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I Want More Traffic Now!


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Is website traffic really the most important thing?

Published in: Technology, Business
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I Want More Traffic Now!

  1. 1. I Want More Traffic Now!
  2. 2. More Visitors!
  3. 3. More Sign-ups!
  4. 4. More Followers!
  5. 5. More Views!
  6. 6. More Traffic!
  7. 7. We Just Want More, More, More
  8. 8. But what’s the point of more?
  9. 9. Impressions, clicks, hits, downloads, visits, page views
  10. 10. These units of measurement contain no inherent value
  11. 11. We need to focus on the important stuff...
  12. 12. Usage Rates
  13. 13. Usage Rates Are people actually using our websites and online services?
  14. 14. Conversion rates
  15. 15. Conversion rates Are visitors to our site actually purchasing our products or registering their information?
  16. 16. Bounce Rates
  17. 17. Bounce Rates How many of our visitors leave immediately? Are we attracting the right kind of traffic? Is our website clear enough?
  18. 18. After All...
  19. 19. What’s the point of all that traffic and attention if it goes to waste?
  20. 20. - Thatʼs It. Thanks for your attention -
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