shifted from being passive recipients of marketing messages to being actively engaged in interacting with brands, influencing the attitudes and the purchase decisions of other consumers (Muniz Jr. & Schau, 2011).• Almost six in ten fashion consumers look for customer feedback or reviews if they are unsure about a website or product, particularly females aged 25-34 (Mintel, 2011).
  9. 9. GENERATION D ?
  10. 10. If Facebook was a country, it would bethe worldsthird-largest. Source: WARC
  11. 11. Karinna Nobbs@karinnanobbs
  12. 12. Fashion Instagram ChartsHigh 200K+: Burberry (530K), Forever21 (408K), Nastygal (366K), Kate Spade (370K), Marc Jacobs (343K), ASOS (239K), Topshop (239K), H&M (201K)Medium 100K-200K: Gucci (172K), Tiffany&Co (158K), NetaPorter (158K), Bergdorfgoodman (129K), OscarPRGirl (101K)Low <100K: DKNY (80K), Mango (40K), Gap (30K), Armani (22K), Levis (25K), Selfridges (22K), River Island (18K), Urban Outfitters Europe (8K), HarveyNichols (5K), Jaeger London (500), Whistles (300)No presence: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Marks and Spencer, Dorothy Perkins, Primark, All Saints
  13. 13. NastyGal• Brand is 4 years old, launched on Instagram in late 2010• Founder Sophia Amoruso (28)• 60% Gross Margins, 93% of sales at FP, 75% Sales Increases• Translated Likes to Sales, update So Me 5 times a day• Obsesses over models poses, arty backgrounds,• Personal and open company culture where staff to post about weekend getaway trips and makeup tips
  14. 14. Nasty Gal• Followers: 366K• Posts: 1211 (new products, inspiration (lifestyle), new models, staff insights)• Average posts 5 a day• Average number of Likes (10K)• Average comments (170) very positive• Competition: #supernasty 1 week, 20 crowdsourced images for limited edition magazine (13K uploads)• Competition: #nastygirlsdoitbetter 1 week, $1000 giftcard & camera (5K) uploads• Integrated with other So Me platforms, tailor content (FB 494K), (TW 60K), (Utube 2K subs, 234K views), Tumblr, Pinterest (18K)
  15. 15. Kate Spade• Ranked 2nd after Burberry in L2, embedded in marketing DNA• Launched on Instagram in 2011• “Live colourfully” Brand motto• 1526 Images (food, design inspiration, behind the scenes at events and shoots, ad previews, colour is an important theme, press features, staff, NYC, infrequent competitions)• Average 2-3 images posts a day• Average likes (3K)• Average comments (40)• Importance of geotagging the location, the account is also followed as for places to see and things to do in NYC• #artofthedot, to celebrate themes of AW collection, 2Ksubmissions,• Guest instagrammer Brad Goreski Show stylist• Effective Integration with other So Me platforms (FB 600K), TW 295K, You tube (2K subs, 200K views), Pinterest (85K)
  16. 16. H&M• H&M: Launched in Feb 2012, 201K Followers,• 126 images ( ad previews, behind the scenes at events, new products, contest winners, styling ideas, no staff info)• Average 1 image per day• Average no of likes (4K)• Average no of comments (60)• #MarniatHM: 2 weeks, 4 guest bloggers as jury, top 5 prizes pieces from the collection, linked to Facebook app (voting) , 5K submissions• #HMBeckham: 2 weeks, prizes are signed underwear, $1000 shopping spree, 3K submissions• #AdrMoreisMore: 3 weeks, ADR is judge, 3 pics to win pieces from the collection, post images of extravagance 1.5K submissions
  17. 17. Top Tips1. Showcase company culture (A day in the life of the brand, staff insight)2. Integrate Instagram to your company website and other So Me platforms3. Host a contest or promotion4. Utilize Guest Instagrammers (bloggers, photographers, celebs)5. Connect the online to offline through events
  18. 18. Jonathan Price@GarconJon
  19. 19. Ted BakerConcept• Perceived UGC• Blogger Collaboration• UK Reach• “Impress your mates to win a shopping spree”Execution• Glasgow: GarconJon• Manchester: SaraLuxe• London: Mademoiselle Robot• In-store “Event”• Dedicated Facebook App• Facebook Transferal on-site
  20. 20. 25
  21. 21. Results212 Photographs4668 Likes on Photos via Facebook7923 Visitors on Facebook App3629 Facebook Likes – 33% increase on previous month693% Reach increase on previous monthReach across blogger Twitter & Facebook: 18,100Glasgow and London sales increase 25% on previous yearRetail Week “Campaign of the Week”
  22. 22. ReflectionsBenefits• Blogger Community• Quality Control of Instagram photography• Quality Control of Brand Image• Real life presenceDisadvantages• Limited Ownership• Limited Reach• Closed Environment (no new or unexpected ideas introduced)
  23. 23. More? -
  24. 24. Panel Discussion Guest Panellists: Kat Duffy, Academic Researcher & Blogger Matthew Zorpas, Digital Consultant & Independent Blogger Charlotte Sutcliffe-Smith, Head of PR, Beyond Retro Jonathan Pryce, Digital Consultant & Independent Blogger Karinna Nobbs, Lecturer at London College of Fashion(chair) Matteo Montecchi, Lecturer at London College of Fashion