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The Impact of Social Media & Inbound Marketing


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This presentation explains the basics of Social Media and Inbound Marketing. It gives an overview of the channels and tactics used in a sucessful marketing campaign.

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The Impact of Social Media & Inbound Marketing

  1. 1.  Name  Company  Knowledge or interest in Social Media
  2. 2. What should you DO at your party? Listen and engage. (Be forthright. Be helpful. Be charming.)
  3. 3. Don’t be a bore. (or a bully)
  4. 4. Make online word-of-mouth work FOR you. (Brand evangelists. Informed customers.)
  5. 5. Which are the best ones? How much time does it take? Does it work? How do I break through the noise?
  6. 6. Usage  Reach mass market  Share biz fun side  Develop an invested, Interact with your markets. Great customer advocacy tool. engaged community
  7. 7. Usage  First touch: don’t have to approve followers Chat with your network and drive website traffic. (in 140 characters or less)  Share links to content  Quickly maintain presence  Quick customer service
  8. 8. Usage  Share content & establish creditability  Attract new talent Build and collaborate with a network of colleagues.  Learn from industry leaders & colleagues
  9. 9. Usage  2nd largest search engine Show & tell with your customers & prospects.  Use video to educate, entertain, explain  Videos are easy & fun to share
  10. 10. Usage  Know opinions & perceptions of users Give customers a post-transaction voice.  Respond to good & bad reviews  Foster good reputation
  11. 11. B2C B2B 68% 57% 51% 45% 38% 43% 33% 26% Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Blog
  12. 12. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses, based on the type of business and market using it.
  13. 13. Social Media is free (like a free puppy). For max ROI: Match channel to your market Focus on engaging Start with 20 hrs/mo Be consistent Stick with 10+ hrs/mo Set and follow schedules Hire an intern
  14. 14. Ads & Brochures Blogs, eBooks, Videos Word-of-mouth Social Media Cold Calling SEO & PPC Trade Shows Webinars & Whitepapers Junk Mail & Spam Feeds & RSS
  15. 15. Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing $332 $134  Better targets interested prospects  ROI tends to increase over time
  16. 16. Blogs, Videos, Whitepapers, eBooks Keyword, SEO, Organic, PPC, Link Building Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reviews
  17. 17. Change your daily Give away remarkable marketing activities content Use social media for Slow and steady wins conversations the race, don’t give up
  18. 18. Social Media, SEO Content marketing: blog articles, video, infographics, eBooks Permission marketing: gather email Create lifelong customer & brand ambassador White papers Product demos Trial offers Email newsletters Social media Contests Referral programs Loyalty promotions Audience segmentation Targeted efforts Loyalty incentives Customer relationships
  19. 19. Our own business has expanded and is not bound by its location.
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