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What and how CALL II


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Forum summary and propousal

Published in: Technology, Education
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What and how CALL II

  1. 1. WHAT/HOW I’D LIKE TO LEARN IN CAL IIForum SummaryMost of the comments of my classmates in the forum about the contentsof CALL II were that are pretty much the same than the last semester, forexample the E-portfolio, the pages to English Learning, google, blogs,etc.Even though, the new topics inside the content of the class looks veryinteresting to practice, the Human Language Technologies is onecontent that is going to be very useful for us in our future as teachers.Given that we have to learn how to use technology in our classes for thestudents to learn better and with improve activities.Also, other classmates think that this class is linked with the others and it isvery important to apply what we learn in this class in the others, andshow that technology is now important in Second Language Learning.Some of us like challenge, so we want to use more difficult pages, liketranslators, more advance English pages, software, etc.Finally in what we all agreed, is in that we expect to practice ourreading, speaking, but more important, our writing, spelling andorthography. Because it is very difficult for some of us spell correctly onthe web. Because almost always we use informal language, so we needto practice formal language writing. Pretty much that is it, and obviouslythe better way in how we can learn more all this content of the class, itwould be practicing a lot, managing pages, software, searchers, blogs,E-portfolios, etc. And practice writing in forums, so that way our skills getbetter.WHAT I’D LIKE TO LEARN IN CALL II The potential of technology for language learning Enhanced input Research methods Karina Márquez & Cristina Medel
  2. 2. Focus on learning tasks Tools for building tasks Second Language assessment Human Language Technology Create a WWW site for SLA Optimizing web courses for language learners The potential advantages of CALL Attitudes and motivations in Second Language LearningAbout how to learn CALL 2, we found that most of the students in ourgroup want to learn through the practice. In addition, some of themmentioned that is important to work in teams, but meanly they want toexplore, to know and to manage new programs, web sites and thedifferent tools that technology offers in these days. Also most of ourpartners said that they want the class be dynamic, funny, interesting andby working in teams.For these reason our proposal about the way of learning in this subject isa practical way. The students don’t want to learn theory of how to usethe computer, they want to use the computer and learn through its use.Reading from different books and articles about this subject, we couldfind that the computer´s role and learner´s role are equally important. Isnot just to leave that the computer do everything but the learner has toexplore to know how to manipulate correctly different tools in thecomputer to improve the knowledge of the language. Also it says that isimportant the theoretical phase using different didactic strategies todevelop interactions and environments for language learning.BIBLIOGRAPHY: Karina Márquez & Cristina Medel
  3. 3. English language learning and technology. By. Carol A. Chapelle. Learning Online, towards best practice. By. Uschi Felix Language Learning. By. Glenn Stockwell, Multiculturalism, and Second language Learning. By. AllanG. Reynolds assisted language learning (CALL): media, design andapplications. By Keith Cameron Karina Márquez & Cristina Medel
  4. 4. Computer Assisted Language Learning: Program Structure and Principles.By Keith Cameron Karina Márquez & Cristina Medel