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Caring People Case Study - BrightEdge Share 18 NYC


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BrightEdge Award nominated Caring People based on growth in a couple areas - SEO, website traffic, smooth migration from HTTP to HTTPS and backlinks. From over 200 submissions there were only 12 winners and we were one of them! For this accomplishment, I was presented with an award and was asked to present on a panel at the Share18 NYC BrightEdge conference. Our results have been incredible. With a team of 1, we increased revenue by 100% and increased traffic 140% in 2017. Let's keep building!

Karina Tama - Rutigliano

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Caring People Case Study - BrightEdge Share 18 NYC

  2. 2. Karina Tama-Rutligliano Senior Manager, Digital Marketing Carolyn Bao Sr. Director, Product Marketing BrightEdge Technologies, Inc.
  3. 3. HOW DO YOU DO SEO? – DCOM METHODOLOGY DCOM for SEO Put the DCOM in your dotcom
  5. 5. We help seniors with daily living at home for over 20 years. We offer personalized service in very competitive market across 4 states. We are often called in times of crisis – trust is the #1 priority in how we communicate to prospects online. Where we began… • No lead generation on website • Website was out-of-date • No content process • No site management process • No engagement with sales team BACKGROUND
  6. 6. • New department: Digital Marketing was a new department for the company • New industry: I was new to the industry – I came from e-commerce background • Need to convince company to invest in this initiative • All the marketing content had to be created from scratch • Hard to find skilled writers with industry expertise and SEO knowledge • Collecting reviews for satisfied clients was difficult due to their circumstances CHALLENGES 1-person marketing department, but I’m not an octopus
  7. 7. • Content marketing strategy • Local listings SEO APPROACH – DCOM Discover
  8. 8. • Created buyer persona • On-page SEO • Created Backlink strategy • Optimized Social Media and PPC campaigns according to organic insights • Created offers and promotions • Crated videos SEO APPROACH - DCOM Create
  9. 9. •Migrated website to HTTPS •Redesigned website launching SEO APPROACH - DCOM Optimize
  10. 10. •Focus on Organic traffic through content using the BrightEdge platform •Company sees value in digital marketing •Testing new strategies •Constant education/updates about industry best practices SEO APPROACH - DCOM Measure
  11. 11. Our Takeaways • What is better than being ranked first in Google? Being in rank zero • Does Quick Answers increase traffic ? - it varies • Our more visited pages are the ones we have Quick Answers • How did we do it? • Use Data Cube to identify Quick Answers opportunities • Targeted several keywords within one piece of content – Got several Quick Answers Supporting Data • The Google Answer Box secures an astounding 32.3% CTR - Search Engine Watch - Feb 2018 QUICK ANSWERS SUCCESS
  12. 12. DCOM more C for Create • Focus on white papers • Implement email marketing strategy • Social media campaigns • Enhanced collaboration with Sales team NEXT STEPS
  13. 13. MEASURE – DCOM Blog Traffic last 3 months Increase in 3 months Visits 140% Page Views 150%
  14. 14. Organic channel grew at a much faster pace than all other channels MEASURE – DCOM Organic Channel
  15. 15. THANK YOU