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Why we have to take Self


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Why we have to take Self

  1. 1. Why we have to take Self-Defense Classes (What is ReasononBehind) 1. It builds confidence 2. It works on your balance 3. It helps develop self-discipline 4. It helps improve your physical conditioning 5. It improves your street awareness 6. It teaches you self-respect 7. It helps to develop a warrior spirit 8. It helps you develop a fighter’s reflex 9. It will help you with goal setting 10. It has a positive influence on your life Dear Ladies Did you triedtoget the points if you take Self–Defenseclasses what will be your great feedback 1) Crime can happen to anyone at any time. 2) Be the role model for the next generation. 3) Become Empowered 4) This is true LIFE Insurance. 5) Do it for those who count on you. 6) You don't feel completely helpless anymore. 7) You shouldn't let boys have all the fun. 8) You can get really, really ridiculously fit. 9) You can finally be the strong female heroine you've always wanted to be. Dear Parents what is the benefit of Self-Defense classes for your Child 1. Increased Self-Discipline 2. Handling Confrontation 3. Avoid Dangerous Situations 4. Being Aware of Surroundings 5. Boosting Socialization Skills 6. Encouraging Physical Activity 7. Learning to Set and Achieve Goals 8. Increased Self-Esteem 9. Instilling a teacher of Respect 10. Encouraging Non-Violent Conflict Resolution 11. Improving Listening Skills 12. Developing Teamwork Skills 13. Improvement in Other Areas of Life
  2. 2. It takes place to invite all who has interested about Self-Defense classes on any point of world Our International (Police Self-Defense Confederation) Family under Patronage of Captain Jacques Levinet in France providing Special Self Defense training systemon more than 90 Countries JOIN US TO FEEL MORECONFIDENCEON ANY SITUATION FOR EVER Good Luck for all Karim Dizaj AJL Technical Director inQATAR