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Group projects– a basic guide


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A simple how to guide for students starting group projects.

Published in: Education
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Group projects– a basic guide

  1. 1. Group projects–a basic guide © Karen Southall Watts @askkaren on Twitter
  2. 2. UGH! Please…not a group assignment  Create synergy and better ideas  Unexpected solutions to problems  Mimic real world work teamsSynergy: The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect isgreater than the sum of their individual effects.
  3. 3. Ditch the baggage One person ends up doing all the work Real brilliance gets hidden by groupthink The project melts down and everyone gets a bad grade
  4. 4. Some things stay the same  Read and understand the assignment  Clarify due dates  Review the grading criteria/rubric  Ask questions NOW
  5. 5. Running a group—logistics Contact information Communications leader Time keeper Recorder Meeting date/place
  6. 6. Running a group—clarify Discuss the scope of the project & goals Divide and assign Encourage open discussion and healthy disagreement Never end meetings without “next step” plans in place
  7. 7. Contact your instructor…  Free rider problem  Illness, technology breakdown or emergency  Questions about course material  Inappropriate behavior
  8. 8. Pulling a project together Edit Practice
  9. 9. Final tips and reminders A meeting is a meeting Technology breaks down It’s all fun and games…until someone gets a bad grade.
  10. 10. Want more info? Contact me.