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My sister’s keeper!

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My sister’s keeper!

  1. 1. 3°C Karen Daniela Diaz Torres #10 Advanced English Miss Nora Nuts 
  2. 2.  Anna Fitzgerald  Kate Fitsgerald She is an intelligent girl, and a  Kate has cancer, and is dying persistant person. slowly. When she knows her past, she  She met a boy who had cancer fights to help her sister. too, and was very in love with She loves all their family, and him, his name was Taylor. she´s a fighter girl.  At the end, Kate dies too.
  3. 3.  Brian Fitzgerald Sara Fitzgerald  Brian is the Anna´s and Kate´s She is the Anna an Kate mom. father. She is very desperate and afraid  He is a passive man, althought ‘cause her daugher, Kate, is he knows her daughter´s dying slowly.. disease is killing her slowly. And doesn´t allow that Anna be  He supports all his family for try sacrificed for save Kate´s life. to overcome this obstacle.
  4. 4.  Campbell Alexander  Taylor He is a famous person, and a TV  In my opinion, he is an important personality. person in Kate´s life. Unfortunately, he has epilepsy.  First, when she was depressed He has a dog that starts to bark and down in the dumps, he an epileptic attack starts in cheers she up so much that they Campbell. end having sex, but it´s cause they love each other.
  5. 5.  The Fitzgerald Family House. A hospital. The beach. The Anna´s school. The Court. A pantheon.
  6. 6. Anna presents all Anna goes to visit Kate has an her family, and Campbell accident, and says that her Alexander and was underwent sister Kate is explains her surgery. dying slowly. situation. Kate and TaylorShe met Taylor, After had sex, but itwho had cancer this, Taylor was because the too, in the died, and Kate loved each hospital. was very sad. other.
  7. 7. A few days later, the When they arrived toKate´s and she went the beach, Sara did to the beach. Even it too, and hugged though her mom her husband Briandidn´t want it, they and started crying. didn´t care of that. Some days later, The That night, Kate died. Kate´s family visited All her family was sad, her in hospital, and specially her sistercarried pizza and some Anna, who wanted to sodas. When this save Kate´s life someended, Kate wanted to time ago. talk with her mom.
  8. 8.  For start, I think that if somebody cried to see this movie, it´s because they have tried somebody’s death. It´s not necessary to know very well a person for love him, but we can imagine what would happen if a person who I love very much die as fast as a second. For end my comment, I’d like to say you that love without limits. You can love your family, or your friends, girlfriend or boy friend, it doesn´t matter. We don’t know what would tomorrow with they or with us.