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Karen Ramirez - Professional Persona Project


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Professional Persona Project
4.4 Final PPP Slide Show

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Karen Ramirez - Professional Persona Project

  1. 1. Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez   I  have  a  Dream Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez  
  2. 2. To  be  a  sports  reporter   Photo  Credit:  <a  href="h=ps://">woodleywonderworks</a>  via  <a  href="h=p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h=ps://">cc</a>  
  3. 3. Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez   I  dared  to  DREAM Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez  
  4. 4. I  am  Karen Ramirez and  I  live  in  Orlando,  Florida   Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez  
  5. 5. I  am  a  wife Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez  
  6. 6. And  a  mother Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez  
  7. 7. Loved  baseball  since  I  was  a  li=le  girl     Photo  Credit:  <a  href="h=ps://">healthiermi</a>  via  <a  href="h=p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h=ps://­‐sa/2.0/">cc</a>  
  8. 8. Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez   Played  volleyball in  High  School  
  9. 9. Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez   I  love  watching  basketball
  10. 10. Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez   And Soccer  games  are  the  best  
  11. 11. Photo  Credit:  <a  href="h=ps://">anthonystoro</a>  via  <a  href="h=p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h=ps://">cc</a>   My  favorite  baseball  team,     New York Yankees
  12. 12. My favorite player  Alex  Rodriguez   Photo  Credit:  h=ps://­‐alex-­‐rodriguez-­‐a-­‐rod-­‐771960/  
  13. 13. Derek  Jeter,  great player Photo  Credit:  <a  href="h=ps://">bump</a>  via  <a  href="h=p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h=ps://­‐nc/2.0/">cc</a>  
  14. 14. My  husband  loves  sports     Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez  
  15. 15. Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez   And  my  daughter  too.
  16. 16. Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez   Family  
  17. 17. Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez   Sports  and  Photography, my passions
  18. 18. Met  the  President  of  Real Madrid Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez  
  19. 19. And  Real  Madrid  and  Brazil National Team Player   Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez  
  20. 20. Decided  to  pursue  my  dream  at  Full Sail University Photo  Credit:  <a  href="h=ps://">found_drama</a>  via  <a  href="h=p://">Compfight</a>  <a  href="h=ps://­‐nc-­‐sa/2.0/">cc</a>  
  21. 21. With  dedication  and  sacrifice   Photo  Credit:  h=ps://­‐girl-­‐wriSng-­‐notebook-­‐1231396/  
  22. 22. Obtaining  wriSng  Skills           Photo  Credit:  h=ps://­‐freelancer-­‐computer-­‐business-­‐583839/  
  23. 23. Photo  Credit:  h=ps://­‐camera-­‐photographer-­‐photo-­‐826312/   Learning  Sports  Photography
  24. 24. WriSng  sports  news Photo  Credit:  h=ps://­‐hand-­‐finger-­‐leave-­‐news-­‐973048/  
  25. 25. My Sports  Blog  is  in  progress   Photo  Credi:  h=ps://­‐seo-­‐internet-­‐web-­‐markeSng-­‐793047/  
  26. 26. Always  informed  through  the  Media Photo  Credit:  h=ps://­‐smartphone-­‐social-­‐media-­‐1167618/  
  27. 27. Photo  Credit  by:  Karen  Ramirez   Contact  me  at