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Helpdesk promotion v4


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PCC helpdesk

Published in: Healthcare
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Helpdesk promotion v4

  1. 1. © 2020 PCC Quality assured helpdesk Annual contract holders have unlimited access to our helpdesk where we provide quality assured answers within three working days, often quicker. Our team of in-house experts manage our helpdesks. This Slideshare provides details of frequently asked questions we have received and answers we have provided.
  2. 2. © 2020 PCC Medical services helpdesk Question: Can typed signatories be accepted on national contract variations or do electronic signatures need to be scanned? Our response: If you‘re accepting electronic signatures on contract variations they need to be actual signatures not typed. You would be advised to ensure electronic signatures come from a recognised source, e.g. practice email, and that the person whose electronic signature is used has authorised its use. NHS England do not formally recognise electronically provided signature and prefer wet signatures.
  3. 3. © 2020 PCC Premises helpdesk Question: We are receiving queries from practices regarding an additional element to the business rates invoice, BID levy. This does not apply to all councils, but where it does, the practice does not have an-opt out option. Can you confirm if CCGs are required to reimburse this element of the bill? Our response : This link content/uploads/2017/04/faqs-gms-agreement-financial- uplift.pdf covers some FAQs for the financial uplift of 2017/18 GMS contract. Section 6 specifically states that NHS England will reimburse BID levies.
  4. 4. © 2020 PCC Dental services helpdesk Question - 24 hour retirement of a contractor who is a limited company with only one director, they want to take on another director to cover the 24 hours. Do I need to issue a variation notice? Our response - The legal entity that you are in contract with is the limited company and the names of directors are not included in the model contract documentation, so director changes don’t need a variation notice. However, you still have to be satisfied that the make-up of directors is allowed to hold a GDS contract (50/50 with lay people) and that the new director is suitable to hold a GDS contract (Regulation 4). If both parts are satisfied then you need to acknowledge their suitability, and the change in directorship, a signed variation isn’t required. If this is the case it will enable a 24 hour retirement. It is likely the director taking 24 hour retirement will then come back and the director covering the retirement period will be removed, this is all done via Companies House. The contractor should notify you that the directors are changing and you will need to undertake the same checks. If you have modified the model document in anyway to include the names of the directors of the company then in those circumstances you would need to do a formal variation as they are named within the contract documentation itself.
  5. 5. © 2020 PCC Eye care services helpdesk Question: Ophthalmic contractor holds a mandatory services GOS contract and has purchased additional premises. Is the contractor required to submit a new contract application or can the additional premises be varied into their existing contract? Our response: If the contractor holds a GOS mandatory services contract within that NHSE/I regional office geographical boundary and if the additional premises fall within same regional office boundary, then the commissioner needs to carry out a practice assurance visit to ensure the premises, staffing arrangements, record keeping facilities are suitable for the provision of services under the contract, if suitable then a contract variation would need to be issued to vary clause 24 and clause 29 of the contract. If the additional premises do not fall within that regional office’s boundary then the contractor would be required to contact the regional office whose boundary the premises fall within. If they do not already hold a mandatory GOS contract with that regional office they will be required to submit a new full contract application. No payment should be made to that contractor for the provision of GOS services from the additional premises until the premises are included under a GOS mandatory services contract.
  6. 6. © 2020 PCC Pharmaceutical services helpdesk Question: The sale of a pharmacy has fallen through after the notice of commencement had been submitted and actioned. The applicant wants the pharmacy to be put back into the seller’s name. Our response: Once a valid notice of commencement has been received and the relevant pharmaceutical list has been amended the only way the change can be undone is via the successful submission of a change of ownership application by the original owner and the subsequent submission of a valid notice of commencement.
  7. 7. © 2020 PCC Find out more If you would like more information about access to our quality assured helpdesk or annual contracts please contact